Smartphones of the Future – Display, Design, Battery and Power!!!

Friends, Smartphones are the products which we all use in our daily life and waiting for its new models to come in market. Samsung had launched Note 8, Apple will soon comes out with its iPhone 8 and over this excitement remains same after 4 to 5 years in future that’s why now we require that Amazing Technologies which do something new for us.

Today stay with me in this post, I will talk about that Technologies which will come for sure in your Future Smartphones.

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So Let’s Start

Friends, if you see that we have done improvements in every department but here nothing amazing is done by which no words just comes from our mouth because here we done a growth step by step hence it is of Display, Battery and Camera. But in future something amazing will going to be happen because here a large number of patents comes in front of us that is really amazing and hence a work is running on a large number of concepts so it means in Future, that devices will come by which we get a shock that Wow!!! its really amazing.

Here If I talk about phones in different regions such as Camera, Display, Design, Processor and finally Battery. How, Where and What improvements will be done in Future.




First of all if I talk about Camera. So here we used a Rear Camera which is a VGA Camera and after that comes Front Camera, then Rear Dual Cameras and after Front Dual Cameras and now these things slowly slowly are going common in Budget Oriented Smartphones. In future you see phones between 10,000 to 15,000 price range, we can see Dual Cameras which can be for Zoom, Wide Angle and for Portrait Shots. These things will soon comes in Budget Smartphones but if I talk about Flagship Smartphones, the most common thing will be a 360 Degree Camera where without any accessory with your phone, you can click 360 degree photos and here this concept is ready.



Beyond that here Cameras will do something amazing because you see a CAT camera, where you get a thermal mode, then these things will soon come in Smartphones.


Here if we talk about Infrared Camera, you measure a range of some product and work on Augmented Reality, Front Camera reading your face perfectly. So things are in development in Flagship Phones.



Now I will talk about Phone’s Design. First of all in terms of Design, the thing comes out is a Bezel Less Design. This will become common at a large amount and you can see it in upcoming iPhone 8 hence Samsung already showed it in its Infinity Display, Mi is also working on its Mi Mix 2 and these things will soon become common in budget phones where in 10,000-12,000 Rs phones, you get designs that will be almost Bezel Less.


After 2 years, if we saw a Big Bezel phone, then we say its too old because we become used to that technology. Beyond that If I talk about 18:9 Aspect Ratio, that will also become common in all Smartphones and we can also grow towards Transparent Phones and obviously these are not the Budget Phones they are costly but here we can take a step forward.




Now, I will talk about Phone’s Battery. Here we are increasing the capacity and increased it too much and not only that charging speeds are also increased if I talk about One Plus Dash Charger but till now there is a limitation in batteries because after some time we have to charge it. But if I talk about True Wireless Charging where we can charge our Phone’s Battery through WiFi and Radio Waves.


Here the need of Big Batteries will be decreased because you are charging your phone 24*7. Batteries are becoming thin day by day and it takes a shape and may be it can fit at the bottom of your phone and all the left body is Transparent. So these things will soon comes out where with True Wireless Charging, you entered the room of your house, then phone itself starts charging wireless in Future.



If I talk about Phone Processor, here we done really amazing in last 5 years and you just remind What is there 3-4 years back and now your phone becomes so much powerful and this will grow more in Future where If I talk about High-End Processors and Amazing Chips, here your phone becomes that much capable where may be you don’t carry your extra Laptop and assume that you connect your phone in Dock and use your monitor as a Laptop.


In Samsung, you already got this feature where you are given with a Deck Station. In Future, you can use Computer with your phone’s power and this will become real in upcoming 2-4 years and then you don’t need to carry Laptop with you because your all work will be done by your phone only. One more thing is Chip Size becomes so much smaller if we talk about 1 TB Storage or 16-32 GB RAM phone, these things for sure will come in Future.



If I talk about Phone’s Display, then here Motorola already filed a patent that if their phone’s screen breaks, then it can automatically repair it instantly and just assume that your phone’s screen will not break and it will become unbreakable. So here we get sure that our phone’s display is strong, this for sure will come and may be your phone not becomes your phone, it becomes a part of your body or some Wearable Band where a projection screen will comes out and the concepts are in large amount which will come out in upcoming years.


In Future, if I talk about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning where you are just speaking and all work is done whether you are speaking in Hindi or in Marathi. These things will definitely comes out where we don’t need to press the button or touch the button and just speak and your tasks are automatically done because your phone knows that What you do this time.

In every field, we are doing improvements whether it comes in Design, Battery, Processor, Camera and Display of your phone.

You Tell me in comments that in which field, you want improvement and if you have to add a feature in your phone, then What is that in between all features, that I just tell you inside this post.



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