Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of this week such as Japan Satellite Network, 40 TB Hard Drives, Electric Cars in Paris, WiFi Breathing and Google Domains Service etc. I hope that you would like it.

So Let’s Start

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First of All

  • WiFi Breathing


    • This update comes from an Amazing Technology.
    • A Complete WiFi will be spread in the form of a Mesh Network can capture a Person’s Breathing.
    • If I talk about Camera’s, then they can check the motion and Heat of our Body, but here with the help of WiFi, you can easily know about the presence of a Person inside a room.
    • Here WiFi rays spread all over the room, strikes the wall and comes back where some algorithm capture the Human Breath.
    • In Future, Thief’s can be captured easily.
  • Google Domains Registrar in India


    • This update comes from Google Domains Registrar Service and this is launched in India.
    • If you want to purchase Domains, then here Big Rock and Go Daddy are already available in India and Google also comes in this field.
    • Its use is easy by which you can build your own website and earn some money.
    • All services are offered by Google. So it is a good thing.
  • Japan Satellite For Self Driving Cars


    • This update comes from Japan and here Japan launched 4th Satellite of its New Satellite Network.
    • This network is used in the positioning of Self Driving Cars, means there is no more dependency on GPS.
    • In India also we have our own Network IRNSS and to say Navico, which is very useful for positioning of our Army.
    • So it is a good thing and here US Monopoly of GPS is decreasing slowly.
  • Dubai Airport Security


    • This update comes from Dubai Airport and here in Future, some Smart Tunnels are applied on Airports.
    • When Passengers pass through that Smart Tunnels, then here a large number of Cameras and Iris Scanners are attached with some different changing Pictures
    • These big pictures are used to perfectly monitor the faces of passengers by Face ID Mechanism.
    • Two Decisions are taken and on the basis of it, you are Welcomed to the City or Securit Experts will come near you and do some investigation.
    • This mechanism helps Humans do not feel odd and Security checks will also be implemented properly.
  • Lunch Delivery Robots


    • This update comes from Delivery Robots and they are coming in almost every field of Human Beings.
    • A report said that they will soon come out in the form of Delivery Robots where they will deliver lunch after going to different places.
    • They are just similar to Mumbai’s DabbaWala where they can reach to all places in Mumbai and deliver Lunch.
  • Electric Cars in Paris


    • This update comes from Paris.
    • In Paris after 2030, in the city, no cars are seen which runs on Petrol and Diesel because all Cars are Electric.
    • But in France, they will continue till 2040, hence in India, the target is still 2030, all Cars will be converted into Electric Cars.
    • So this is a good thing because a Ban is implementing slowly in different parts of World.
  • Buying Petrol Diesel Online


    • This update comes from an Amazing Concept.
    • In India, Government is planning to sell Diesel and Petrol Online.
    • But Online Delivery of such products are not so easy and hence its testing is going on where it was said that delivery is safe.
    • These materials are inflammable, so much in practice, it will go, let’s see when it comes in reality.
    • It will be useful for some villages where there is no petrol pump available.
  • 40 TB Hard Disks


    • This update comes from Western Digital and here in Future, a 40 TB Single Hard Drive can come.
    • These Hard Drives are using Microwave Technology to develop a large 40 TeraBytes Hard Drive.
    • Just Imagine How much you can store on this large Hard Drive.
    • Here Density is 4 TeraBytes per square Inch means in a small area, 4 TB data can be stored.




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