More RAM or Better RAM ? Are We Moving Right ?

Friends, you all often talk about mobile phones, laptops and computers that which processor, display, how much storage, battery and the most important thing is how much RAM is available in it and just think that we can increase it and all goes right. But the question arises from it that Today, I will tell you that if we are increasing RAM again and again, then it is useful for us in a practical way or we have to see RAM speeds with it also.

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So Let’s Start

Friends, RAM is a thing which we can easily talk about because it’s an easy term such as 1 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB and if some complex term is there which a person don’t able to understand, then they don’t talk about it. For Example, here nobody talks about Cache Memory because a common person does not have an idea that what’s the role of cache memory and if it is of 2 MB or 4 MB cache, we don’t bother about it. But Yes we can understand about RAM means 1 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB and the more RAM means more better and we just think of it and takes all decisions.


In Today’s date in Android phones, I know that in my first phone there is a 1 GB RAM which is a Android One phone and before that low RAM phones are also available and that time in market, a large number of phones are available and Today 2,3,4,5,6…. or we don’t know where it goes and rumours are coming that in next phone, 8 GB or 16 GB RAM can be seen means we all focus on increasing numbers and here you just not think that we practically need it or not. Suppose in your house, if you have to build a PC or play games on it, then 8 GB RAM is sufficient and your all games runs fine & smooth without any issues but we want the best and we say no issue of money and we only want 32 GB RAM or 64 GB RAM and don’t think that in playing games no difference is created between 8 GB and 32 GB.


So here RAM capacity is a thing and to understand the concept of it, Just suppose, that you are a processor and you are doing some work on your table which is a RAM and all things which you required are collected there and you can easily work on it and the left storage is your cupboard which is your hard drive but now this table is very large and your hand reaches only to a limited amount of space on table and it is useful for you and the left space is where other things are placed which is not useful. So if you work on products which you can easily do it on a limited space and you don’t need of a big table and similar to that RAM after some limit is a waste for you and you don’t able to use it fully but Yes if this table becomes a table where you are working on it and a mechanism is there in table that it automatically throwing products at you which will help you in working fast and telling it means in simple language that your RAM becomes fast and the data transfer between storage and processor becomes fast, then in that condition it will be useful for you other than you are just increasing its size such as 4, 8, 16 or 32 and after think that your phone is very fast.

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Here we have to think practically and its right if you understand it today that this much table is sufficient for you and in your phone say there is a 3 GB RAM but after 2 years when software is changed and new version of apps comes, then definitely the 3 GB RAM is not sufficient for your needs and after some time you have to definitely update it such as update your phone or PC/Laptop RAM but you have to see that where you get the currently best value and speeds which you get in a RAM, how much MHz is there and it is a DDR3 or DDR4 RAM or even your processor support it or not. So where you get the ultimate combination, just go for it otherwise sometimes we forget about it and do race for it that more RAM size means better and I applied 64 GB RAM in my phone and What I do is play games on it but you can play games on 8 GB also means there are large number of things which we have to think about it.


Tell me in comments that What is your thinking about it and actually we don’t know the end of this blind race for numbers of RAM and also of storage hard drives such as if a person is having a 2 TB storage hard drive and we say to it that I have a 256 GB Solid Sate Drive, then here capacity is low but in terms of performance, it is more better and may be the person don’t understand it.

So Guys I hope that you completely understand this whole scenario behind this race of numbers for RAM. Also Tell me in comments, if you have face it in your relatives or friends where a fight is running on the basis of numbers and they don’t understand you and ignore you and also sometimes say you fool.


I hope that you would like it. Any suggestions, don’t forget to write it below in comment box.

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6 thoughts on “More RAM or Better RAM ? Are We Moving Right ?”

  1. What to do if those people out there are having a bogus perceptions about rams and it’s traditional storage measuring numbers of gigs.
    Some of they even aren’t interested to be familiar with behind stories about ram

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      1. Your point is right and after all sharing means caring but what to do people out there are so lazy af to share it with somebody or bother with it

        Liked by 1 person

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