#12 WEEKLY TECH UPDATES (6-12, November, 2017 )

Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of this week such as PayTM Bhim UPI, Twitter 280, Google Comparison, Huawei Bands, PayPal in India and Odd-Even Rule in Delhi etc. I hope that you would like it.

So Let’s Start

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First of All

  • Google Search Feature


This update comes from Google and here Google is planning to introduce a new feature in Google Search where if you search for a comparison between phones such as iPhone 7 VS iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 VS Pixel XL etc. It means Google directly shows all the specifications side by side in Tabular Form without going to any website. All specifications are compared for two phones.

Hence this feature is yet not public but it will soon come out. So this is an easy step where you don’t have to go to a website because Google shows you the comparison on its Home Page.

  • Huawei Bands in India


This update comes from Huawei and here some Fitness Bands from Huawei comes in India whose names are Band 2, Band 2 Pro and Band Fit. Hence the price of these bands is somewhat expensive which starts from 4,599 Rs and goes to 9,999 Rs.

Now you tell me in comments that you buy this Huawei Fitness Band at this price range or you try for Fitbit Bands. But if your work is done by Mi Budget Bands in 1500-2000 Rs Price Range, then Why you would go for it.

  • PayTM Bhim UPI Support


This update comes from PayTM and now in PayTM a new integration of Bhim UPI comes with PayTM Payments Bank where you can use UPI or Bhim inside PayTM and can transfer money to other users. Also, you don’t need a Debit Card to add money to your PayTM wallet because you can add it directly using Bhim UPI.

This is amazing because, after Demonetisation, we all are becoming too much Digital and this leads to the extreme growth. So Tell me in comments that How much you have gone Digital in your life.

  • Twitter 280


This update comes on Twitter and now you can Tweet for 280 Characters. Previously the limit is 140 characters, but now it increased to 280. Twitter also showed a Graph of How much Tweets for How much Words are used in Different Scenarios.

The main thing is that you can’t edit Tweets, hence you can write more and more in Tweets. So When will the editing feature comes on Twitter, tell me in comments?

  • PayPal in India


This update comes from PayPal where now it can be used for Online Transactions in India.

There are some websites that come in front and slowly its support increases and in India, you can complete payments across different platforms soon.

  • NASA MARS List


This update comes from NASA and here a large number of people worldwide registered for going to Mars and total names are 2.6 Million in which above 1 Lakh users are Indians who registered for going to Mars.

Here all those names will go to Mars Ground, this is announced by NASA. So We Indians don’t lead back in the field of Technology which is a proud feeling for us.

  • Odd-Even Rule in Delhi


This update comes from Delhi and here Odd-Even Rule will be applied from 13 November for 5 Days. Here a promise is done that the Ola and Uber Search will be closed.

This is because of the Health Concern which is going on in Delhi for a large amount of Smog Pollution, that’s Why the Odd-Even Rule will help somewhat in decreasing it.







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