Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of this week such as Game of Thrones Leak, Google Camera Selfie Flash, Driver Less Van, Google Apple Deal, Govt. Against Blue Whale Game, Motorola Awesome Patent and Google Project Treble etc. I hope that you would like it.

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So First of All

  • HBO Game of Thrones Leak Issue


The first update comes from Game of Thrones where HBO offers nearly 2.5 Lakh Dollars to hackers because you all know that how many leaks are coming from Game of Thrones before its worldwide broadcast. Something new comes, leaked before broadcast and by this a large number of loss is seen by HBO but the demand of hackers is nearly 6 Million Dollars.

So you all must know that in this Digital World, nothing is safe, how much secure it is but if it leaks, then it should be leaked and all this we are seeing with Game of Thrones.

  • Google Paid 10,000$ For Security


This update comes from Google and here Google paid 10,000 $ to a student means nearly 6.5 Lakh Rupees because the student tells about a security flaw which was in Google website and Google acknowledged it and in return give 10,000 $ but here we are talking in India that a 15 year old student is hired by Google means What it is ?

Yes, minds of Indian people is good and Sunder Pichai is of India but this type of work is done by Youngsters who have an interest in ethical hacking and tell them about their flaws and after you get a good amount of money because all companies want to prevent them from hackers.

  • Open AI Takes DOTA  2


This update comes from Elon Musk Open AI and here Open AI Bot beats a human player in game which is too much popular game named DOTA 2. So it means that AI is coming forward from humans and a day comes that after 20 years when machines becomes big from us and we are seen as short in front of them.

  • ISRO To Launch Satellite For IRNSS


This update comes from Indian ISRO and here ISRO will launch a satellite in the August End which is a reserve satellite and a sprayer satellite which will be used for IRNSS. Because here some error is left in some clocks of old satellites that’s why a backup satellite will be launched by ISRO where our navigation system for Indian Army will always get proper navigation in case if some clock fails.

  • AI Sleep Monitoring Device


This update is from a device which is a wireless monitor and its not that you have to wear a band and it tells you how much you sleep but this is a device which if you apply in your room, then with the help of radio waves, it checks your sleeping patterns means waves strikes at you and goes back to that device and here it checks how you are sleeping, for which time you are doing movement and silent at all.

So it checks your normal and deep sleep that’s why it is an interesting thing.

  • Google Camera With Selfie Flash


This update comes from Google Camera App where now you get a moonlight flash and by this flash if you take a selfie then your phone screen becomes wide and it is already a feature of some mobile phones. In first time, it comes in iPhone and then Samsung and others.

So if you use Google Camera App, then after that screen flashes and you get a moonlight selfie in low light.

  • Driver Less Van Video Fake


This update comes from a driver less car video and you see that a video is going viral where a van in which nobody is there and it is running automatically without any driver. But this is not the truth and there is a driver in it and he was disguised in it and it seems that he was in a seat and settled backwards.

The main motive behind this is to show the people about how self driving cars will be seen when it comes on roads. This is a research done by some organization and this condition seems odd and it is studied by this research.

  • Indian Railways WiFi


This update comes from Indian Railways and here may be WiFi can be seen in some trains because in some stations, a WiFi is seen which was in collaboration with Google. So now Indian Railways is planning to give WiFi facilities in Trains on board which can be seen in some popular trains.

In all wages, a router is applied where you can do all work and a large number of companies comes in front who wanted to give its content and we can stream it.

  • Google Apple Deal


This update comes from an ongoing deal between Google and Apple where it is known that Google may paid 3 Billion Dollars to Apple to make a permanent place as in iOS default search engine means it is clear that a direct blackmailing is there and here Apple market is too large and nobody wants to become rival of it.

So here Google want that the users will use their default search engine and their apps that’s why they paid this large amount to Apple to make a constant place in iOS by its integration of default search engine. So what is your thinking about it, tell me in comments.

  • 550 $ Medical Lab


This update comes from a dock which if you attach with your phone whose price is 550 $ and after that you can do a large number of tests which are possible only in Medical Labs. You can directly do all the tests with your phone instantly where you can test blood sample, saliva samples and analyse urine etc. by this device.

So if you want a running medical lab, then you can attach this accessory and after that on the spot, you can give patients, their reports instantly.

  • Motorola Awesome Patent


This update comes from Motorola and this is for an amazing thing because Motorola here get a patent where if a phone screen will be broken, then the phone itself repair it and make it like a normal screen, this is the thinking of Motorola.

So this is an amazing technology that if your phone screen is broken, then you have to press a button where it automatically repairs your screen. We don’t know the science behind it and just see when Motorola comes with such an experiment.

  • Google Project Treble Coming


This update comes from Google and here Project Treble of Google will soon convert into reality by which in future, you get Android updates very fast and first of all it comes in Pixel phones but in pixel devices, updates already comes very fast and what is the need of it but some more brands will also implement this project in their Android phones by which you get software updates on time and this will be done because in today’s date, people is using Lollipop and they are happy with it.

  • Government Against Blue Whale Game


The last update comes from the Game of Death Blue Whale Game and here Govt. gives instructions to Google and Facebook that all the links of Blue Whale Game should be removed because by this game, in India at 4-5 places, some suicides are seen where somebody is doing hanging, jumping and suicides and some other deadly things.

So please you don’t play these games because you all are understandable persons and Govt. is also taking steps to remove this game fully from Internet and I hope that after some time this games will ends.




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