Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as iPhone 8 White, Tesla Model 3, Redmi Note 5, Whatsapp Night Mode, UberBOAT, Mobile Problem, Jio 509 Rs 224 GB Data and Samsung Amazing VR etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • iPhone 8 White With No Display Fingerprint


The first update is from iPhone 8. A white color of iPhone 8 is seen and it seems to be amazing if Apple made iPhone 8 like it. Here Reports said that fingerprint scanner is not on display because it is impossible now and may be Apple put fingerprint scanner in its Apple logo at back.

I think its amazing if they made such a design and after that they have the right to say incredible and awesome etc. So see when iPhone 8 comes and at which price ?

  • Whatsapp Night Mode


This update is from Whatsapp. A new update comes in iOS which is Night Mode. In this mode, if you open camera from Whatsapp to send some photo instantly, then here you get a night mode option where quality given to you is somewhat better. This update will soon comes in Android.

So if you are sending photos on Whatsapp at night, then you can see some bright photos but you can use flash for it. This feature is useful when you don’t want to use flash of your phone.

  • =


This update is from If you don’t know about, then it is a popular shopping website for Middle East. Amazon acquired it and now the acquiration process is completed means users can directly login through their Amazon ID on and do shopping and get some more benefits.

  • Tesla Model 3… Finally


This update is from Tesla and Tesla Model 3 is finally converting into reality. Here some users get this car at the end of this month and now production is started at a full scale after that may be Tesla made Tesla 3 in India and in Worldwide or US.

See when the users get this car who booked this car from different parts of world because there are some delays for it. But here assembly line up is started and some users get it at the end of this month that amazing self driving electric car.

  • BSNL Dhamaka


This update is for postpaid users of BSNL and this is an amazing good news for them because now they get 8 times more data but 8 times of 250 MB is 2 GB only. Some plans are there where 500 MB data is given to you in place of 200 MB, 1 GB in place of 500 MB and 2 GB in place of 250 MB and thes plans are of monthly validity. These plans are for postpaid users.

Just think that How much users are currently using postpaid sims where the whole net is of the prepaid users such as Jio etc. Tell me in comments that you are using postpaid sim or not? If using then Why?

  • UberBOAT In Croatia


This update is from UberBOAT and its trial testing is running in some parts of world such as Istanbul, Mayami etc. Now it comes in Croatia and now you can call a boat through an app if you wanted to go through water. In India, just think What of Uber service can come out such as Uber Bike, Uber Scooter and Uber Riksha and just imagine What type of Uber Transport can comes out in India.

So Uber have to become serious in India because there are a variety of Transport options available in India.

  • Delhi Metro Via Net Banking Apps & Bharat QR


This update is from Delhi Metro and now you can purchase travel tokens directly from your net banking apps and also you can use Bharat QR app to do all types of work. So it is a good thing that you don’t have to get into long queues hence you can now do all work online.

Tell me in comments that How much you travel in Delhi metro because I personally travel for 1 time and my experience is somewhat good.

  • Smartphones = Harmful


This update is from a dangerous thing. Scientists said that the presence of Smartphones loses your mind power means you have a phone which is either On/Off, Vibrate or Not, Internet On/Off or Anything, here if you have a phone near you whether it is switched off is decreasing your mind power.

Some trials are taken and it was known that the thinking power of Humans decreases in the presence of a mobile phone.

  • Temperature Sensor With Almost Zero Consumption


This update is for an amazing sensor which measures temperature but here power requirement is very very low. Basically assume that it is zero because here power requirement is 113 Pico watt means nearly 10 Billion times lower than 1 watt. If we develop more sensors like it in future and if we talk about some wearable tech or some wearing shirts and clothes and power requirement of it is nothing and you can capture amazing data.

So it is an interesting tech and if in future, processors are developed having a very low power consumption, that your phone may runs with a battery backup of years.

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 With 630


This update is from Xiaomi and its Note 5 will soon comes in market. Not in India, firstly it comes in China and after a long time comes in India. Here the specs shows that this phone comes with a snapdragon 630 processor, front camera may be 13 Mega Pixel and rear camera may be 16 Mega Pixel. In this phone, you may get the support of Qualcomm Quick Charge.

So see when it comes in China otherwise in India, it will come at the end of this year or may be at next year.

  • RCom VPN Service


This update is from RCom, that company which clinch the whole country by selling the cheaper phones in India. But now the phones are not selling and nobody is using RCom network so that’s why now the company comes with a new business model which is a 4G VPN Service for businesses where they provide solutions to business that How they can establish connection from one side to another side in 4G Speed and here VPN is used.

So it is a good thing because all the phone business is taken by the big brother, then something would be done by the small brother, that’s why RCom comes with this model.

  • Samsung Flow Windows 10


This update is from Samsung Flow and now if you have a compatible Samsung Galaxy Device in which Android Marshmallow or upper version is there and if you have fingerprint scanner in that phone, then you can lock/unlock your windows PC if you use this Samsung Flow Application. Previously the support is of Samsung windows laptop but now it comes for all windows laptops.

So it is an amazing thing and you go inside this app and check that your app is compatible is not. So now similar to iPhone users who lock/unlock their mac using their iPhone, then now you can do it with your Samsung phone.

  • Jio JioFi Dhamaka


This update is from Jio and you all know that Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer will soon ends and all you are using it and its validity is going to be expired. So here if you buy a new JioFi device, then after that if you recharge for Rs 99, you become a prime member of it. Now if you do some recharges, then extra benefits are given to you so If you do a recharge of Rs 149, then you get 2 GB data for 12 Months at 2 GB per month and if you recharge for 309 Rs, then you get daily 1 GB data for 168 Days, an amazing deal and if you recharge for Rs 509, then you get daily 2 GB data for 112 Days.

So this option is amazing  but here why we purchase this JioFi differently. Some announcements will come after this Dhan Dhana Dhan offer ends.

  • Karbonn K9 Kawach With UPI


This update is for an amazing budget phone from Karbonn which is Karbonn K9 Kawach 4G and this phone comes with a fingerprint scanner and the price of this phone is only 5300 Rs. Here Bhim App comes pre installed in this phone and it is a highlight of this phone.

Specs are really interesting at this price which is 5 Inch 720p screen, 5 Megapixel Front and Rear Camera, 1GB RAM or 8 GB ROM and battery is 2300 Mah.

  • Samsung Exynos VR III


This update is from Samsung Exynos VR III and this is a VR Headset in which you don’t have to attach a phone because it comes with its own processor, GPU and Display screen. Here screen may be 4K, the processor is a hexacore processor and GPU is Mali G 71 Mp 20.

It it is a unique concept which comes from Samsung and it is working in a good way. So see at which price it comes and become available for masses.

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