Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Facebook AI Problem, Amazon India Sale, Google Apps Made For India, Apple Car, Snap Deal is Independent and Drugs Sensor etc. I hope that you would like it.

Alicia Vandyke

So First of All

  • Flipkart Billion


The first update is from Flipkart and this is for a new brand of Flipkart named Billion where Flipkart comes with a large range of products and these all are made in India. So it is a good thing and here some backpacks, mixer grinders ans some cooking products etc are included in it.

In future, it seems that may be after 2,4,6 years, if a truly genuine made in India phones become available by a brand, then it is a good thing and may be Micromax will achieve it someday.

  • Indian Smartphone Without Data


This update is from mobile phones used by peoples in India. A survey is done where the company True Balance tells that in Whole India, nearly 56% users are there who lose access to Internet in Day Time and tell me if you in a day, for how much time, stay away from Internet because of network issues, signal issues etc.

Here nearly 11% of the people are there which mostly stay away from Internet and I Salaam those 11% peoples because I will not stay away for an hour only hence it is must for me to stay away from Internet when I am in my college. So you tell me in comments, that for how much time, you can stay away from Internet.

  • Snapdeal is Independent


This update is from Snapdeal and here Snapdeal is now Independent from Flipkart because they reject all offers of Flipkart and said that they are Independent. Now Snapdeal 2.0 will comes out because the company’s whole thinking is now to be changed.

Company’s CEO Kunal Behal wrote a letter to all its employees and said that we are not in loss, we are in profit and in future, we make our fame again by becoming united to work. Snapdeal may do some Dhamaka!! very soon.

  • Facebook AI Problem


This update is from Facebook and Facebook takes a step backward from Artificial Intelligence because here Facebook see that the robots that they are developing just communicating with each other in their own language which is not understandable by humans means they developed their own language. So it is a dangerous thing and in future, machines if become powerful than humans, the humans that made it they overtake them, then the whole world goes in danger.

So Facebook closed this program hence in future, after 10-20 years, this problem will surely arises where singularity comes and humans are justified as short in from of the machines. So What you think about it, tell me in comments.

  • Amazon India Sale


This update is from Amazon and a sale is coming from Amazon which is Amazon Great Indian Sale. Here some discounts are given on Apple and OnePlus Products. If you use Amazon Pay Balance while shopping, then some more discounts are given to you in the form of cashback.

So be ready to do shopping and it starts from 9th August and runs till 12th August.

  • Apple Car


This update is from Apple and here Mr Tim Cook said that they already done a heavy investment in the Automobiles world. Here Apple Car, Bike and Airplane  can comes out, we don’t know but Apple definitely doing something amazing in this field.

So if Apple Car comes, then just think of its price and with it, how much dongles you have to connect to charge it. But the future of Apple will surely be seen on Roads.

  • Google Apps Made For India


This update is from Google and now on Play store, you saw a different category in India if you use play store where there are some apps which are specifically developed and made for India. In India, for some users, these apps are suitable for their needs and its design is specifically developed for India. Google said that a special batch or category is given to it for some startup that can develop some regional apps after they are given this batch.

Google also said that India spend on Play store 3 times better than previous year and people is also purchasing apps from Play store and if this is made in India, then it is a good thing.

  • Sensor For Drugs and Explosives


This update is for an amazing optical sensor developed by some scientists. Here this sensor can detect very small traces of drugs and explosives means small traces can be detected with a large amount of accuracy.

So if you are using a bag in which drugs are present sometime ago and if you use it, then now this sensor is used at airports to scan the presence of terrorism and drugs etc.

  • HP VR Backpack


This update is for an amazing Backpack in which at back a proper computer is attached with the help of it, you can enjoy Virtual and Augmented Reality. This Backpack comes from HP and here if you required a training , then you can wear it and after apply this AR headset, you can enjoy it in VR and AR.

Just imagine that you can use this type of computer if you have to play games and after you can dock it to make it as an original table computer.

  • Facebook Video Calling Device


The last update is from Facebook and here Facebook is developing an amazing device which is specifically used for Facebook Video Calling. It is a tablet or a computer, you settle it in your home and you sits in front of it and do video calling.

So tell me in comments, that how much you use video calls on Facebook messenger.  I think may be the device is a smart speaker and you can talk with it and use it.




13 thoughts on “TECHNOLOGY NEWS 1,2-AUGUST-2017”

  1. Funny you asked about our internet use on our cells… blows me away how we all freak out if we can’t connect! My sisters grandkids can’t envision driving by way of actual maps vs gps! I love gps! But seems we may all be, my self included, super dependent on the Internet!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah this situation is with us all human beings that we are so addicted to Internet that we can’t leave it now!!! Which app for Maps you use because I use Google Maps but my experience with it is very bad!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Elon Musk had warned Mark Zuckerberg on possible outcomes of AI, but Mark on Live video session called people like Elon naysayers , Now when things were getting out of hand Mark must have been realised how AI can be turned in a threat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No it is not a hoax because I think the big news website articles are not wrong!!! So Vinay just go and cross check out the hoax that you see!!!!! This news also comes in newspapers!!!!


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