5 Top Free Smartphone Photo Editing Apps!!!

Friends, whether you are a Pro-Photographer or an Amateur Histographer, you know just how important good photos app up, So here I rounded up 5 favorite smartphone apps that will help your pictures stand out.

Today in this post I will tell you about these top 5 apps for your incredible photography.


So Let’s Get Started

  • Pics Art


First in my list is Pics Art App which is a seriously amazing app to take your pictures to the next level. You can add images to an existing image, add stickers, text, lens blur, cool effects and even call outs. You can also share your images on Instagram like platform and join a bunch of different challenges. The fun in this app is seriously amazing.

Here are some samples from this app :-




  • Fyuse


Fyuse is a really cool app that let’s you capture 3D pictures in real time which you can view by simply tilting in your phone. All you have to do is press record and follow the object. You can also edit these images, add filters and text. Its a great way to make your moments comes alive.

Here are some samples from this app :-



  • Lumio Cam


The next app in my list is Lumio Cam which turns your camera into a pro camera. It let’s you change the picture resolution, white balance and exposure among a bunch of whether things. You can also shoot it raw and record videos in 4K. It also come with few basic filters should you choose to use them.

Here are some samples from this app :-




  • Whitagram

Femme Fatale

Whitagram is a simple photo resizing app that let’s you add borders in your images. You can change the size of image through a handy slider and also change the color of borders. It has a basic editor built in that comes with its own filters and also a main creator. I love the minimistic feel of this app perfect to add a professional touch to your images.

Here are some samples from this app :-



  • Cymera


Last but not the least is Cymera which is also called a beauty camera. You can tweak hair and make up the person in the photo to appear slimmer. It comes with a whole host of filters and you can also make a meam out of your picture just like need it.

Here are some samples from this app :-




So guys, that is my list of 5 cool apps that I think will help you up your picture game. Let me know, what you think in the comment section below.

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