#13 WEEKLY TECH UPDATES (13-19, November, 2017 )

Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of this week such as Women VS Men in Tech, UC Browser Ban, Tesla Roadster, Apple Face ID Fooled and SpaceX Zuma etc. I hope that you would like it.

So Let’s Start

Alicia Vandyke (3)


First of All

  • Women VS Men in Tech


This update comes from an Amazing Study where it is known that in actual, Women is more expert in the field of Technology in comparison to Men but they are underrepresented and sometimes does not comes in front of the world. Here the Technical Skills of Women are too much.

So Tell me What you think about this research because this is a different type of research that we see in our surroundings, the result from this study is just opposite of it.

  • UC Browser Not on Playstore


This update comes from UC Browser where recently it was removed from Playstore. This is done due to some misleading promotions is running on UC Browser and hence that was not complying with the Google Play Policies. An official statement comes from UC Browser Spokes Person where they said that there is some problem in UC Browser which will be soon get fixed and they also said that they will add it again in Playstore till next week.

Here What is Right and What is Wrong, let’s see but for sure due to some reasons it is removed. So tell me that if you are using UC Browser because some reports said that your data is leaked and used by UC. Also, tell me your favorite browser.

  • Tesla Roadster


This update comes from an amazing news and this is for Tesla Roadster Car whose price is 2 Lakh Dollar. This Car will soon become the World’s Fastest Production Car which means it breaks the record of Bugatti. This car comes in Market after a long time but here you get amazing speeds and range is 620 miles which are large. Car Top Speed is more than 250 miles/hour and Torque is 10,000 Newton Metre which is beyond our limit. It can achieve speeds from 0 to 100 Kms speed.

So this Tesla Car is amazing and lets us see when it comes to the market and how it makes some craze in the market.

  • In Body Gene Editing in the United StatesĀ 


This update comes from the United States where scientists for the first time tried for genes editing inside the body. It is an amazing thing that you are doing some modifications in DNA and if things are correct here, then we can get relief from Big Health Problems but it’s not that some adverse effects come out and Human become something which we see in Hollywood Movies.

This can be done if Human do some interchange in genes. Let’s see in Future, How we get relief from Big Health Problems by these types of research.

  • SpaceX Zuma


This update comes from SpaceX and here they will launch a secret mission whose name is Zuma and here Falcon 9 Rocket is used. Beyond that, a first stage landing is attempted. So you just assumed that SpaceX is trying that How they can work properly in the field of Space.

Finally, a BFR comes for us by which we can travel from Delhi to Tokyo in 30 minutes. But when it will come, we don’t know in Future.

  • Apple Face ID Fooled


This update comes from an interesting thing which is a Face ID in iPhone X. Here it is not possible that some problems will not come with Apple’s new iPhone and without any issue, it will be cleared. Some Scientists and Security Experts cleared that Face ID can be fooled very easily by 3D Mask means if you make a 3D Mask of someone, then it becomes easy to fool Face ID.

A testing is done with Face ID and it becomes clear that Face ID can be fooled. So every time, when a new iPhone comes out, some issues are seen in the form of Phone Hanging, Phone is Bending and its Fingerprint Scanner is Bypassed.





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