#11 WEEKLY TECH UPDATES (30 October- 04 November, 2017 )

Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of this week such as Whatsapp Delete Feature, Google App Development, Aadhaar Mobile OTP Process, Brain Reading and PayTM Inbox etc. I hope that you would like it.

So Let’s Start

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First of All

  • Google App Development in Bangalore


This update comes from Google and here Google started a 2-Day Small Corporation or a Summit Program in Bangalore where if we talk about App Developments in India, then here Developers are Amazing. Indians have a mind and Worldwide Companies that develop some apps and comes out with new concepts, those are mostly Indians. Hence Bangalore is an IT Hub that’s Why Google comes out with its program, especially for Indians.

So if you are a fond of developing apps and if you are a developer, then show it out on upcoming programs that What amazing you can do? and hence in the field of Technology at least Indians are in the lead.

  • Electric Plane


This update comes from Electric Hybrid Jet and this is a 12 Seater Plane where it can fly for the first time in 2022. Here the Emissions in it are completely low, the range is 700 miles and sound noise is also low in these planes.

So it is an amazing thing, not only in Electric Bikes and Cars but planes can also be a hybrid which comes with low noise, more efficiency, and better performance.

  • Brain Reading


This update comes from an Amazing Algorithm where if we ask a question from some person, and if person reply with an answer, then we can analyze that What movements are going inside the person mind and interpret it to get that the person is right in answering questions or not?

So it means that Suicidal feelings can be seen in advance by us if we talk with some person, then we can check that a person is how much strong from inside and how much a person is inclined to Suicide. It is a good thing and Machine Learning from all sides is helping us a lot.

  • Whatsapp Delete For All


This update comes from Whatsapp and now a ‘Delete For Everyone’ feature comes for all users where you can rectify your mistakes. So What are you waiting for? Update your Whatsapp and you get a Delete For Everyone feature by which you can delete any message you send to someone within 7 minutes. In fact, the photos or videos you send by mistake to someone can also be deleted from the recipient’s phone gallery.

So it is an amazing feature where now you have a chance to delete the wrong message sent to anyone. Hence this feature is not good for Security but good for the Privacy of a person.

  • Pyramid Scans


This update comes from the Pyramids of Giza and a research is running from a large time that What is Inside it, How it is? Do Mapping to See it and different approaches are applied to it. So here by a Latest Scan, it is known that an empty space is available inside the Pyramids which is not connected to any other area.

There is no route available to that empty space because a connection is missing. But inside it, an empty space is confirmed and this is known from a High Tech Scan and a new Mystery comes out for these Pyramids.

  • PayTM Inbox


This update comes from PayTM Inbox and this is a new type of platform that comes from PayTM where now not only you can transfer money but you can also chat with your family and friends like Whatsapp. Here a Message Recall feature is also available and you can share photos, videos and your location and almost every feature of Whatsapp is available in PayTM Inbox.

Hence Whatsapp is also coming with its Payments Service. So both of them will soon compete with each other.

  • Aadhaar Mobile Number Link


This update comes from UIDAI where if I talk about linking of your Aadhaar Card with your Mobile Number. So here UIDAI clearly said that there is no need to go for rush here and there and apply your Fingerprint to link it. Hence you have to wait for 1 December, after that, you can do OTP verification at your home itself.

By this process, your Biometric Data will not go to the operator and linking process becomes easy.





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