Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of this week such as iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone 10, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 India Launch, Super Injection, Xiaomi Fitness Band HRX Edition, Amazon Great Indian Sale, Tesla Semi Electric Truck, Sim Card Link With Aadhaar etc. I hope that you would like it.

Alicia Vandyke

So Let’s Start

First of All

  • iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone 10 Launched


This update comes from iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone 10. All these phones was launched by Apple in its event which was held in Steve Jobs Theater on 12th of September. If I talk about its availability, then some stocks will be available this month and some will become available till next month. Phone specifications are almost similar to iPhone 7 and 7+ but now it comes with the support of Wireless Charging, Fast Charging and 18:9 Aspect Ratio Screen. At least on Paper, iPhone 10 is an Amazing Device with a Unique Bezel Less Display and a Short Cut at the Top.

Let’s see when it comes in Market and How we will use it. So be ready and collect your money because it will be costly in India.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 For 67,900 INR


This update comes from India Launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and here this phone is launched in India by Samsung and its Price is low as compared to its Price in UK which is 69,700 INR. It’s a good thing that Samsung launch its Note 8 in India at a good Price.

So if you are having an interest in buying it, you can buy it.

  • Samsung 7 NM and 11 NM Chips in 2018


This update comes from Samsung and here Samsung is planning to make 7 NM and 11 NM chips in 2018. Samsung may come with this chip in its upcoming Galaxy S9 or in fact the next iPhone, chips are made by Samsung. TSMC is also planning to come with its 7 NM chips.

Let’s see in 2018 where we can see powerful and efficient processors in upcoming phones.

  • Sim Card With Aadhaar


This update comes from the Dead line of Aadhaar Card link with your Sim card. So Friends, if till now you have not gone through the process of Aadhaar link with your Sim Card, then you have to go the nearest retailer and go through the process and take a Aadhaar Card with you to which you have to link your sim card. This process needs a boimetric verification process.

So if you are a Jio user or if you have purchased your sim by doing Biometric verification, then there is no need to go through this process. The deadline of this process is February 2018. Just Go through this process as soon as possible to avoid the big queues next year.

  • Xioami Fitness Band HRX Edition


This update comes from Xiaomi India and here Xioami launched its new Fitness Band in India in collaboration with HRX at a price of Rs 1299. This band comes with a improved pedometer as compared to Mi Band 2 but this band does not include Heart Rate Sensor due to its competitive price. Hence this band will give 23 days of battery backup, 3 days more than Mi Band 2.

So if you want to buy a budget Fitness Band, then go for it. I am using Mi Band 2 and it is a good device which is very helpful for me.

  • Tesla Semi Electric Truck


This update comes from Tesla and here Tesla unveil its Semi Electric Truck on 26th October. This will be a big moment because Tesla is planning from a long time for its Semi Electric Truck. Let’s see How it performs in Market.

  • Amazon Great Indian Sale


This update comes from Amazon Great Indian Sale and here a large number of Different offers and Discounts will be given. Flipkart is also coming with its Big Billion Days. Something new every month will come and it is a good thing for us.

Here Prime Members will get early access to this sale and amazing offers. So What you will Shop. Tell me in Comments.

  • Super Injection


This update comes from Super Injection and here some Scientists of MIT developed an injection where in Future, all types of Injection for all types of prevention which is given to Infants will be replaced by a Single Super Injection and it will be pinched inside Infants body for a single time.

After that there is no issue of Injections and by this a proper amount of dosage and amount can be given to a Kids.






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