Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as PayTM Sale, YouTube 180 VR, Satellite Internet, Android O, Airtel Regional Languages, Whatsapp Sharing and Amazon Drone Tower etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • PayTM Sale


The first update is from PayTM and now some Smartphone Sale Offer is running where you can get different High Range Phones at Amazing Cashbacks. It includes Google Pixel XL, iPhone 7 and 7+. You can get iPhone 7 at a price of Rs 54,000 on this sale. So if you are genuinely waiting for iPhone 7, then you can buy it from this sale as it seems a good deal.

If you want a good phone at low price, then you can buy OnePlus 5 which is a flagship phone of OnePlus.

  • Asus Vivobook S


This update is from Asus and here a new laptop is launched by Asus whose name is Asus Vivobook S. The screen you get is a nano edge screen means in screen you get very less bezels. Hence all says that nano edge is a bezel less screen but there are some bezels.

Also if you compare it with other normal screens, then it is more bezel less. The screen size is 15.6 inches with full HD display and laptop comes with a 7th generation i5 processor.

  • YouTube 180 VR


This update is from YouTube. Now In YouTube, you get the support of 180 Degree VR means its not complete of 360 degree. Now the clarity of videos are increased and you don’t need to move your neck too much to enjoy the content. If some users see the content without VR, then they can also feel the realistic experience.

Some more updates comes from YouTube where monthly users calculated are 1.5 Billion because it comes second search engine Google.

  • Satellite Internet


This update is to provide Internet to users directly from Satellite. In this process, a large number of companies are involved and comes in the list such as Facebook, SpaceX etc. All of them are planning to make a huge net of Internet to provide us the Satellite Internet.

So now, the first company named Oneweb gets approval of FCC in US and they plan to launch 720 satellites to make a complete net and after that In US, you can surf on Internet in Remote areas also. This plan will be completed by 2019.

  • Android O = Oatmeal Cookie


This update is from Android O and if you are thinking, that its name is Oreo and you can dip it in milk and lip it and eat, then forget about that, it not comes with such a name. It may be the Oatmeal Cookie because it was known from Build Source code and here this name is written.

But we don’t have to bother about its name, we only have to think that if it comes in our phone or not.

  • Airtel Regional Languages Support


This update is from Airtel and they done an amazing work so from now, if you go to *121# and there you get the option of balance and data, you have to input 1 or 2 to know your balance and data. But now you can see this platform in your own regional language. The Regional language includes Assami, Bengali, Kannad, Gujarati, Malyalam, Marathi, Urdu, Tamil and Telugu.

So Airtel done a good work and I like it because if anybody don’t able to understand English, then they can do it in their own language. Also now users don’t become the victim of wrong services activation by pressing any wrong key.

  • Whatsapp Sharing


This update is from Whatsapp and it is an interesting update because now you get the option of sharing where you can share any type of file through Whatsapp such as PDF file, word file and any apk file etc. The limit is of 128 Mb but soon it can be increased and may be its different in Android and iOS.

This feature is yet now available for some users. So its becomes an amazing thing if it comes in India otherwise we have to attach files to Google Drive and Gmail and then send it.

  • Amazon Drone Tower


This update is from Amazon and here Amazon is planning to do something amazing for its users. Hence the drone delivery is something that can be seen but here In the city, a complete building plan is running where in the pattern of top, some Drones are attached which comes out for Delivery.

This photo patent concept comes out where it is seen that a truck comes with products from warehouse and after that Drones comes out for delivery and then come back again. So it is an amazing concept from Amazon. So see when it will be completed.

  • Photoshop For Voice


The last update is for an amazing thing and if it will done, then understand that we see in Mission Impossible Movie, a chip that you apply and speak different languages according to your requirement, because a device plan is running by which you can speak some other languages in your own voice.

For Example- If you knows English and you wanted a translator to convert it in other language like German, French etc. Then here you speak English and the device attached  to your face produce German, French etc in your own voice after translating it.




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    1. Actually this plan is old and the new update is the first company whose name is oneweb gets approval by FCC in US to settle the satellites and this type of internet can be seen after 2019 and now we don’t know that it’s free or not. And you are right Alon Musk CEO of SpaceX also plan to get approval from FCC but till now it is pending. Oneweb makes its first six by getting this approval. Thanx for the question Vinay!!!!☺

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