Top Tech Cool Gadgets Under Rs 250 ( $ 3.91)

Friends, Its time for another Top Tech post. At this time I am checking around Top Tech Accessories and gadgets that you can get under Rs 250.

So let’s quickly get started.


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So First of All

  • DOMO VR Headset ( 230 Rs)


The first item in my list is a DOMO Virtual Reality Headset that costs only 230 Rs which allows you to install  smartphone and use it as a Virtual Reality Headset. Its much better built than any other cardboard headset that you get. For a price of Rs 230, it allows you the ability to install basically any size smartphone. Thanks to its open sided design and for this price, it has pretty good build quality and comes with an elastic strap.

It also has a magnetic switch that allows you to control some of the controls on your device. So if you are looking for a budget Virtual Reality Headset and don’t want to spend a large amount of money before you checkout any headset for your Smartphone. You should have to definitely check this out.

Go Check this out at

  • 5-Way Adapter ( Rs 299 )


The next product on my list is a very interesting 5 way stereo jack adapter which allows you to connect your audio source whether a smartphone or anything else up to 5 output devices you can have speakers, headphones connected to this adapter. So basically if you are out with your friends and want to share your music with 5 of your friends at least, you can do this with this adapter. Its really well built and its simplistic and solves the purpose that may be a lot of people have.

You can also connect it to multiple speakers and have the same output coming from all speakers by attaching auxiliary cable to 3.5 mm headphone jack, since all the jacks are connected you can have audio source plugged in anywhere and included auxiliary cable also double up as a carry handle so that you don’t lose the cable or the adapter. All in all for a price of Rs 299, a pretty good deal for those who wanted to share music with their friends.

Go Check this out at

  • Car Visor Organizer ( 299 Rs )


The next product on my list is the Car Visor Organizer. For a price of Rs 299, this car visor organizer allows you to organize things on your car visor. Simply you can attach it with your car visor on passenger or driver side which allows you to store things that can fits up to a smartphone or a power bank, cables, pen drives, pens and even fits make up kits for ladies and all other accessories you need to carry with you.

Do carry in your car with this car visor organizer to access them easily. This allows you to settle all things properly and the elastic is of the really high quality and hold your things fixed at a place. So for a price of Rs 299, a pretty good thing specially if you want to carry huge things in your car.

Go Check this out at

  • Hand Press Flashlight ( 86 Rs )


The next on the list is my favorite thing which is the hand press flashlight. Now this allows you to carry a flashlight with requiring any batteries. It has an inbuilt mechanism for you to charge up the device and store a charge and when you are ready to use the flashlight, simply switch it on and you have instant power. This makes for a really good product if you are travelling or if you are going for camping. So you always have a source of light.

It is also a cheap and in Rs 86, its extremely well built. Also it offers a really impressive source of light with a little bit exercise of your hand. Once you have done charging up the device, you can press the lock button and toggle the switch to turn on/off the light a per the requirement. So if your device is running out for power to juice up the light, simply open the lock and charge it again.

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  • Universal Sim Card Adapter ( Rs 225 )


The last on my list is the universal sim card adapter kit. Now this 225 Rs kit is perfect for people who travel a lot or simply for those people who have a whole bunch of sim cards that they don’t always use. This also have a bunch of adapters that allows you to convert your nano sim cards, regular size sim cards and vice versa and also allows you to store your memory cards and sim cards on this adapter.

The adapter is also conveniently sized and fits in your wallet and in your pocket and it makes an amazing travel accessory for those people who travel more.

Go Check this out at


So Guys, this is my list of Top Tech under Rs 250. I hope that you like it. Any suggestions don’t forget to put in in the comment box below!!!!

One more thing I wanted to tell you that I am not posting daily tech news because my college classes already started that’s why I don’t have enough time to post daily tech news. Since I think and try my best to update the weekly tech news on Sunday since I have some time on Sunday.

So Guys, I hope you agree with my plan to share the tech updates weekly.

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