• Moto Z2 Play Launched


Moto Z2 Play launched in India at a price of Rs 27,999 ( $ 435 ). This phone is powered by Snapdragon 626 Processor and having a 5.5 Inches Full Amoled Screen Display. The Phone is having a 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, 12 Mega Pixel Rear Camera, 5 Mega Pixel Front Camera and 3000 Mah battery.

The important feature of this phone is the Moto Mods Support which is given exclusively.

  • Russian Rocket Proton Returns


This update is for a Russian Rocket Proton which launched a US Satellite. Recently some downs are come from this Rocket, but now it successfully launched a satellite.

So its an interesting thing to reuse the Rocket to launch a Satellite. This process enables cost cutting process at a very large amount.

  • Amazon Funding Worth 1 Billion Dollars


Amazon started giving loans to its sellers so if they wanted to offer something on discount then they can give it. Amazon itself giving loans to increase the inventory of products. So it is a good thing to promote in small countries. Amazon tell us the figure of this loan which is 1 Billion Dollars.

  • XBOX Scorpio For 399 $ May Be


A good news for gamers. If you play games on your Play Station or XBOX, then here XBOX Scorpio price is revealed which is 399 $ ( 26,000-27,000 Rs ).

But you know that its not cheaper in India because some taxes are applied to it before it comes to India.

  • Essential Is Now a 1 Billion Dollar Company


This update is for an interesting company. You know about the essential phone which was released some days ago. Here the Essential Company of Andy Rubin now get a funding of 3 Million Dollars. So now the company value reaches to 1 Billion Dollars.

In My opinions, the company can launch amazing products in future because recently they launched a unique designed essential phone.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Chinese Exam


This update is for an interesting news in China. Here in an entrance exam of Chinese University, average scores are given to AI. It is a paper of Maths hence AI solved the paper very fast as compared to Humans means normal person takes 2 hours to complete the exam but AI solves it in only 22 minutes.

Here marks given to AI are 103 out of 150 which is average and passing marks is 90. AI Robot solved 12,000 questions exactly before exam and person solved 30,000 questions.

  • Chinese Exam Cheating


Chinese Authorities uses different types of cameras, drones or facial recognition techniques in Exams to capture cheating.

But you know that in India, cheating is a common thing.

  • 48 Hours in a Virtual Reality


This update is for an interesting record done by two peoples. You used VR headsets for 10-15 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours because of headache or some other problems. But these 2 peoples used VR for 48 hours means sleep in VR, eat in VR and wake up in VR.





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