Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of this week such as Galaxy Note 8 India, iPhone 8 Event, Water Battery, Satya Nadella Book, Hyper Loop India, Samsung Patent, World War III, IBM Artificial Intelligence, JBL Google Assistant Speakers, China Flying Train and Walking Fridge etc. I hope that you would like it.

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So Let’s Start

  • Galaxy Note 8 India


The first update comes from India Launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Here Samsung had finally confirmed the dates and sent invites to Press that the Launch will be held on 12th September 2017 means on 12th Morning, Note 8 will come and Evening comes with iPhone 8.

Let’s see How both the phones will beat in the Indian Market. What you think which one will beat more? iPhone 8 or Note 8. Tell your opinions about it below in comment box.

  • Hyper Loop India: The Future


This update comes from Hyper Loop India. Here Hyper Loop is a Long Tube which can be used for fast rides between two places. This Hyper Loop for first time in India Setup between Vijaywada and Amravati in Andhra Pradesh. It can travel a distance of 27 miles in 6 minutes. Andhra Pradesh Government signed an MOU with Hyper Loop that means the concept is real and may be you get the support of Hyper Loop between Vijaywada and Amravati in Future.

So Friends, Are you feared from it or not and If first test runs, then you want to become a part of it or not. Tell me in Comments.

  • Samsung Display Patent


This update comes from a patent of Samsung where Samsung finally get a patent for that phone designs where a cut out is given for Selfie Camera in the middle. Now you are thinking that Essential Phone is also giving a similar design but Samsung applied for this patent in the month of May in 2016 means a planning is going on by Samsung from a long time and may be it can be seen in Samsung Galaxy S9.

So What you think about it ?Tell me in Comments.

  • Camera To See Inside


This update comes from an amazing Camera Technology where Researchers can see inside their bodies by an Outer Camera. This is not an X-Ray System, here the light inside the body can be seen from outside. To make a light inside, an Endoscope is used.

So it is an interesting device which can see through a 20 mm tissue layer. In Future, we can do surgeries in a better way and our health remains good.

  • AI World War III


This update comes from Elon Musk and here Elon Musk agreed with Russian President ‘Vladimir Putin’ saying that, they think that World War III have a big role of Artificial Intelligence because in Future, AI is developing at a large scale.

So just assume that if we don’t control the growth of AI, then one day comes when it goes out of control and rule over this world.

  • Cancer Detection From Eye Scan


This update comes from an Amazing Technology where in Future, Doctors can detect Cancer in patients in advance by scanning their eyes. Hence a work is running on it and accuracy is increasing day by day.

In Future, all our body parameters will be judged by AI such as your basic fitness band can detect your diseases in advance so that it can be cured on time. It is a good thing and in Future, we can maintain our health more properly.

  • IBM AI To Work Like Human Brains


This update comes from IBM and here IBM is teaching Artificial Intelligence to think and work like a Human Brain means when we have time, we recall things and focus on something. So IBM want that AI should work like Human Brain.

Hence I only suggest IBM to develop AI on small scale because if they work faster than Human Brain, then we have a big problem in Future.

  • From Nike To Tesla


This update comes in the form of an amazing news and this comes from Nike and Tesla where you know about Nike Self Lacing Shoes where it can tight the laces automatically. So here a girl from the Engineer Team who developed this concept now joined Tesla and leaved Nike.

I think that now she will make a Seat Belt for Tesla Cars which can tight up automatically from your body.

  • Walking Fridge


This update comes from Panasonic and this is an amazing concept where basically to access all the Kitchen Items, we have to go to Kitchen, Open the Fridge and take out some food and eat it. But this is amazing if the Fridge itself comes to your room by walking.

Panasonic said that something like this would come where you just have to call the Fridge and it comes in front of you. Let’s see when this type of Fridge will convert into reality and come in Market.

  • JBL Google Assistant Speakers


This update comes from JBL and here JBL comes out with some amazing Earphones and Speakers where you get the support of Google Assistant. Yesterday, this is done by Sony, Today it is done by JBL. So Google wanted to spread its feature in market hence options are in large amount such as Amazon Echo, Alexa, Apple Siri etc.

