#3 WEEKLY TECH UPDATES ( 21-31, AUGUST, 2017 )

Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of this week such as Google Headphones, Pizza Delivery by a Driverless Car, AI Based Dustbins, CNT Yarn Electricity, Power from Sweat, Facebook 360 Degree Camera, SpaceX Spacesuit and Google Depression etc. I hope that you would like it.

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So Let’s Start



This update comes from an interesting thing and here some UK Scientists developed the world’s smallest Robotic Surgical Arm. The arm is of low cost and it can do enough surgeries which are of invasion nature such as to do something in your nose, ear, and neck. In fact, it can operate Harnia with a high precision.

Now Robots will do operations, so it is a good thing because they can do proper surgery in a controlled way. These things today or tomorrow will definitely come out with a big scale of production in the health sector.



This update comes from an amazing technology and it is a way of smart label which can tell you that if you talk about some food or cosmetic item etc, then it is expired or not, means it is similar to pizza box where its label colour becomes red or changed, then you get the delivery when it is hot or cold.

Then it knows that food items are expired or not, it checks the quality, it is directly known by its label. So it is an interesting thing.



This update comes from Google and here Google may try to develop some headphones where you get the support of Google Assistant means just imagine how amazing it is. It works standalone or with some phone, we don’t know but here Google is definitely planning to do something really interesting.



This update comes from Android 8.0 which we say Oreo and its name is confirmed as Android Oreo. The system images of this Android comes out and soon you will start receiving OTA updates of Android Oreo in your Pixel or Nexus phones. In future, when all brands give this update, let’ see but we have to wait for it.

  • SpaceX Spacesuit


This update comes from SpaceX and here Elon Musk posted a photo on Instagram where it shows a space suit and said that it is a not a mock up but it is the actual suit which was tested in a double vacuum. This is the suit by which we and you if get a chance to go to the moon, then we can wear it but this suit is for normal astronauts and they can go to solar system. So let’s see when we take a step forward on the surface of MARS and how SpaceX will take people on Solar System.



This update comes from an interesting thing and in future, if we and you wear some wearable devices, then they get the power from our body sweat and after that, it does their work. So this is a device which can convert your sweat into consumable power which you can use as an electric consumption. In future, these wearable devices will soon come and in India, it is too much hot, that it is a good thing, we can get something from our sweat.

How much efficient, it is we don’t know. It is the first study but it is done many years ago. So let’s see when it comes in Market and convert into reality.



This update is from Google and if someone is living in US search the term depression on Google then here they get more details that what are the symptoms of depression how you can overcome it here it is a type of questionnaires by which it knows that you are the victim of depression or not.

So it is a good thing today in this running world and depression is common now which is developed in Today Youngsters and it comes worldwide than some happiness is seen in this world. So Friends, are you a victim of depression and I hope that nobody is there and we are happy.



This update comes from the Facebook camera with the help of which you can click photos in 360 degrees and after that, you can apply it on your cover photo and you can do this with your Google camera also but FB enables this feature in its app.

So stand and round and round and capture 360-degree photos.



This update is from CNT and this is for an amazing Yarn or thread and if you stretch it, then it generates electricity. So in future where we can use it just imagine it that you have a t-shirt and you have worn it and it is a tight T shirt and if it generates electricity then it is a good thing.

Think that you made a carpet and carpet is on sea layers and its water goes up and down, then here we can generate electricity in large amount. But problem is to make CNT on a large scale is too difficult.



This update is from the dustbins and if I talk about recycle bin where with the help of AI, it is known that what you put in the dustbin and it is recyclable or not that’s why it can be properly filtered and it itself knows that it will be used or it will be drawn outside but these things will come on the Dustbins so that you don’t confuse that in which dustbin you have to put garbage and machine knows that it is recyclable or not.

  • MIT Drone management


This update is from MIT and researchers are planning that in future, in Big warehouses, inventory management will be done by drones and they can do it properly and they are also compatible with the existing method of RFID. They know that how much to stock is available by flying here and there,  up and down monitoring it.

So here humans need is decreased and work becomes easy. So drones are coming in every field where space is there, they just enter there.

  • Pizza Delivery in Driverless Car


This update comes from Michigan, the US where now if you order Domino’s pizza, then delivery is done by self-driving Cars. pizza in on the car and no driver are in the car and it comes at your home, then you have to enter Pin, Pattern, Password and Order ID, you can authenticate by all the above methods.

The car mirror goes down, so just pick up your pizza and enjoy it. interesting concept but if somebody knows your order ID, then they can eat your Pizza.

  • Tree Leaves For Electronics


This update is from an amazing research and here in China, some scientists plan to use the tree leaves and after that, it can be used after making it dry super capacitors or batteries. The tree is of Phoenix and its leaves are dried and after a long process is done, so this becomes a highly porous material, by which it can be used in batteries.

You remind a previous myth that you can charge your phone’s battery by Peepal leaves. So let’s see the real leave is now used in batteries.



This update is from Logitech Craft Keyboard and here this keyboard is launched by Logitech where at corner, you get a dial by which you can do a large amount of artistic work if you are a creator.

So here if you have to use the paint brush, then you can change its size by this dial and also can select or deselect things you required. So it is a futuristic keyboard.



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