Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as 100 Followers, Jio Phone, Facebook Phone, Google Event Search, Google Motion Stills, BSNL 4G and Robotic Eyes etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

Men and Mae



The first update is that I get total 100+ Followers on my Blog in nearly 70 days. This is only due to the love of all bloggers who motivate me to write something really interesting on this blog. Thank you to all for your kind appreciation.

Hence my target is to achieve 500+ Followers in 6 months and I will use my all strength to achieve this target. So once again Thank you all!!!!

  • Jio Phone For Free!!! (1500 Rs)


This update is from Jio Phone whose name is JioPhone and it was revealed today in Annual General Meeting of 2017 at 11:00 AM. This phone is more than a feature phone at a price of Rs 1500 which will be fully refundable after 3 years. The effective price of this phone is actually zero. This phone comes with 2.4 Inches Screen, Alphanumeric Keypad, Support of Jio Apps, NFC Support after a software update, connect to TV to stream content on big screen and a voice assistant support also.

The Pre-Bookings will start from 24th of August and it will come in market in the month of September.

  • Facebook Bypass BUG


This update is from Facebook and a security researcher claimed that Facebook accounts can be easily hacked by anyone and there is a security bug where you can change mobile number and after that an OTP comes to reset the password. But Facebook clearly said that its not true and we are secure in this issue.

If some numbers are old and issued to some another person, then in that case this problem can occur and this case is an exception. Facebook is always strong with its security.

  • No Need For floor Pricing – TRAI


This update is for an interesting news and TRAI will discuss floor plans that how much minimum pricing is to be there in any plan. But now TRAI said that no base price is required means if you are a Jio user and use Dhan Dhana Dhan offer, then there is no problem you can enjoy it.

Jio services are running wonderfully hence Jio will not have any problem from TRAI.

  • Google Event Search


This update is from Google Search and if you search through mobile phone, then you can locally search the events where you can see which events are running and will be there in your city.

So if you have free time, then simply search on Google by typing events, then you get all information of events around you by sitting at home through your browser homepage.

  • Facebook Phone


This update is for an interesting phone and this phone will be modular means you can swap different parts of phone or it will be made by Facebook hence Facebook already made its first phone which was flopped. Now an interesting patent comes out from Facebook that they are working on this type of phone.

In this phone, if Facebook will be free for lifetime, Jio sim can be used in it and phone will be given at a price of 1500 Rs, then people will buy this modular phone.

  • Google Motion Stills


This update is from Google App Motion Stills and this was already available in iOS and comes previous year but it was not seen in Android phones till now. So this app now comes in Android  where you can create a 3 second GIF’s and photos.

If you like GIF’s and it is in trends also, then you can create through this app Motion Stills App.

  • LG For iPhone Batteries 


This update is from LG and here a friendship is done between Apple and LG and may be LG will make batteries for iPhone 2018 model and these batteries are L-shaped batteries and it is made by LG only and just think that if L-shape battery if made by Samsung and news comes that iPhone blasts !!!.

So it becomes a big issue that’s why Apple first thinks and then take decisions such as Apple not gives the Job of batteries to Samsung but gives to LG after some thinking.

  • Google Street View for ISS


This update is from Google Street View and now you can explore International Space Station because it will also becomes a part of Google Street View where you can see complete 360 Degree photos.

So just think that you are flying in space and your computer screen becomes a space for your eyes and you can explore it in Virtual Reality.

  • BSNL 4G on March 2018


This update is from BSNL and they comes out from a big sleep and  planned to launch its 4G services which firstly comes in Telangana and Gujarat on March 2018.

So we are talking about 5G services and they will launch 4G services next year slowly slowly in the future of technology.

  • Sony 1000 FPS Cameras for Robots


The last update is from Sony and Sony will put 1000 FPS camera eyes in Machine Robots means now robots can easily judge the difference between two things and these are not humanoids with two legs and hands. These are machines in factories where if robots are setup in a line, then they can do precise work with these high quality eyes.

So it is a good thing and will be good if they apply it to humanoids also so that they can easily judge between two persons.




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