Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Apple Patent for 911, Facebook Subscriptions, Lenovo New Laptops, Samsung Apple Friends, 102 iPhone Smuggling, Bharat Net, Google Expeditions App and Apple Wireless Charging etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

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  • Apple Patent For 911


The first update is from Apple and here Apple gets a patent in a special way 911 means to dial emergency services, now there is something amazing if you make pressure using finger print scanner on home button, add finger prints in a particular pattern or a specific person finger print, then after that an automatic call is dialed secretly to Police. Apple get 54 total patents and already collected a large number of technology but releasing it very slowly.

Here a issue is going on with One Plus 5, that if you dial 911 then phone automatically restarts but we don’t have to bother about it because this number 911 is not in India. In India, we have 112 emergency number and it is yet to be implemented properly.

  • Lenovo New Laptops


This update is from Lenovo and Lenovo launched some new laptops in India which comes from Lenovo Yoga Series, Lenovo Ideapad Series or from some Gaming laptops. The price of laptop starts from 17,800 Rs and here you get different types of options, some are sleek, some are heavy, some have a USB Type C Port and Some have low bezels.

If you wanted to purchase a new laptop, then may be its a good option for you to buy from this Line Up.

  • Facebook Subscriptions


This update is from Facebook and Facebook will soon launch its paid subscription services. If you love to read news and want that in your feed, some special articles should be seen in a systematic way, then may be you have to give some money for it.

Also it may be firstly started in US and after comes worldwide means Facebook is capturing the whole world, and slowly slowly from the whole world earn a large amount of money.

  • mAadhaar Launched


This update is from Aadhaar Cards and the first thing is a new app launched whose name is mAadhaar means now you don’t have to carry your physical Aadhaar Card because now you can directly show your Aadhaar Card from your phone. Its not that you capture a pic and show it to others but in a proper way, you can show your Aadhaar Card and can lock/unlock it easily. Second thing is one report comes out said that  210 websites which are under central government having some details of Aadhaar Card as public.

Now what we can do for it because a large number of agencies are there in India which are not from UIDAI but some names and numbers comes out from these websites and it should be made strong.

  • Samsung Apple Friends


This update is from Apple and Samsung Friendship and here reports comes out where it tells that Samsung finalized a deal and they now make A12 Chips for Apple which will be used in 2018 iPhone model. OLED Screens are also provided to Apple by Samsung means how much they fight with each other in market but they are actually business partners.

They create strong business requirements for each other such as Samsung supplies different types of products to Apple and now they will give processor after making it. This processor will basically made on 7 nano meter technology.

  • Google Glass Enterprise Edition


This update is from Google Glass and here comes an enterprise edition of Google Glass where design is somewhat different and having a glass at center which was not seen in its previous version. Its battery is large and it will be used in Big Companies where you have to scan big previews that what things are going on such as in Microsoft, Qualcomm etc.

So the employees of big companies use these glasses and you & me, if use it and walk on roads, then all persons will hide from you because all knows that some recording is going on with it.

  • 102 iPhone Smuggling


This update is from iPhone Smuggling. You tell me if someone smuggle iPhones to remove all customs and duties and enter those iPhones in a country, then how much phones they will carry – 1,2,5, 10 or 50 but here a news comes out where in China, a women tries to smuggle 102 iPhone and captured. The issue is that the women legs and hands are skinny but its upper portion becomes very heavy and large and in this season of summer, too much layers of clothes are applied on body and iPhones are attached with it. So body don’t remain in proper proportion or nearly 40 pound weight of iPhone’s notified under different variants.

Some luxury watches are also included but she was captured and all phones are in her T-shirt. In China, iPhone prices increased by 30 % if we talk about international pricing. So a try is done by her but she was captured and iPhone not enters in China.

  • Bharat Net Ready To Roll !!!!


This update is from Bharat Net Internet Project and Government plans to connect all Gram Panchayat to Internet. Here speed given is of 100 Mega Bits per second and the complete work is done till 2019. Some mechanisms are used here such as Fiber, Airline networks or Satellites are also used.

So it is an amazing concept and just think that high speed Internet reaches to villages, then either the digital India Initiative or purpose , some better problems are solved with this high speed Internet.

  • Jio Feature Phone


This update is for Jio Feature Phone and this is an amazing news and we all are waiting for when it comes out. So it is confirmed that this phone will launch on 21st July at 11:00 AM in an announcement that will going to happen in Reliance AGM. Price of this phone may be 500 Rs, 1000 Rs or 1500 Rs, we don’t know and may be it will be given for free to us. Here some more photos are leaked and phone complete box is leaked.

This is the only phone or some another phone, see What Reliance comes out Tomorrow. Also Reliance here plans to sell 20 crore units of this phone.

  • Uber Gets UPI Support


This update is from Uber and if you ride on Uber, then now you can do payments through UPI and this is a good move, that you are paying through cards or some other mode of Digital Payment.

So now you have UPI where you knows that you setup a one click UPI payment and after that payments directly comes out from your bank.

  • Despacito !!!!


This update is from Despacito and this is a song which becomes the mostly streamed video on YouTube and Spotify at present. This video is running on Top and till now nearly 4.6 Billion times it was streamed means on average how much times one person stream it.

Just in upcoming 2-4 weeks, it will become the most viewed video on YouTube hence despacito means slowly slowly.

  • Google Expeditions App


This update is from Google Expeditions App and it is now available for all users and you can install it into your iPhone or Android, after that put your phone into VR Headset and enjoy different places or destinations. Here list is of complete 600 Different Tours are available included Taj Mahal.

So now you can explore places in Virtual Reality by VR Headsets which is now more detailed.

  • Google Play Protect App


This update is from Google Play Protect App and now it goes to all phones which scans your phones for harmful apps. If any danger is there, it checks all installed apps in your phone.

So it is a good thing because you don’t know that when you install any app and when it becomes a danger for your phone.

  • Apple Wireless Charging Dock


The last update is from Apple Patent where if you dock iPhone on some device, then it can wireless charge your iPhone and it comes with a Siri based speaker which you can use it by your voice commands. Exactly what is going on in mind of Tim Cook, we don’t know but if we get real wireless charging, then it will be amazing and we are sitting in our room and phone is in our hand and it will continuously charged in a wireless way.

So if you do wireless charging with dock, then how it goes ?





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