#1 Weekly Tech Updates ( 3-10, August, 2017 )

Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of this week such as iPhone To Android, Artificial Skin, Perfect Selfie, UBER Women Safety, Instant Skin Healing and MIUI 9 etc. I hope that you would like it.

Alicia Vandyke

So First of All

  • PayTM Phone book Payments


The first update is from PayTM and now if you are using an Android phone, then now you can directly go in your Phone book, select your contact and from there, directly send money to PayTM. PayTM is also working in the messaging field and Whatsapp also comes in PayTM field by enabling Payments option.

What will be the future, let’s see? otherwise, you don’t have to open PayTM and select contacts and just send money but you can do it now through your phone book directly.

  • Perfect Selfie App


This update is from Researchers and it is an interesting update where they developed an app which helps you in clicking a perfect selfie. Tell me in comments, that you use this type of app which tells you which is the best position and best angle to click a selfie. Here some reports said that 26% improvement is seen in your selfie’s if you use this app.

So you need an app for your selfie’s and if you are bothered about your selfie’s, then you can use it and tell me about your opinions after using this application.

  • UBER Women Safety


This update is from UBER. They have done a partnership with Delhi police and here a Himmat app become available on UBER to improve the women safety and you get a feature that by one call with a distress button, if you have any problem or emergency, then you can get rid out of it.

So here we get too many options for Women Safety and you can see a lot of tools in car and apps in phones that prefer Women Safety but we don’t see about any program where we think, how we can aware people to not  to do such things with women and think of how we can change the minds of society.

  • iPhone To Android Case


This update comes from a case which converts your iPhone into Android. Its name is Mi Suit and if you apply it on your iPhone, after that some hardware is given to you and you have to install an app, after that it becomes an Android phone.

The price of this case is 9,990 Rs and it works only on iPhone 6 and 6s. But think Why any iPhone user wants to convert their iPhone into this stranger Android phone.

  • Google and Snapchat


This update is from Google and Snapchat and here Google after Snapchat wanted to purchase Snapchat Parent’s Company Snap Ink for 30 Million Dollars.

So let’s see it is good that Google is purchasing a whole bunch of Snap Chat Company.

  • Artificial Skin


This update is from Artificial Skin and here a research is going on mouse and reports said that we can treat diabetes properly if we can implement Artificial Skin Transplant. After that diabetes can be removed from your skin and you get out of this problem.

So just think of health sector in future and think if we get a solution to HIV and Cancer etc. So that person life expectancy can be increased in future.

  • MIUI 9 is Not Secure


This update is from MIUI 9 and here a company said whose name is e-scan that there is too much problem in MIUI 9 in terms of security.  Xiaomi here cleared that no problem is there and it is obvious that any company won’t say that any problem is there in MIUI and it is fully secured. So this is the update and you tell me in comments that how you make your phone secure, type pin, pattern, iris scanning and finger print etc.

So this is the update and you tell me in comments that how you make your phone secure, type pin, pattern, iris scanning and finger print etc.

  • Nissan Connect Car in India


This update is from Nissan Connect Car and this platform is launched in India by Nissan where you get a large number of connected car options in its line up where you can control your car through an app and check that where your car is going? What is its location, speed etc? All the internals of your car comes out on your phone.

So it is a good thing and if your car is lost, then you can track it. This update is from Nissan and in future, all brands come with this feature and you don’t get keys because you can open your car directly through your phone or fingerprint etc.

  • Instant Skin Healing


This update comes from an amazing device which helps you in repairing your body tissues. It is a small device and if you have some injury, then just apply it and it makes your skin injury normal. Hence its testing is done on mouse only and it will be done on humans until next year but if such a device comes which can heal your small cuts instantly and it is portable and it is in your pocket.

So it is a basic concept which is a non-invasion technology. It is an interesting concept so let’s see when it comes in market.



I hope that you just like this type of weekly tech news and from next time I will post these updates only on Sunday because on Sunday, you and me, both are free to read and write!!!!



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