• Apple WWDC 2017


This update is from World Wide Developers Conference 2017 which was held on 5 June 2017 at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time which is around 10:30 PM India’s Standard Time.

Here Apple unveiled its new iOS 11, Mac OS High Sierra, iPad Pro, iMac Pro, Macbook line up upgrades and most interesting thing is the Apple AR Kit. Also a speaker named Homepod integrated with Siri is unveiled.

  • Kaspersky Labs Against Microsoft

An employee works near screens in the virus lab at the headquarters of Russian cyber security company Kaspersky Labs in Moscow

Kaspersky Lab filed a complaint against Microsoft in Europe. They said that Microsoft is getting benefits due to its monopoly. Microsoft pushes its Windows Defender to its users. This is the reason that users are not buying Kaspersky Antivirus. Microsoft is doing cheating.

But this is not good. Microsoft can do anything in their windows. So see what results come from this ? and what Microsoft answers this ?

  • Taxes on UPI From July 10th


You all know that previous year in our country India, when notes of 500 & 1000 are banned on 8th November 2016, after that all users started using UPI ( Unified Payments Interface ) mode of payments.

But now taxes are charged on every UPI transaction after 10th July. Here if you transact from Rs 1-25,000, then tax is Rs 3+ Service Charges and transaction between Rs 25,000-1,00,000 charges a tax of Rs 5+ Service Charges.

  • Voice Hacking


Experts said that If you are using Siri, Google Now and  Google Assistant etc. any other app, then your voice data can be leaked and hackers want some of your voice lines. After that they can hack your voice and use it for doing calls to another person who knows your voice.

It can be possible so think of it before using these apps. In future it can be dangerous for you.

  • Real feel Prosthetics


This update is from MIT. Here MIT developed a prosthetic artificial limb after that for someone who is not having hands and legs, they can use these artificial limbs in more realistic feel.

Here left muscles are connected with the tissues of limbs so patient is able to feel that there is some attachment. A sensation is received to patient if somebody touches it. So an interesting thing.

  • TATA Power- Gorilla Fan


This update is for Mumbai Residents and subscribers of TATA Power. Here TATA Power unveiled its new fan named Gorilla Fan. This fan is amazing because here you get a brush less DC motor that runs on full speed consuming a power of 28 Watts. So this fan is more efficient than normal fans. Company soon provide it at a discounted rate of Rs 1750 on MRP Rs 3500.

  • Ford Special Seats


Ford patented a very amazing seat that can be used in its automobiles in future. Here if a patient that is not able to walk normally requires a wheel chair with its car. But now they no longer need to carry a wheel chair with it. The car seat itself can be ported outside the car and used as a wheel chair.

  • Jio Cheap Phone


This update is regarding the specs of Jio’s Cheapest Phone. Here phone comes with a 512 RAM, 2 Mega Pixel Rear Camera, Qualcomm or Sparton Chip and 4 GB storage. The Price is nearly Rs 1700-1800 but Jio provide this phone initially with a discounted price of nearly Rs 900-1500.

This phone supports personal hotspot feature is not confirmed yet. One more update is that here you can get a smart assistant Microsoft Cortana.

  • Traffic Chalaan Now On PayTM


Now you can pay your Traffic Chalaan online on PayTM. In Mumbai, Pune or Vijaywada, now Paytm update provides you an option to pay Traffic Chalaan. Now just put your vehicle number or chalaan ticket number and then amount comes, then pay that amount and complete your chalaan process.

  • iOS 11 Location With Apps


Now you get an interesting update in iOS 11, after that if you install any app on your iOS phone, then they can access your location or not. Here you get a refined contol means while using the app. Then apps can only access your location data. It increases your location privacy.

  • Robotic Furniture for 10,000 $


This update is also from MIT, a complete Robotic furniture is developed at MIT having a price of 10,000 $. This price is not for its very good wood quality but for its intelligence. Here basically this furniture can change its shape according to the requirement of user. You can use it in a small limited environment.

It converts into your bed, sofa etc you want. This works with a remote. You can also speak to it with the help of Alexa.

  • Bosch Radar Mapping


A radar mapping is done by Bosch which is helpful for self driving cars. If cars are running with the help of radars, then they are able to scan the roads and after that data goes online on cloud. So its an interesting technology developed by Bosch which can help self driving cars to drive more accurately.




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