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Friends, you all in your school or college while studying, studied that materials are of three different varieties such as conductors, insulators and semiconductors. But you know that plastic is a conductor. Today stay with me in this post, I will tell you about it.


So let’s Start

Friends, if I ask you all suddenly at a moment about common examples that What is a conductor ? then you say all metals and If I ask you What is an insulator ? then you say rubbers or plastics and If I ask about semiconductors, then you say for example silicon but here till now, we assumed plastic as an insulator and assume it as a bad conductor of electricity, that’s Why all the insulator you see all around wires or if you do some work of electricity, then you wear plastic or rubber gloves.


But you know in this big world, one more thing is there and may be you don’t know that this is conductive plastics means that materials which are plastics but these are of conductive nature. With the help of this material in today’s date, we are using it and in future, this may comes out with a big revolution in the world of electronics.


Friends, here this thing is not of today, too many years ago , an accidental discovery is happened by which it is known that some materials which are plastics but they have some properties by which they can transfer their electrons forward. In Today’s date, in industries a commonly used material which we say PEDOT and it is also used in your smartphones and computers and you may have no idea of it. Now you are thinking that conductive plastics What is the big thing behind it because we have metals which can behave as a good conductor and semiconductors are also there which we can easily control as per our requirements.


What is the role of Conductive Plastics. Here Role of Conductive Plastics is in flexible electronics and we have a metal which is not flexible. In future, If I talk about Televisions which you can easily roll like a mat. That displays which are flexible, the electronics which are completely flexible. So just imagine that the next phone, you can fold it how much you want to fold.


So Friends, here we want that conductive plastics, with the help of which we can design our components. Not only smartphones If I give you common example of Printable Electronics means that electronic circuits which you can modify by hacking printers and in future, you get specialized printers by which you can print circuits on these conductive plastics which are flexible and all the T-shirt you just wore is completely made up of electronic circuits and are flexible.

Arizona State University


We are using here different types of conductive plastics and here one more big example  of solar panels that you see are too much expensive and heavy because they are made up of silicon but if we made it by those conductive plastics, we can print it on sheets and after that on any surface, you can make solar panel on light sheets and can made a solar panel of these materials which are cheap and light in weight.


If from today onward, if someone asks you that plastic is a conductor or insulator, If there are two options, then you have to tick insulator only but here if you can define, then you can tell that it depends that conductive plastics are also there in this world.

Here too many research is done that how a insulator like plastics and polymers can behave as a conductor and one such research is done where plastics such as polymers can become conductors where if you do some change in their bonds and if you create some deficiency of electrons, then electrons can transfer and you see conduction.

I hope that you liked it and in future where you want to use it and if you want a flexible phone or any suggestions, don’t forgot to put it in the comment box below.









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