World Wide Developers Conference 2017 Updates


mac OS High Sierra


Apple unveiled its mac OS Sierra new version named Apple mac OS High Sierra. Now in this post, I will talk about this OS.

Friends frankly speaking that I am not using any type of mac OS. But I will tell you the best about this OS.

Apple had not done major upgrades in this OS but some tweaks are done. Here you see some minimal tweaks.

So First of All

  • Apple Safari Browser


This update is for the Safari Browser used in mac OS. Now if you are browsing on Safari Browser, then you get some automated playback content such as any video, audio or some graphics that are running automatically. So now these Ads are automatically blocked or if we want can play it afterwards.

If you shop on some websites, after that you see some Ads all across based on those shopping websites or by this way your tracking is done. Now this type of tracking is prevented.

  • Apple Mail App


This update is for the Mail App used in mac OS. Now here you get a split screen view or you can also compose on this split screen. Also Important Mails are highlighted on the Top.

  • Apple Photos App



This update is for Photos App used in mac OS. Now in this app, recognition of people becomes more better and people are now identified in a more better way. Your libraries are also sorted in optimum ways. Now you get some more editing options by which you can edit your pictures with more perfection. So now you can edit your photos directly through your photos app.

  • File System


This update is for the file system used in mac OS. Now here Apple changed the file system of its mac OS from Apple File System (HFS) to Apple File system (APS). It is completely based on 64 bit which now work more efficiently on normal copy-paste. Security is also increased. Now if some file is crashed then data can be recovered from that file easily.

  • One More Upgrade



If you want to add some external GPU in your mac device, then now you can connect it.

Hence this update is now available for developers only. But if some specific user wanted to test specific apps or wanted to take this OS in work, then it can be given to him from Apple.

So friends, these are some minor upgrades. Atleast, these updates are provided for free if your mac is running on current mac OS Sierra. So these upgrades are mainly given in beta now. If you wanted to signup, then you can do it. Stable release of this upgrade is given at the end of this year in upcoming months.

So friends, In Upcoming posts I will tell you in detail about iOS 11 Features, iMac Pro, iPad Pro, Macbook Line-Up Upgrades and Apple Homepad. So stay tuned.

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