Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as New Emojis, Lenovo Laptop, Smart Bedding, Airbus Helicopter, Allo With Duo, NASA Solar Panels and Instagram Live etc. I hope that you would like it.

  • Unicode 10 – 56 New Emoji’s


The first update is from Unicode 10. It comes out with 56 new emoji’s and one out of them is a bitcoin emoji. You can get these emoji’s in the next updates of your iPhone and Android.

So tell me in comments that you are using bitcoins or not and What if only emoji’s are given to you for talking, then you will be able to talk or not?

  • Amazon Prime Wardrobe


This update is from Amazon Prime Wardrobe. It is not available in India yet but it was established in US where customers can order three different types of outfits and all the money should not be given in advance. So when products reached to your house, then you can try it, if it fits you and you like it, then you can store it in your house and all the remaining products you can return to them. This is just similar to when you go for shopping in market and there if any outfit fits you and you like it , then only you could buy it.

So now this feature comes on Amazon in the form of Prime Wardrobe which is only for prime members. You tell me that, In India this facility would be given or not where if the product you like and if it fits you, then only you would have to buy it and pay the money without any advance and all work is online.

  • Instagram Live with 24 Hours Validity


This update is from Instagram Live. Now if you are doing live videos on Instagram, then after that the you are having an option, that if you wanted to stream it publicly for only 24 hours, then an option is given to you like Instagram Stories. Till now, if you are going live on Instagram and after you closed it, then no views update is given to you as well as to the viewers.

But now an extension is given to you for 24 hours updates of your live video. In future, if this feature completely extend from 24 hours to lifetime offline, then its a good thing.

  • NASA Flexible Solar Panels


This update is from NASA. They are going to test flexible solar panels in its space station where due to flexibility, all capabilities are increased such as we can setup those solar panels in all directions of the space and the design or shape of spacecrafts can also be changed.

So its a good thing, that after testing we can use it on the earth as well those flexible solar panels.

  • Lenovo Concept Laptop


This update is for an amazing concept of Lenovo Laptop where it was teased that In Future, this laptop may come and its screen can be attached to the keyboard and it can be rolled completely. Here you can give inputs through touch. Hence it is not available in Market but Lenovo soon comes with such a laptop.

  • Google Allo With Duo


This update is from Google Allo & Google Duo. If you forget about them, then Allo is an instant messaging application and Duo is a video calling application. These are different apps but now you can initiate a video call through Google Allo app which is actually a Duo call. For this, you have to install both the applications and the receiver also have to install these both apps for proper communication.

As per my opinion, who would use these two applications where Whatsapp in a single application is giving all the functionalities of Audio call, Video call and chatting.

  • Airbus Helicopter With Wings


This update is from Airbus and here Airbus said that a helicopter would come with some wings and till 2020, they can fully develop such a helicopter which can fly at a highest speed of 250 miles per hour.

So its an amazing speed in air and its amazing if we talk about flying taxis and helicopters. So, In Future, we are not stable on Land, either we can go inside earth or outside the earth in flying air.

  • Smart Bedding


This update is for an amazing solution of the problem which you may have faced every morning. If you woke up at morning, then sometimes you don’t wanted to pack your bed as there is no time and some of your family member ask you to clean and pack your bed. So for this situation, an amazing bedding is developed which automatically set your bed. This bedding can be controlled by an app. Also if you sleep on such a bedding, then you can set the different temperatures of left and right side of your bed.

So its an amazing thing and it is available in market at a starter price of nearly 200 $. It is a smart idea and if it can be possible in India, then its amazing. You tell me in comments that you are interested in such a product.






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