Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Android Octopus, Musk To Zuckerberg, Floating Wind Farm, 4D Camera For Robots and Cars, Apple in Trouble, Xiaomi Smart Speaker and Microsoft Kaizala App etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

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  • Android O = Android Octopus


The First update is from Android O and its name is Oreo and Oatmeal Cookie, we don’t know but here comes its developer preview 4 where you see an octopus. So that’s Why Android O can be Android Octopus or not, we don’t know and also don’t know about any desert on the name of Octopus.

I think Oatmeal Cookie is satisfied but who like this Octopus. Tell me in comments, if you are waiting for Android O, If Yes, then you think that in your existing phone, you get this update.

  • Lenovo K7 Note


This update is from Lenovo and this is for the Lenovo K7 Note. Here this phone will be soon launched and a teaser comes out where we see #KillerNote tag. So how much Killer is the phone and also when it comes and with which processor and I think it may be Snapdragon 630 or 660 and may be MediaTek Helio P25 etc.

See What Exactly the Lenovo is planning for this phone ?

  • Musk To Zuckerberg


This update is for a controversial thing and Elon Musk said that the understanding of Mark Zuckerberg in the field of AI is limited means both two are doing amazing in the field of AI and both are planning for something amazing in future.

You know that Elon Musk is planning to do big with its cars such as Tesla etc. and if he said that Facebook AI is limited, then think of the future of Facebook and the future of Tesla and How all things work ?

  • No Driverless Cars in India


This update is a shocking update which comes from our Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari. They said that Driver less Cars are not allowed in India because Jobs will be finished after these cars and drivers becomes Jobless. So this statement somewhat I think is not right means its not that, all cars become driver less and drivers are also available.

But Self Driving Cars are not allowed in India is not correct and we have to take a step forward towards future. So may be in future, they change their statement and may be electric cars can come but Self Driving Cars should also come in India.

  • Floating Wind Farm in Scotland 


This update is from World’s Largest Floating Wind Farm which will be made in Scotland at sea coast and its height is as large as Big Ben Watch.. They are floating in water and generate electricity. It is an interesting concept because in sea, air is too high, so if we made this floating wind mills, then it will gives us enough energy in the form of electricity.

In India, we are also planning for it and Facebook is also planning it for its some data centers. See when this concept comes out globally.

  • 4D Camera For Robots and Cars


This update is from Stanford University and here a 4D Camera is developed which will be used in Self Driving Cars, Virtual Reality Headsets and in Robots where you get a wide view of 140 Degree and all information is precisely captured in this camera.

It can be after focused, then 4D Cameras in actual are really amazing. Just think that the robot in front of you having a 4D Camera attached is scanning you thoroughly.

  • Xiaomi Yi Camera Launched in India


This update is from Xiaomi and Xiaomi launched in India, its Mi Camera Line up where price starts from 2,990 Rs and goes to 19,990 Rs. Here you get different cameras and 11 different cameras are launched such as Dash Camera, Action Camera etc.

So these cameras are too cheap at its price and its quality is amazing.

  • Microsoft Kaizala App


This update is from Microsoft about a new app named Kaizala. This app is a make in India app and it is basically a next version of Whatsapp which is used by businesses and governments etc. They can use this app and here they can share receipts and also take a poll where thay can add as many members as they want in it and can also add groups in a group.

So it is finally publicly available and some plans are free and some are paid. Hence this is made in India that’s why an interesting thing.

  • Apple in Trouble


This update is from Apple and an order is given by Court to Apple to pay 506 Million Dollars means nearly 3100 Crores for a university because they infringe some patents of that university.

So it is good thing because Apple actually said to different companies that you have done wrong but now court ordered Apple that it is your mistake and you have to pay for it.

  • Xiaomi Smart Speaker


The last update is again from Xiaomi and here a smart speaker at a price of 45 dollars means nearly 3000 Rs is launched. This speaker is similar to Google Home and Amazon Echo and can do all types of work such as Smart Assistant is available in it where you can control things, say hello and can talk with it.

I think that Xiaomi finally launched its smart speaker, Apple, Google and Amazon also launched its smart speaker but now its turn for Samsung Smart Speaker which comes with Bixby.




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  1. Yeah I also saw this amazon’s smart speaker connected with Tata sky and it really seems to be amazing. Can we connect these smart speakers of Xiaomi or amazon with iPhone or any other smart phone?

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