Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Note 8 Photos, Nokia 8 Live Photos, Google VR Training, Real Time Distance Calculator and YouTube Slideshow Editor etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

Men and Mae

  • YouTube Slideshow Editor


The first update is from YouTube Video Editor where you can paste a photo in background with music and it becomes a video to upload on YouTube. But now YouTube will remove this editor from 20th September because first of all nobody uses this feature or some persons apply slideshow which is strange and they just upload it on YouTube.

For Example – You see the videos come on YouTube Trending page that’s why YouTube wanted to shut down this feature.

  • Note 8 Photos and Renders


This update is from Samsung Galaxy Note 8 means some more renders and some more case leaks and the phone S-pen is also leaked. This phone is confirmed to launch on 23 August. So leaks are coming day by day and you know that either the phone is from Samsung or iPhone, too much photos are coming.

Tell me in comments about your thinking for Note 8.

  • Essential Phone Delay


This update is for Essential Phone and this phone is delaying one by one and delivery is not started yet. Now a statement comes from company which said that phone will be shipped by them in some upcoming weeks and some week means 2,4,6,8, we don’t know but we hope that this phone will soon come in hands of a customer because this phone is exciting and I also like it looks.

If such type of phones comes in market, then I hope that Essential will soon start its delivery of phones.

  • Nokia 8 Live Photos


This update is from Nokia 8 and we don’t know the exact date of launch of this phone but here some live photos are leaked and its color is somewhat copper-gold and the design seems to be shining but when it will exactly launched, inside India and outside India.

How much price, from where we can purchase it, how it will be given offline or online etc. Let’s See the future with Nokia 8 ?

  • Lenovo Round Phone



This update is from Lenovo for an amazing concept phone where you get 4.5 Inches Amoled Screen and interesting thing about this phone is you can wear it on your wrist like a band hence it is a flexible phone. So trials are running by a large number of brands for this type of phones but how much practical they are, we don’t know.

But its looks are amazing. So see when this type of phones comes in market and which brand will launch it firstly from Samsung, LG, iPhone and Lenovo etc.

  • Google VR Training


This update is from Google and Google use AR and VR to give training to its employees so that they can do four types of work in office. Firstly you have to wear handset and take training there so that you are not bored and if sitting in a conference and note doen something on notepad.

This is an interesting concept and Google can do anything for its employees. It will be amazing if it reaches to normal consumers. You tell me in comments, that if you are interested in VR and AR.

  • Real Time Distance Calculator


This update is for an amazing sensor which can measure real time distances and this is very small device and it can be put in Smart Devices and Self Driving Cars can also use it.

If this sensor is put on your phone for 3D Scanning, then by measuring the distance, you can easily made 3D Shapes and scan it. So this type of sensor is developed.

  • AirTel Under Reporting Revenue


The last update is for a shocking news which comes from Controller and Auditor General of India and they said that AirTel, Vodafone, Idea and some more telecom operators under report their revenues means they don’t tell about their full revenue by which the fees that reached to the Government is not reached there and taxes are also not properly paid.

Now they have to do under revenue report and over revenue report, your report is doing down after Jio and this is the truth. So see What results comes out from Telecom Operators.




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