Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of this week such as iPhone 8 Offer, Cyber Attacks, Google HTC Deal, Smart GPS Chips, Delivery To Fridge, Mercedes Headlights, Facebook-Whatsapp Integration and Google Zero Touch etc. I hope that you would like it.

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So Let’s Start

First of All

  •  iPhone 8 Offer


The first update comes from Jio and this is for a Combo Deal of Jio and iPhone 8 where if you want to buy a new iPhone 8 or 8+, then here you don’t need to sell your Kidney because if you Pre-Book this phone and do payment with Citi Bank, then it gives you 10,000 Rs Cashback. Also if you book this phone from Jio Store and Jio.com and use it for 1 Year with Jio sim inside it, then if you return it after 1 Year, then you get 70% money back of the full value.

So Technically, you get a chance to use your iPhone at 30 % of its price and this deal is amazing. Don’t Miss it!!

  • Google HTC Deal


This update comes from Google and HTC and here Google bought HTC Mobile Divison for only 1.1 Billion Dollars. This is the HTC R&D Division value which is too low because I know that Nokia bought by Microsoft in 4.3 Billion Dollars, Whatsapp bought by Facebook in 90 Billion Dollars but here HTC R&D Division is sold at a price of 1.1 Billion Dollars only because, in actual, the company value is no more.

We hope that in Future, Google will make some interesting phones.

  • Xiaomi = Qi Charging


This update comes from Xiaomi and here Xiaomi joined Qi Wireless Charging Group. So in Future, you get a Wireless Charging Feature in upcoming Xiaomi Devices hence Samsung, Apple and Lg already available in this field and now Xiaomi will be coming out in this field.

If there is Wireless Charging in your phone, then you actually use it or not? Tell me in comments.

  • Smart GPS Chips


This update comes from a different type of  GPS Chip which is more accurate and now we see that our phone GPS is not accurate and it say in 5 minutes, you reach to this place but in actual the time taken is too much different from that.

In Future phones, we get the support of Super GPS and after that, you can use it perfectly in different apps in different scenarios.

  • Cyber Attacks Worth 4 Billion $


This update comes from Global Losses and this is the amount which we have lost Worldwide during the Cyber Attacks and it comes out to 4 Billion Dollars. This amount is for the first half ( Jan-June) where we get the loss of 4 Billion $ due to Cyber Attacks.

Here Big Companies get big attacks and here Ransomware is a big attack and 4 Billion $ is also a big value.

  • Synthetic Muscle For Power


This update comes from an amazing discovery Synthetic Muscle where it can hold any weight 1000 times greater than its own weight. Soo in Future, you will see it in Robots. Hence this muscle is made up by an amazing 3D Printed Technique and if it will be used in Robots, then they become Super Robots which are more powerful.

But how we can be saved from them if they attack us, we will see it in Future.

  • JioFi Price Update


This update comes from Jio and here JioFi 2 price is decreased to  999 Rs, but this is a limited Time Period Offer and coming this season. So if you are interested in it, then you can buy it from any Jio Store or Online from Jio.com hence Jio Phone is also coming.

So choose between the two devices which one you should prefer? Jio Phone or JioFi, Tell me in comments.

  • TRAI IUC Charges


This update comes from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and here TRAI decreased its IUC Charges from 14 paise to 6 paise per minute and this will be completely zero in 2020. This is the charge which one Telecom operator have to pay to another Telecom Operator if any call goes from his side to other. So a large number of operators are complaining about it but TRAI clearly said that they had taken the right decision and charges will be zero in Future.

In India, 4G and 5G will work perfectly and we all at least don’t face any issue regarding connectivity and speed is good or not? This thing is for sure if we get guaranteed, then our India may get progress.

  • Google Zero Touch Service


This update comes from Google and here this is for Google new service Zero Touch. This is actually the service where you see in corporate, people are using phone apps which specifically comes from different brands, companies, and groups which are working within the group or a company.

These are the services which have to be installed separately on your phone, that’s Why Google comes out with this service which comes pre-installed on your mobile phone before unboxing after that employee can install any service in One Click without any hassle.

  • Facebook App- Whatsapp Shortcut


This update comes from Facebook and here Facebook is planning to integrate Whatsapp shortcut in its App like Instagram Button means Facebook and Whatsapp are now more linked and you can share more content between the two media by this integration.

This news comes in the form of an image leak which shows a screenshot of Facebook App.

  • Delivery To The Fridge


This update comes in the form of an amazing news and here Volmart will now directly deliver Groceries to the Fridge by directly entering the house of Buyers. This service is yet available for some residents of Silicon Valley where if they order something and they are not at home at the time of delivery, then here in lock system, there is an OTP system where the delivery man enters your house and place Groceries in your Fridge.

There are so many smart devices are available at home which ensures that you are totally secured. This is an amazing concept and just Imagine that milk is not available in your Fridge and it will automatically come in your Fridge.

  • Mercedes Car Headlights


This update comes from Mercedes and here they are working on some  Amazing Headlight Techniques where you see on Heads On Display, the live speed, direction, and warnings etc. This all information you see on your Windshield, now you can see it on Road in front of you.

So now your whole concentration is on road, you are running on the road and your speed, the direction is shown on road. This is an amazing concept, let’s see when Mercedes comes out with this feature.






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