Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Jio Largest Network, Xiaomi Mi Max 2, E-Skin Wearable Sensor, Google Quantum Power, and TRAI Call Drop Norms  etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

Alicia Vandyke

  • TRAI Call Drop Norms


The first update comes from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India for Call Drops and you know What is the problem running in India means sometimes you make a call and it will not proceed further or if it proceeds then no sound comes. This problem comes from all network operators such as Airtel, Jio etc. TRAI said that new norms will come on next week that How things work, How much call drops done are right and after how much amount it charges as a fine to operators.

Now there will be a good network seen and I also sometime notice when making a call, then no ring sound or no message, only silence is there and I have to cut it and make a call again.

  • Jio Largest Network


This update is from Reliance Jio and here some big numbers are revealed by Jio where Jio said that this is the World’s Biggest network, not of India but of Whole World. It should be if you get daily 1 GB Data and you know the population of India is too much,  so that it becomes the World’s Largest Network.

Also in India, 85 % of the share holders if I talk about data transfer means Airtel, Vodafone and Idea etc. comes under 15 % and Jio only comes under 85 % because daily 1 GB is used and think of them who use daily 2 GB Data.

  • Xiaomi Mi Max 2 For 16,999 Rs


This update is from Xiaomi for the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 and you know that this phone is launched Today at a price of Rs 16,999. This is a balanced deal means its not for all, but specially for those who can easily handle this large phone to play movies and games. Its Battery is of 5300 Mah which is also good. This phone comes with a Snapdragon 625 Processor, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB Storage, 6.4 Inches Full HD Screen and it also supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3 feature.

I personally don’t like big phones and I don’t purchase it because I can handle up to 5.5 Inches phone and after that it becomes difficult to handle.

  • Amazon-Flipkart Sale


This update is a good news for you and laptop sale comes on Amazon and Flipkart which is a back to school, back to college sale because in India, a scene comes where you have to go to school and purchase new shoes and new bags.

So now here a scene comes to buy a new laptop and some offers are amazing.

  • Google Allo Updates


This update is from Google Allo and its new version 14.0 comes out where now you can add reactions in messages or some improvements are also done such as somebody send you a message, then in reply you can send a heart if you like it. Hence it is used in groups in a better way but who uses this Allo app.

I think that Google users are forced to use this app and they don’t have to use Whatsapp, then only they made it popular.

  • Headless VR Experience


This update is for an interesting news and this is for a VR system where you don’t have to wear something on your head. An interesting concept that you have to put nothing on your eyes but you can enjoy VR because here you sit on a chair and in front of you, a screen comes which is fully curved, that’s why you don’t have to wear anything.

The screen itself becomes curve and its an amazing technology which comes with a quality of  8K. It should be amazing if it will be seen in movie halls and you can enjoy full VR in front of you in air.

  • Samsung Recovering from Note 7



This update is an interesting news from Samsung and Samsung sells some old Note 7 units in the form of its Fan Edition and from some phones it takes out the rare materials because in phone, gold, copper, platinum and palladium etc. are used but if we talk about 2-4 million phones, then it comes out with a big number.

Now this time Samsung recover all the material and after earn a big money from it.

  • E-Skin Wearable Sensor


This update is from Wearable E-Skin Sensor and now for health monitoring, we know that we have to monitor our health in a better way. So here a wearable sensor comes out and you have to apply it on your body and then you don’t feels any type of bulkiness. You have to put in your finger clip and after that for  a long time, you can do monitoring of your health. In remote locations, if you apply it once, then all data get stored in it and after that you can go to a city to collect all reports.

A research is going in Japan for this thing which is also a water proof material and your skin can breathe through it. A good thing and in future definitely some improvements will be done very easily.

  • Google Selling Quantum Power


This update is from Quantum Computing and Google plans to rent Google Quantum Computing through cloud services. So if you wanted to Quantum Computing, then through cloud system you can use Google Quantum Computer after giving some money for it.

What work you can do with it just think of it which you don’t able to do in your own computer. Tell me in comments, that if you wanted to hire a Quantum Computer on Rent, If Yes, then Why ?

  • Global Mobile Penetration


The last update is for an interesting study which tells that in World, Global Mobile Penetration till 2022 reaches to 70 % population means in every 100 persons, 70 have a mobile phone and this is a big number. If we talk about figures, then it comes out to be 5.5 Billion either they comes from Jungles of Africa or may be the people living on Mountains, they just wanted to get attached to the technology and in upcoming years, 70 % of people connected with the world of technology.

It is a good thing because from all population you have to leave only infants out and all have a mobile phone.




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