Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Jio – Monsoon Offer, Leak Suspect, Feature Phone & Fiber Offer, Fast Battery Charge, Whatsapp Payments, 360 Dash Cam and Waymo’s Latest Technology etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • Jio Monsoon Offer


The first update is from Jio and this is for the Jio Monsoon Offer. If we say, then once again, Jio come with a Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer and some interesting plans are announced there. First of all, In 309 Rs Plan, you get daily 1 GB Data for 56 Days, In 399 Rs Plan, you get daily 1 GB Data for 84 Days and In 509 Rs Plan, you get daily 2 GB Data for 56 Days.

Tell me in comments about which recharge you are completely planned that I do that one only. Let’s see now Which plan of Airtel comes out to overcome Jio ?

  • Jio Fiber Leaked


This update is again comes from Jio and on Jio Website, a photo is leaked where you get the more details about Jio Broadband Offers. Here, the photo shows that you get speed of 100 Mbps with 100 GB Data free for 3 months. Here you have to give Rs 4,500 for installation fee which is refundable.

Beyond that when it will be actually launched, we don’t know but it may be launched on and near Independence Day.

  • Jio Data Leak = Suspect Detained


This update is again from Jio and this is for the Jio Data Hack. In Rajasthan, police detained a person which is a suspect who started all this leak. So see what more information comes out hence Jio had not announced anything officially till now but from where all data is leaked and How they control it in future, we want answers to that.

  • Jio Feature Phone Leaked

eye Makeup tutorial.jpg

This update again comes from Jio and this is for the Jio Feature Phone. It was leaked by Amit Bhawani and its exclusive video is on its channel Phone Radar. Here you see that How this phone looks like and you can see live TV option such as you can see live Sony, Zee etc. and for sure, it gets the support of Jio TV.

The price may be between Rs 500 – 1500 and we don’t know the actual price but it will be soon launched an may be launched on 21st July with some interesting Data Offer.

  • Faster Battery Charging


This update is for an amazing technology by which in future, your laptop battery, tablet battery and your car battery can charge very fast because a new type of 2D material comes out by which the speed is increased and electrodes design is changed after that it acts as a Suedo capacitor.

See in actual, when they implement in real life because we are hearing these types of tech for a long time ago that it will be after 2 years or 3 years, when we see it actually.

  • Whatsapp Payments


This update is from Whatsapp UPI Payments and we are hearing for a long time that How we can send and receive money through Whatsapp in one click payments and this will soon comes out. So a new update comes that on the end of this year, is confirmed that you can do payments with Whatsapp UPI and send money to your friends. In general with friends, if you want to distribute expenses, then it will also come at the end of this year.

Tell me in comments, that you pay the borrowed money to your friend or not ?

  • 360 Degree Dash Cam


This update is for an interesting Dash Cam and this is a 360 Degree Dash Cam and if you attach it in your car, then this amazing device gives you warning if some activity is going on with your car. So you get the alert on your smartphone because it continuously get the details of all sides with its lenses.

This is a 360 Degree Camera and it is an interesting camera and if you go somewhere and want to record a travel vlog, then it can record it in 360 Degree. So this is a cool gadget which increases your car security.

  • Waymo Latest Technology


This update is from Waymo and you know that this company is doing amazing in the field of Self Driving Cars and here a new improvement comes from Self Driving Cars ability where it can now identify the emergency vehicles and gives a way to them such as an ambulance or Fire Truck etc. So it is a good thing and it can easily identify the vehicles which requires some proper time to reach at proper place and then it automatically gives a space to that cars.

It is an interesting concept to distinguish between Normal Cars and Emergency Cars. Previously I tell you about the moral abilities feature in self Driving Cars, so in future Self Driving seems to be  very very amazing.

  • Android Panic Button


This update is from Panic Button in Android phones and this is not a button that you press it in case of emergency that your family contacts will be automatically called. This button works in the case, any malware attack is just started in your mobile phone and it starts downloading some software in it. So in that condition, if you press back button 4 times, then all running process will be cancelled and you will be saved from the attack. This feature is seen in Android 7.1 and yet it is not enabled in your Android phones.

So in future, when Google enable it in your phone, then if some zig zag problem comes, then you just press back button 4 times and all process will be automatically cancelled.




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