Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Redmi Note 4 Blast, Jio Phone Variants, Google Maps Real Time Buses, Apple Car Batteries, LG Robots on Airports and 16 Million Users of Bhim App etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

Alicia Vandyke

  • Jio Phone Variants


The first update is from Jio Phone and its pre booking will start from 24th of August. But before that too much confusion is created and here a large number of models will be given to you because some rumours are coming. Here 2 models of this phone is confirmed because Qualcomm tweeted that Snapdragon 205 processor will be used in Jio Phone and Spreadtrum also tweeted that they done partnership with Jio.

Also 4-5 more models may come and a boom will be there in the month of September and big queues are seen for Jio Phones.

  • Sony Bravia A1 OLED TV


This update is for Sony A1 Bravia OLED TV and it was launched in India and two different variants are given, price of 55 Inch Model Variant is Rs 3,64,900 and price of 65 Inch Model Variant is 4,64,900 Rs, a difference of 1 Lakh is between them. Here you get Dolby Visioned HDR, Android TV and a sound panel that automatically vibrate and produce sound.

Its Screen Panel is fully OLED but tell me if you agree to buy a 55 Inch TV in 3.5 Lakh Rupees. But What we can do, the technology of OLED is too much expensive hence LG and Samsung are also in this price range and also sometimes costly than Sony.

  • Redmi Note 4 Blast


This update is for Redmi Note 4 Blast and a video is gone too much viral on Whatsapp where you see that a Blast is happened on a shop and it is of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. So here Xiaomi answered that they are investigating on it. One more Report said that, the person whose phone is blasted, a new Redmi Note 4 is given to him.

But in India, you know that a large number of users are using this phone but no issue seen till now and I think that the mistake is of the person and not of Redmi.  So tell me in comments, if this news goes viral and What you say about it ?.See What Xiaomi will say in this regard ?

  • Google Maps Real Time Bus Updates


This update is for an interesting news  and if you use Google Maps, if you are travelling in public transport and if you are in Kolkata, then now you get the real time information of Buses that if you are on a bus stop, then in how much time the next bus comes.

So now you can track buses in real time if you are in Kolkata. Just enjoy it and in more cities, it will soon comes out where you get real time buses information on Google Maps.

  • Apple Car Batteries


This update is from an Apple’s Secret Project and here Apple is planning to make car batteries and done a partnership with a Chinese firm. Now when Apple Car comes, we don’t know and What is the plan, we don’t know because for iPhone, they partnership with LG for battery and here they itself make car batteries.

So what is running in mind of Apple, Let’s See.

  • Uber Infotainment in India


This update is from Uber and you know that in India, in some vehicles of OLA Play where you get a tablet screen at back seats and on the screen you can enjoy movies, radios etc. But now Uber is looking for something similar to it where an interactive screen is planned to implement in cars where you get the real time information such as flight status, can search for an event and search nearby locations and read news on it also.

So it is an interesting thing and you can enjoy it.

  • BHIM App Gets 16 Million Users


This update is from Bhim App and here NPCI said that a total of 16 Million downloads are completed of Bhim App and now nearly 4 Million active monthly users are using it which is a good thing. This app is launched in the month of September and nearly in 9-10 months are completed and 16 Million is a very large number and now nearly 40 lakh users are actively using it.

Tell me in comments that you install it or not and you use it for UPI Payments or not ?

  • Yu Yunique 2 Coming Tomorrow !!


This update is from a DhamakeDaar news and here Yu Televentures will launch its new phone Yu Yunique 2 Tomorrow. Firstly the previous version of this phones comes in 2015 and now its second version will come.

See How much Unique this phone will be and not copied from somewhere else and I hope that a good phone and some good work will be done by Micromax and we can say  something good about it otherwise a Copy Paste is there such as Ctrl C, Ctrl V, Ctrl C and Ctrl V etc.

  • LG Robots For Airports


The last update is from LG and LG’s interesting Robot which will be used on Airports where it not only clean Airport but also send the information to passengers where it tells them about the directions and flight live updates.

So with this robot, you can also talk with it and with the help of  vaccum technology, it also cleans the whole Airport.




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