Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Jio Data Hack, Redmi Note 5A, Spy Dealer Malware, Police Automatic Calls and Meizu Pro 7 etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • Jio Data Hack


The first update comes from Jio data hack. A website named is spreading Jio users data. After going on the website, if you put someone Jio number, then the Name of that person, his Email ID, the sim registration date and the circle is displayed. Here an Aadhaar Card column is also available but it not shows Aadhaar Card number. The persons claiming that their Aadhaar Card number is leaked but its not true . So here three different types of responses comes out. First of all Jio is saying that this Data is un-authenticated but its not true, the data leaked is authentic. Jio should have to check that from where all data is leaked and in future, How they can control it and How you store users data with good privacy.

Some users got panic that they are now finished and gone out because they think that their Aadhaar Card goes public but nothing is wrong with your Aadhaar Card. Only Spam calls comes to you if your phone number goes in some bad hands. Some users are saying that Jio is giving free data because they want our private data and its a wrong thing. I just wanted to say that there is no need to get panic and Jio had done wrong but in any way, it not harms you.

  • Sachin Tendulkar Post


This update is from Sachin Tendulkar. Here he writes a post and done a tweet where he is asking about user’s friend information for a campaign from bank and here friend’s full name, city and mobile number is asked by Sachin in his post.

But here a large number of security experts said against him, that it is a wrong thing and How he ask user friend’s information on public platforms. So after that the post is deleted by Security Experts.

  • Redmi Note 5A Box Leaked


This update is from Xiaomi and here some boxes of Redmi Note 5A are leaked. Specs of this phone tells that you get a Snapdragon 625 Processor and an amazing dual rear cameras etc.

See firstly which phone of Redmi comes either Redmi Note 5 or Redmi Note 5A but here a red box of Redmi is seen for the first time and I think they copy it from OnePlus.

  • Spy Dealer Malware


This update comes from an Android malware Spy Dealer where nearly 500 million users are affected. This malware comes in Android versions between 2.2 and 4.4 where 40 apps are infected including Facebook and Whatsapp.

It monitors their data and theft it. So you tell me in comments, if your Android falls between this range or you are enjoying lollipop, marshmallow or nougat etc.

  • Airtel Project Next


This update is from Airtel and here it comes with a new project Airtel Next means something big will be done by Airtel. In some circles, testing of 4G is running and at the end of this year, the whole India gets 4G. One more plan comes out where Postpaid users who saves their data at the end of that month, now can transfer that data to the next month.

So it is a good thing otherwise benefits in the next month are lapsed but now you can transfer your balance.

  • Details On E-Commerce Websites


This update is from E-Commerce Websites. Here Indian Govt. gives an order to all e-commerce websites, that you have to clearly mention all the details of the product such as product MRP and also mention its Date of Manufacture and expiry date in case of some edible item.

It becomes must for them in the starting of the next year because sometimes MRP is not written, only price is written and we are not able to calculate that how much the price is less than its MRP. So its a good thing and now we all knows that how much genuine discount is given to us and you can see that how much time you can store any product in your house by its expiry date.

  • Nokia 5 On 15th August

moody river.jpg

This update is from Nokia and its phone Nokia 5 Pre booking already started from 7th of July but this phone comes in market from 15th of August said by Nokia.

Its too late by Nokia because phone is launched at the end of may and pre booking is on July and now will come in August.

  • The Essential Phone is Delayed


This update is from the Essential phone and this is the bezel less amazing phone launched by Android Co- Founder Andy Rubin. Here it is not yet shipped and is delayed for sometime.

The phones which are launched by only showing some pictures always get delivered with some delay. So see when it will be shipped.

  • Meizu Pro 7 With X30


This update comes from Meizu and finally confirmed that the world’s first phone with Mediatek latest processor X30 is the Meizu Pro 7. This phone design is interesting in itself because it is amazing and a screen is available at the back.

It is a cool concept and see where, how and when it will be launched and in India, just forgot about it.

  • Calling Police Automatically


The last update is an interesting news and we actually don’t know that it was done by Amazon Echo or by Google Home but here a couple at home is fighting  and one person takes a gun outside. But the another one just said that Did you call the sheriff ? and it heard this phrase and automatically calls a police and police comes and incident is stopped.

So it is an interesting concept and firstly it was done by Amazon Echo and Google Home, we don’t know but it was done by them.





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