#10 WEEKLY TECH UPDATES ( 16-28, OCTOBER, 2017 )

Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of this week such as iPhone 7,777 Rs, Jio Plans, WiFi Hack, Instant Malaria Diagnosis, Xiaomi New Phone and Self Driving Cars in India etc. I hope that you would like it.

So Let’s Start

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First of All

  • iPhone 7 at 7777 Rs Only


This update comes from Airtel and this is an offer for iPhone 7 where you have to give a down payment of 7,777 Rs. After that, you have to take a monthly plan of 2,499 Rs for a period of 2 Years. Then only you get iPhone 7 means it shows the mind of Indians that First of all we have to give 7,777 Rs as Down Payment and take that Disgusting plan of 2,499 Rs for 2 Years. In the plan, you get 30 GB data and unlimited calling.

So I think this is not a good offer to buy iPhone 7 as you can buy it at cheaper rates from Online Stores and take a Jio Plan of 399 Rs for 3 months.

  • Robots Inside Human Body


This update comes from an Amazing Thing and these are for Artificial Intelligent Nano Robots. Here experts said that in upcoming 20 Years, these Nano Robots will be implanted inside Human Body and after going inside our body if some damage is there in a Tissue or Muscle, then they can fix it after going inside our body.

So it is an interesting concept and the upcoming 20 Years are just passed away soon.

  • WiFi Security in Trouble


This update comes from WiFi Security and here most probably, we all are using WPA 2 Security which is the most secure encryption tool where you store your WiFi Password. Here some vulnerabilities come out and now WPA 2 is also not safe. WiFi Networks with this Security can be easily hacked and tracked and any person in the Range of your WiFi can monitor all your activities.

So this is a dangerous thing and Let’s see What comes out and we can find its Fix fastly or Not?

  • Jio New Plans


This update comes from some New Plans of Jio and here some changes are done in existing plans of Jio where in actual, the benefits are decreased. The Price of 399 Rs Plan is changed to 459 Rs which is 84 Days Plan. In 399 Rs Plan, now you get the validity of 70 Days with no change in Benefits. Some other Plans are also changed and if you wanted to see all Plans, then you can go through Jio Website.

So you tell me in comments, that you will move from Jio to some other Network or Not after this Change?

  • Zero MotorCycles 1 Hour Charge


This update comes from Zero Motorcycles and here they tell about a new upgrade in their Motorcycles where now they can charge their Whole Battery in 1 Hour only. so this is an Amazing Concept and here we talk about Electric Cars and Electric Motorcycles, then here Electric Bikes seems to be really amazing.

In terms of my opinion, these Bikes are Good and Eco-Friendly which makes it Pollution Free. Let’s See when this concept will convert into a reality where Just Recharge your Bike in 1 Hour and Go on Long Rides and in fact, its Range is also enough which is nearby 450 Kms.

  • FoldScope For Malaria


This update comes from an Amazing Research and here now we can examine the presence of Malarial Parasites in our Blood directly by Phones. This is the Cheapest Microscope whose name is FoldScope and it is made up of CardBoard and Price is less than 1 Dollar. So if you have a phone and this foldscope, then you can check the presence of Malaria in your Body.

So this is a useful thing in Remote Locations for Instant Diagnosis.

  • LG-Qualcomm For Self Driving Cars


This update comes from LG and Qualcomm. Here they both shook hands with each other and talking about How they make their own Self Driving Cars.  LG and Qualcomm don’t want to be at a side in terms of Self Driving Cars that’s Why they have done a friendship and now they both work together to develop some Self Driving Cars in Research Centres.

Samsung and Apple are also available in this field and now the race of phones will soon convert into Self Driving Field.

  • Wireless Charging Drones


This update comes from Wireless Charging and this is the Wireless Charging for Drones and if we use this concept, then maybe from the landing area we can transfer charging to the batteries wirelessly.

After that, they will charge themselves very fast and always become ready to fly in Standby Mode means it can fly at any time and charge it anytime. This concept gives us permissions to access ready to flash drones.

  • TATA All Electric Bus


This update comes from TATA All Electric Bus and here it test run is done with Assam State Transport Corporation where it was completely successful. This is an amazing thing where this bus is having the capacity to carry 34 passengers. This is the All Electric Bus with Top Speed of 80 Km/h and Transmission is completely Automatic.

So it is a good thing where TATA is a company where after seeing it, we feel proud that it is an Indian Company. They have done great works in research and always comes with amazing products.

  • Self Driving Cars in Delhi


This update comes from Delhi and this is a special thing where now Delhi Government will make some test tracks for implementation of Self Driving Cars in the year 2018 after that maybe we can see Self Driving Cars in India. If it comes in Delhi, then it can come in whole India.

I think the best city for Self Driving Cars is Chandigarh because this is a planned city.

  • Super Capacitor For Smartphones Tech


This update comes from a new type of Super Capacitor Technology and if this comes in Market, then you can charge your phone very fast and you can enjoy double battery capacity in your phone existing battery size.

So it is an amazing thing and let’s see when it will convert into reality.

  • Xiaomi New Phone Series?


This update comes from Xiaomi and here they will be launching a new series in India and it seems to be something similar to Power and Selfie Flash, it shows that Xiaomi can launch a Selfie Centric Phone means now Xiaomi also comes in the field of Oppo and Vivo. Let’s See What Exactly Xiaomi will launch on 2nd November.

You can tell me about your opinions about it in the comments section below.

  • Vodafone 177 and 496 Plans


This update comes from Vodafone and here Vodafone comes with its new plans which are really the interesting plans out of which one is of 496 Rs that gives you daily 1 GB High-Speed Data and Unlimited Calls for 84 days. But here the 177 Rs plan is a good plan that gives you Daily 1 GB Data and Unlimited Calls for 28 Days.

So I think 177 Rs plan is an awesome plan for short-term use, you tell me in comments that What you think about it?





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