In Future, it will be good if Samsung adopt Google Assistant and leave its Sticky Bixby Assistant.

  • iPhone 8 Event


This update comes from Apple and here Official Letter of its upcoming iPhone Event is out where the event is confirmed on 12th September in Steve Jobs Theater, Cupertino. Here one report said that there are three iPhone which are iPhone 8, 8+ and iPhone SE  and the other said that there is iPhone 7S, 7S+ and iPhone 8.

Hence name can be anything but it is confirmed that at least there are three iPhone. Let’s See What interesting Apple do in its event on 12th September.

  • China Flying Train


This update comes from China and here China is planning to do something amazing and they are planning for some Flying Train which will basically not fly in Air but it will run in a Loop. Here speed may be up to 4000 KM per hour hence believing on Chinese items may be not right because no concept comes out in the whole world where the maximum speed on Earth crosses 1200 KM per hour which is done by Hyper Loop.

You just imagine that at the speed of 4000 Km per hour, What changes will be seen inside our Body?

  • Water Battery


This update comes from an Amazing Technology where you can see Water Based Batteries in Future which have no chance to blast and these batteries you will see in our Smartphones and Laptops. Now the problem is its low capacity and its big size but here these Water Based Gel Batteries are a revolution after Note 7 Blast.

Hence I am not doing fun, but it is a serious thing and if batteries will be safe , then we can use our devices safely which can be either a Laptop or a Smartphone. We get Mind Peace, Nature Peace and Phone Peace!!!

  • Satya Nadella Book


This update comes from Satya Nadella and here Satya Nadella book whose name is Hit Refresh will come in market on 26th September which tells his whole journey of life that How they started ?  How they become the CEO of Microsoft ? So may be this book will inspire a lot of people in this world.

You just tell me in comments, that from Whom you are inspired the most ? Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Satya Nadella and Sunder Pichai etc. Which person comes in your mind that Yes, this person rides an amazing journey.

  • Mini Cooper Car


This update comes from a Car whose name is Mini Cooper. Friends, you all know that Mini Cooper is a side company of BMW and they both comes in same group. Here you just remind that Mini Cooper Old Model is used by a famous comedian Mr. Bean but now an electric version of this car comes out in the form if concept which will be a complete fully functional electric car.

In Future, BMW use all electric cars in their Line Up after 2019-2020. This car is a compact, good, popular and an iconic car so if it comes wit an electric feature, then it will be an interesting thing.

  • NASA Indian Space Objects

NASA's Dawn spacecraft heads toward the dwarf planet Ceres

This update comes from NASA and here NASA Said that there are nearly 200 Satellite objects in Space which are from India and are revolving in Space. Here it includes Functional Satellites, Non Functional Satellites and Debris Satellites.

One report said that in Station Orbits, the Debris are counted as 192 whose size is greater or equal to 1 meter, and in lower orbit, object size is bigger or equal to 10 cm.



3 thoughts on “#4 WEEKLY TECH UPDATES ( 1-9, SEPTEMBER, 2017 )”

  1. The iPhones launched this will likely be called as iPhone 8 and 8 plus instead of 7S and 7S plus respectively. And the flagship model might be called as the iPhone edition or iPhone X.

    The hyper loop is a great concept. It’s gonna play a vital role in transportation in India especially considering the traffic we have here.

    The design and the battery of the Samsung S8 out beats the Samsung note 8. If I were to buy the Samsung, I’d go for the S8 rather than Note 8.

    Im skeptical about the Samsung display patent. Since the essential phone also uses the OLED display just like the S8, it’s possible to remove each pixels from the display and create a display with any kind of cut outs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Vinay for coming by!!
      As per the iPhones, it is yet not confirmed I just tell the rumoured updates in it and you are right it may be 8, 8+ and X.
      A great work done by Elon Musk as a Hyperloop.
      The battery of Note 8 is less than S8 but it is for the users who want to use S-Pen functionality which is a fondful feature of users. Battery is decreased to avoid the incidents which was done in Note 7.
      Samsung always do something interesting with its Display!!

      Liked by 1 person

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