Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Vivo Fingerprint Scanner, Delhi Metro Watch, Transparent TV, Jio Home delivery, OnePlus 5 Launch and Whatsapp News etc. I hope that you would like it.

  • Whatsapp News!!!


The first update is basically for Whatsapp and research said that the news you are sharing worldwide which was previously more from Facebook but now it is done in large amount on Whatsapp. Now peoples get news updates in a more better way. Facebook shares are somewhat decreased, then it can be for some note ban news or about  some ransomware attacks, we get it firstly from Whatsapp. But here a large amount of fake news is also involved.

  • Google Play Malware


This update is for some apps on Google Play Store and here they are attacked by some malware. These apps reached to Google Play Store after saved from Google Malware Scanner and comes maliciously on your Android phone and do some type of malicious works. In which some apps basically root your phone and after that some more malicious content entered into your phone and do different types of work. Hence these apps are now removed from Play Store.

So I suggest you that the apps you are using should come from a popular developer and please don’t download the various tool apps such as torchlight, noise or some browser and keyboard etc which are not having authenticity so please don’t use them.

  • SnapMap


This update is from SnapChat. You all know about SnapChat and here basically the update comes from SnapMap from which now you can see that from where your friends are uploading photos and In your city, who is where and what they are doing on SnapChat or even a heatmap is also given to you, means if some type of concert is running in your city and a large amount of peoples are using SnapChat, then you can go there and enjoy concert.

  • OnePlus 5 India Launch


This update is from OnePlus 5 and you all know that, it was launched in India at a price of 33,000 for its 6 GB variant and 38,000 for its 8 GB variant and basically 1 Rs is given back to you. All things are amazing of this phone but design or benchmark is copied from somewhere else.

One more update comes that here you don’t get 2X optical zoom but you get 1.6X optical zoom and the zoom you get is the digital zoom. So some controversy is going on OnePlus 5. See what update comes from OnePlus 5.

  • Reliance Jio Home Delivery


This update is from Reliance Jio and now the Jio sim is given to you by free home delivery. This service is yet available in 600 cities and In some 90 cities, Jiofi 2 can reach at your home in 90 minutes only. So it is a good option for the new users that they can order Jio Sim at their home at no extra cost.

To get Jio sim online, first of all you have to download My Jio App from Play Store and you have to raise a request, then it checks that your pincode is eligible for delivery or not and after that you have to authenticate your Aadhaar card Online to complete the process.

  • Facebook Profile Photo Safety


This update is from Facebook and it is an amazing feature launched in India where if you want to protect your profile photo against its misuse, then you can easily do it. You all know that In India, so many fake accounts are there such as Angel Priya, Angel Neha, Cutie Girl and Cutie Pie etc. and these accounts are basically made by boys and they download some girl profile pics and just paste on those fake accounts.

So now you can protect your profile pic by just enabling this feature so that nobody can download it or save it or even they are not able to take screenshots. But it can be done from Computers. So if boys thinking is changed, then there is no need of such a feature but as per now Facebook unveiled this feature.

  • Delhi Metro Watch2Pay


This update is basically for the passengers of Delhi Metro. So if you are travelling in Delhi Metro and if you don’t want to give your card or coin again and again for payments, then now you can do it from this new wrist watch whose name is Watch2Pay. Here a sim is attached with it and you have to recharge that sim and after you can do payments from that watch. The price of this watch is too high and it is not possible if you wear a cheap band, so you have to get this specific watch and after that you can do payments with just a touch.

Tell me that if you are interested in it and your payments should be done by such a method or not.

  • Vivo Fingerprint Tech


This update is from Vivo and few days back, a video comes from Vivo where it was noted that Vivo is planning to put a fingerprint scanner in its display but that video is fake. So now Vivo teased that On 28 June 2017, something is coming and it can be seen that may be it is a fingerprint scanner embedded in a screen.

So if Vivo comes with such a feature before iPhone 8 and  Galaxy Not 8, then a salute to Vivo for such an amazing innovation.

  • Wanna Cry Shuts Honda Plant


This update is from Wanna Cry Ransomware and here Honda Plant shuts down because of this ransomware attack. Hence this attack is somewhat decreased but it is doing attacks on some places. So now it completely shuts down a plant and machines are closed and now no hope of recovery is seen. So see what update comes out from this Honda Plant.

  • LG Rolling Transparent TV


The last update comes for an amazing innovation from LG. It is basically a TV which can be rolled in 8 cm of diameter tube shape. Its size is of nearly 75 inches and it is a 4K quality TV.  An amazing thing about this TV is that it is Transparent and its transparency is nearly about 40%. So you can use this TV on your home windows and can see outside from it.





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