Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of this week such as Smart Tattoo, TV Remote Research, General Motors Truck, Smart Bandage and Amazon Echo etc. I hope that you would like it.

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Let’s Start

First of All

  • Block Chain For Selling Power


This update comes from an Interesting Concept and this is Starting in New York and Denmark where peoples are implementing Solar Panels in their Homes and after that with the help of Block Chains, other nearby people can buy their generated electricity.

So this is an interesting concept, in fact if it comes in India, then it will be amazing where people’s are applying Solar Panels in their homes or at some other Free Spaces and generate electricity to sell it to nearby homes, then it is good concept for our country which fulfils all our requirements by earning money. Hence this concept is available in New York Only.

  • Smart Tattoo For Tech


This update comes from amazing Tattoos. Friends, if you are a fond of Tattoos, then here comes Smart Tattoos where if you apply it on your body, then it changes its colour on the basis of the movements of your body. Here your Oxygen Concentration and Hydrogen Level is checked.

So basically, you don’t have to wear a SmartWatch, just make a Tattoo and after seeing its colour, you will know about the movements of your body. This research comes from Harvard University.

  • TV Remote Research


This update comes from an amazing technology and this is the thing by which you can make anything to work as a TV Remote, it means you are having an object in your hand and if object is not there, then you just have to move your hands and with gestures, you can make your hands work as a TV Remote.

So this is an interesting thing but it will be more interesting if we just think and by our mind thoughts can change the channel on the TV without saying anything. Hence this is done by UK University where if you have a Coffee Mug in your hand, then it becomes your TV Remote.

  • Amazon Echo India


This update comes from Amazon Echo and here in India, 3 variants of Amazon Echo is launched which includes a Big One, a Middle One and a Short Echo Dot and whose prices start from 4,499 Rs and goes to 15,000 Rs.

Hence you can’t buy it normally, these products are invite-based. So this is Crazy due to its cost and they applied and Invite Funda on it too.

  • Flipkart MarQ


This update comes from Flipkart and here Flipkart comes with its new brand named MarQ. Here they will be launching some TVs, AC and Washing Machine under this brand name.

Tell me in comments that you can behave normally with such new brands for TV and AC because we already have Big Established Brands. So this brand of Flipkart, let’s see its performance in Market. I think someone who wants to try new products will buy it.

  • Edible Robots


These are the Robots whom you can eat and there is no problem, they can reach inside your stomach and then comes in their original form where they do different types of works and used in different operations for some patients.

They are crushed by your teeth and after reaching inside your body, they automatically combine and do some specified tasks. In Future, Robots will do deliveries and operation etc. so let’s see when such type of operations will be seen in reality.

  • Surgical Glue Treatment in 60 Seconds


This update comes from an amazing Surgical Glue and this is an amazing Glue which can seal wounds in 60 seconds. Hence these types of Glues are already seen in Hospitals where Stitches are applied to seal your wounds and after that Glue is used but this Glue seal your wounds in just 60 seconds.

So it is a good thing and if I talk about Technology in Health Care Sector, then patients will get benefit from it and it is a good thing for us.

  • Facebook Workplace Chat App


This update comes from Facebook and here Facebook launched its app which is a Chat app for Workplace and this will be available for both Mac and Windows. So if you are using Facebook for your Workplace, then you will get connected to your Mac and Windows.

But our life is packed in this Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter etc. Tell me in comments about increasing involvement of Human Beings in Social Media’s.

  • Smart Bandage


This update comes from an amazing Smart Bandage where now it can perfectly heal wounds and how many doses will be given will be done by this Smart Bandage. It also controls the amount of Drug to be given to a patient.

It will also heal the wounds very fastly. So this is the research which comes from Massachusets Institute of Technology. Hence it is an amazing and a good concept.

  • GM Surus Concept


This update comes from a Truck of General Motors whose name is SURUS and this truck is a concept device wherein Future, it will be helpful in Disaster Management. Hence it is a modular truck whose base is common but its upper part will be changed according to the situation and depends from case to case.

Here the complete power is given by fuel cell and here General Motors Fuel Engine is used. This truck can become Ambulance, Police Truck and Van etc.. So this is the update from General Motors.


Image Credit :- http://www.Google.com





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