Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Mozilla AI, Unlimited Google Photos, Apple AR Glasses, Anti Rape Sensor, Apple 2 Billion Dollars, Tesla Model 3 on Roads, Amazon Cashback and YouTube Fake etc. I hope that you would like it.

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So First of All

  • Mozilla AI Voice Recognition


The first update is Mozilla and Mozilla is developing some voice recognition system with the help of crowd sourcing. Here they try to implement that How in the best possible way, the voices of humans are recognized and companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Google are also working on this technology.

So in future, we have to see that How Robots can easily recognize our voice hence Mozilla is trying its best to develop such a system of its own.

  • Go Pro Quick Stories


This update is from Go Pro and here they launched its Quick Stories where you directly through an app which you can install it on your iPhone and Android, after that you can combine your photos and make a video of it and quickly share your memories in the form of video.

So if you have any camera of Go Pro. then now you can use it and develop quick stories from it.

  • Google Photos Without Any Limits


This update is from Google Photos and here the limit of 2000 photos in albums is now removed because one user added 3300 photos and no issue is noticed. So if you not started using Google Photos app, then start using it because it is an amazing solution for photo shooters.

If you have to save your photos in cloud with out any limit and how many photos you want can upload it and they are always available on cloud.

  • Apple AR Glasses


This update is from Apple’s Amazing patent where you see that Apple is planning for some glasses which will be based on AR. Also here you get an option on iPhone where you can directly save things through phone.

So if Apple come with such a glasses, then just think of its price otherwise patent will come and goes.

  • Anti Rape Sensor


This update is from MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) and here an Indian Scientist developed an amazing sensor which helps in preventing rape where you can attach it in your clothes. It automatically knows that the clothes are removed by person itself or removed forcefully and after that, it notifies a distance alert which goes to nearest stations. they get calls from person and its location can easily be tracked.

So it is an amazing sensor and hope that in future, it will reach to masses but if we will not think of this sensor and think of changing the minds of people, then it is a good thing.

  • Apple Paid 2 Billion $ to Nokia


This update is for an amazing news and Apple paid 2 Billion $ to Nokia. Here Nokia filed a law suit previous year and now Apple to settle it paid 2 Billion $ to Nokia which is a very large amount.

Hence Apple do it in some rare cases that they pay such a large amount of money but here Nokia filed a law suit for infringing their patents, that’s why Apple paid this large amount to Nokia.

  • Income Tax Via Instagram


This update is for an amazing news. If you post things on Instagram and Facebook, so now government keeps an eye on it that Tax Officers can now knock on your door any time and ask about that this bike photo you posted on Instagram, from where you bought it and how much price and you pay tax for it or not. They are monitoring that what you are posting such as new clothes, products, mobile phones and cars, houses etc.

Government now keep a full eye on your social media and now India’s Income tax department may reach to your house through your Instagram feed.

  • YouTube Fake News Training


This update is from YouTube and YouTube here trying to  give some training  to nearly 500 kids that how they can be saved from fake news on YouTube because you see how much videos on YouTube are fake.

So how to save from them and here a training is given to 500 kids and in future, this program will be increased and in India, you see Trending page, half of the videos are totally fake.

  • Earable Device For Health


This update is from Ear-able Device and this Ear-able device if you wear it on your ear. then here some sensors are attached with it by which it can monitor your main body vitals, from your heart rate and Blood Pressure, all parts can be monitored from it and you can link it to your mobile phone and directly see your body movement with this Ear-able device.

So it is an interesting concept and in future, technology will come properly in health sector where with the help of it, you can improve your health properly.

  • Tesla Model 3 Finally on Roads!!!


This update is from Tesla Model 3 and finally it was unveiled after doing some changes in it. Now for the first time, it reaches to some persons and will soon reach to all the persons. Here an interesting thing is that its key is your phone only. No other key comes with it and simply your phone works with it because here some digital signals enters into car and it automatically lock and unlock the car.

So if your phone lost somewhere, then you are not able to enter in car if you have Tesla Model 3.

  • Return Cashback


The last update is from Amazon India and here if you use Amazon Pay Wallet and do some shopping on Amazon India and after return that product, then you get extra 10% cashback means you bought a 1000 Rs item and you return it and get 1100 Rs in your Amazon Pay Wallet.

So it is a good thing and just buy an item, return it and earn money from it Haha!!


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    1. Yeah it is and I just hope that it will reach to masses soon. An interesting concept I really appreciate that Indian girl who discovered it in MIT. Hats off to that girl!!! Thanks for taking interest in tech side.

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