Top Tech Cool Gadgets Under Rs 250 ( 3.85 $)

Hello Guys, Today we are checking out some awesome stuff that could be found under the price of 250 Rs surprisingly.

So Let’s get started


All the links of products featured in this post are given below each product. If you like any product, then you can buy them from that link.

First of All

  • Universal Battery Tester


For 275 Rs, this is a must-have accessory for a lot of people who have a whole host of batteries and stuff in their house. This works for AA, AAA, 9 Volt and button cells. It is a pretty cheap product, having a pretty good quality and effective battery tester to have around. If you use a lot of Rechargeable Batteries, the way we do, this is a must-have accessory to know that batteries need recharging.

It is a quick little tester, analog and it tells you the amount of charge left inside the battery. So overall it is a good piece of Kit to have under this price range.

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  • Ubon Earphones


The next product on my list is the Ubon Universal Earphones. For a price of 147 Rs, these earphones are really comfortable in the ear and have a pretty adequate sound. They do come with an Inline Microphone along with a push button to send and end calls. It’s 3.5 mm headphone jack will connect with most of your smartphones and the overall cushioning in the ear tips of earphone are really comfortable as well.

For a price of 147 Rs, these are really a good set of earphones under Rs 250 price bracket.

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  • Weighing Scale


The next product on my list is a Digital Weighing Scale. It is a hanging style weighing scale which allows you to hang the stuff to measure weight. I find it exceptionally useful at home because if you want to measure something in Kitchen, then you can do it with this scale. You can weigh your LPG Gas Cylinder at home to prepare in advance for the filling of it. It can weigh around 45 Kg of stuff.

It also has a bunch of other weighing units like pound if someone wants to weigh in pounds. It is a backlit which comes with 2 AAA Batteries required for this product. Overall for a price of Rs 210, it is a pretty effective and pretty accurate.

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  • LED Bulb


The next product on my list is the USB LED Bulb. We have already seen a whole host of LED Bulbs on USB capability in past but this one is interesting because you can hang it in and around your house. It does have a little hanging hook. It is an extremely Lightweight bulb and it gets powered by a USB Port.

So if you don’t have any Bulb Holder inside some room, then you can light it up to make your room awesome. Overall for a price of Rs 199, this Bulb is a must have product for your home.

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  • Selfie Stick


The next product on my list is a Selfie Stick. For a price of Rs 180, this Selfie Stick is surprisingly well made. It also has a button which allows you to click pictures where it connects to your smartphone using a 3.5 mm headphone jack. It is made up of a pretty good construction, expands up to 15 inches and can hold phones up to 5.5 Inches Screen Size without any problem.

It is available in a whole host of colors and if you are looking for a budget-friendly Selfie Stick, then this one is good for you under Rs 180 Price Range.

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  • Digital Multimeter


The next product on my list is a Digital Multimeter. For a price of Rs 245, this multimeter is pretty impressive. This multimeter gives you a whole host of features including the ability to measure Amp’s and Voltage whether direct or alternating current and it also have a Continuity Tester.

You also get some pretty good wires which are common and positively used. Overall for a price of Rs 245, it is pretty accurate.

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