My New Blog ( Self Hosted )


Hello Friends, Welcome back to my blog!!!

Today I wanted to tell you about my new Self Hosted WordPress Blog!!!!

The Complete Address of my blog is

I bought the Domain and Hosting from Go Daddy!!!

Why I made this new Blog?

I personally made this new Blog because I wanted to do Blogging LifeTime because I think it’s my passion!!!!

I will clearly say that I connected the blog to Google Adsense to earn a little amount of money!!!

Just visit my new Blog on a Web Browser and Tell me How it is!!! Any Feedback if you want to give it!!!

So clearly here I wanted to say that Follow and Subscribe to my new blog by opening it here!!!!! No Compulsions are there to Follow!!! If You like my Blogging then only you can Subscribe!!!!

Link To The Blog —

From Today Onwards!!! I will post Tech Updates and Some Interesting Tech Posts on the new Blog!!!

Share this Blog on your blog as well. If you do it, then it will be a Big Support from all of you!!!!


I am waiting for your feedback!!!!!

Hurry Up Just Visit !!!!


50 thoughts on “My New Blog ( Self Hosted )”

      1. You can buy both the domain and hosting from Go Daddy. I also bought both things from Go daddy and they charged me Rs 120 for Domain and Rs 1400 for Hosting with a validity of 1 year!!! If you want to know how to transfer, then I will tell you all the steps!!! Reply me if you want to know!!!

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    1. It’s great!!! First of all Congrats for the 1100 counts!!!! As per the followers, my followers can’t see the posts on my new blog!! but they can see the intro posts on my current blog with a link to my new blog!!
      So you can also do the same!!
      I hope you understand it!!! But If you don’t understand then you can reply me on this comment or you can email me!!!
      Thanks for coming to my blog!!!

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      1. Earnings are based on conditions such as from which country the readers are coming to your blog and how much views you get on your page!!! views will not give you enough earnings but the engagements of readers in ads of your blog will help you earn some little amount of money!!!
        for example- if some reader will click on your ads, then you will get some earnings!!!
        You will get 4-20 dollars per 1000 views depending on the views from specific country!!!!
        I hope you understand well!!
        Any questions you want to ask can ask me!!!
        Now here I see your blog, it is amazing that you are writing in our mother language!!! Your posts on Indian Culture are amazing!!!


      2. As per of now there is no option of like in godaddy!!! If you want to include like option in your blog, then you can install a plugin with name wp page liker !!!!


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