Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as GST In India, Cheap Windows 10, Gionee New Phone, Facebook Change, Self Driving Cars In India, Shirts For Japanese Cows and Airtel Offer etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • GST In India


The first update is from GST In India and here mobile phone prices are decreased.  If you are planning and wanted to purchase a new smartphone, then its a good time you can purchase it. Hence prices are not too much increased but there are some discounts which can be seen across different brands.

So go and make fun and enjoy GST in India for Smartphones. I think that this GST in India is good initiative as it will help in increasing economy on India.

  • Custom Duty For Imported Smartphones


This update is from the mobile phones and here the imported phones will now comes in India with an extra 10% duty. The companies which are importing their mobile phones in India will soon start manufacturing process in India so that this import tax will be removed and the sales are boosted otherwise they have to sell the phones at a higher price.

So now if you purchase a phone from outside India, then you have to give some custom duty.

  • Cheap Windows 10 In India


This update is from Windows 10 and now in India, Government said to Microsoft that updates for Windows 10 are too costly and their prices should be decreased because you know that a large number of users are using pirated versions of windows and they don’t get a good security, then if we talk about ransomware attacks and the updates are not reached.

So Microsoft at an higher extent accepted that Windows 10 prices are high and it should be decreased and now you get a cheap Windows 10 and a secure OS.

  • Gionee S10 – Another 7 Plus


This update is from Gionee and they will soon launch in India its S10 phone which is a four camera phone, two at front and two at rear and it may be two for selfie’s and two for groupie’s. All things are available in this phone and this phone will be launched as a flagship phone of Gionee in India.

Hence there is a Gionee A10 phone at a price of 20,000-22,000 Rs available in India. So see When and How Gionee launch this phone in India.

  • Facebook Algorithm Change


This update is from Facebook and this is for a change in Facebook Algorithm where now Facebook is doing a change in its algorithm about your view of news feed that is What, How and is relevant to you or not and some fake news is there or not and now content you see are those which you want from your interests.

So now you can see Facebook news feed more helpful otherwise you don’t know who likes it and share it.

  • Airtel Monsoon Offer


This update is from Airtel Monsoon Offer and here if you are Airtel Postpaid user, then you get 30 GB of free data for 3 months at 10 GB per month. Here you have to install Airtel TV app to get this free data.

When Jio is giving 3 months of free data offer, then Airtel was disturbing it but now Airtel itself comes with 3 months free plan such as Summer offer and now Monsoon offer,  so its no fair.

  • Self Driving Cars In India


This update is from Self Driving Cars in India and we all knows and understand about the future of Self Driving Cars in India because of too much traffic and too much difficult to come out from the big Jams and all rules are not followed in India. But here TATA is working outside Bangalore at a secret facility where Indian roads are replicated and here testing is going on How in India Self Driving Cars will come.

It means one day comes when these cars comes in India and we have to do some preparations for it and some laws should be more strict and if we follow all traffic rules, then it will soon comes in India.

  • Shirt For Cows In Japan


This update is from a shirt for cows in Japan. You know that Japan is too much hot so that’s why at the time of giving milk by a cow, milk production quality and quantity is decreased . So they designed a special shirt after that cows body temperature is controlled in a better way and these clothes are connected with tubes which regularly supply water to their bodies.

So its a good concept and In India, we saw that on cows, these things are applied but here a technology is used for animals welfare and for milk production.

  • Qualcomm ReadBoy W8


The last update is from Qualcomm and this is for a new Smart Watch. This Smart Watch is usually for kids and named as ReadBoy W8. The Qualcomm made this watch with collaboration of ReadBoy and here Kids can ask some questions from this watch and this watch gives all answers to them. A camera is also attached with it and its design is somewhat similar to Apple Watch. It is basically a learning watch and here you get the support of 4G services.

In India when it comes we don’t know but In china, it will be started selling from September 2017.




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