Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of this week such as Bill Gates Phone, Heart Passwords, Galaxy X, Fake IMEI, Dubai Flying Train, 3D Selfies, Free Falling Camera and Dubai Martian City etc. I hope that you would like it.

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Let’s Start

First of All

  • Fake IMEI = 3 Years in Jail !!!


The first update comes from IMEI Tampering in India. Now a strict law comes where if an individual person or a person which is not authorized changes his phone IMEI to a fake IMEI, swap IMEI of some another phone etc, then that unauthorized person may get into Jail for 3 Years.

Beyond that, if Companies and Brands will do this IMEI Tampering process when some part of the phone is damaged or replaced, then they are having a legal permission to do this change in IMEI. So it is a good thing that from now, we will become free from fake IMEI numbers.

  • Bill Gates Using Android $$$


This update comes from Bill Gates and here in a recent Interview, they said that they had changed their phone to an Android phone. Before it, they are using Windows phone and now they come on the Android phone. They clearly said that they are not using iPhone and until today, they never used an iPhone.

So here maybe they don’t like iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 and this is the update from the Bill Gates phone and now he is using an Android phone!!

  • Dubai Flying Train 


This update comes from Dubai and here in Dubai, a Flying Taxi System will soon convert into reality because a Test Drive is going on of 18 Fan Flying Taxi which is a Driverless Flight. Hence two persons can sit inside it and Flying time is 30 minutes. Here All source of Backup from Spare Battery to Spare Motor and a Parachute is available in it.

So let’s see when it will Start in Future and if start, then it will become the World’s First City for a Flying Taxi.

  • Heart Passwords !!


This update comes in the form of an Amazing Technology and this is for an upcoming password in the World which is a Heart Password. What a Heart Password? means now your Heart become the password for your phone. In this Technology with the help of Doppler Radar Effect, the size of your heart is measured and used in unlocking your phone.

This is an amazing Technology but if you are in a left or right position, then it will not unlock your phone, you have to be in the straight position to unlock your phone.

  • Robots Walking Naturally


This update comes from our Loving Robots and here we see that in Future, How they come in between us to live together. Here an Algorithm comes out by which Humanoids can easily walk naturally means similar to a person walk where our muscles will easily stretch when we walk.

So here Robots will not walk by 1-2-1-2 steps, they will naturally complete their movement by which they look similar to Humans. Let’s see when this type of Robots will be seen around us in Future.

  • Galaxy X Certified



This update comes from a Folding Samsung Galaxy Smartphone and its name may be Galaxy X. Now, this is certified in its Home Country South Korea and Samsung will soon Launch it Worldwide. Samsung is planning from a long time to come out with something like this in Market.

Maybe at the end of 2017-2018, this will come in Market. So How it is? How it Works?, we will see it in Future. Hence this is a Cool Folding Phone where its screen folds actually and this will soon come out from Samsung.

  • Cocaine From Fingerprints


This update comes from an Amazing Technology and here with the help of Fingerprints of any person, it is known that Cocaine is used or not by that person in its whole life. If any person washes their hands after touching Cocaine and do something to hide it and if in recent past, made any type of contact with Cocaine, then only by checking his Fingerprints, it is possible.

This is amazing device because this is an Instant Rapid Test by which it can be known of a person who is testing on Cocaine will become easy for us to determine. These amazing works are done by our Great Scientists of this world.

  • Hover Bike in Russia


This update comes from a Russian Defence Company and here they are planning to make a Hover Bike. In previous points, I also talked about Dubai Flying Taxi, similar to that is the Hover Bike where 16 different Routers are attached which pick up a person in the air and helps in fighting.

So here Army will use it, Let’s see when these bikes will be seen is practical use.

  • LG OLED Lamps


This update comes from LG OLED Lamps and this is an interesting type lens in which no bulb is seen. This Lamp is a complete OLED panel where you can use it as a light on different temperatures. This Lamp is available is long, square and rectangle shape strips and also you can fold it into any shape you want. Here its life is 30,000-40,000 hours if it runs continuously.

So this is an amazing lamp at least in seen, looks cool and futuristic and its power efficiency is low.

  • 3D Selfie With AI


This update comes in the form of an amazing thing and this is a Technique by which your Standard selfies can be converted to 3D Selfies in a minute with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

So once if you have taken Selfie, then after that it will put your face outside in 3D. An amazing Technique, hence in looking at it seems weird, but in Future, it will be amazing.

  • Apple On Top


This update comes from Apple and here in previous 5 years, 5 times simultaneously Apple is chosen as the most valuable brand. Here in the list Google, Microsoft, Coke, Amazon, Samsung etc are also there.

Tell me What is your Favourite Brand in any type of Category? Tell me in comments.

  • Dubai Martian City


This update comes from Dubai and here Dubai is planning to make a Short Artificial City where they stimulate the complete climate of Mars. People can stay in this Small City before going on Mars. Hence Research for Mars is done through this Small City and Dubai plan is to make this City spread in 1.9 Million Square Feet of Area.

So this is amazing and Tell me your opinions about it and In India, we should have to develop something like this such as a Moon Artificial City etc.

  • Free Falling Camera Robot


This update comes from a Free Falling Camera Robot and this is an amazing Camera type system where it can be used by Sky Divers. Till now, a Camera Man has to jump with Diver to Shoot videos. So now, they will not require to jump with them and don’t need to use heavy cameras, because in this Free Falling Robot System, a Go Pro Camera is attached and it can track Human Faces and can make a perfect focus on them.

In Fact, a parachute is also available in it by which it can land safely on Earth. So this is a Free Falling Camera Robot and you can tell your opinions about it in Comments Section below.




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