Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as UBER Bikes in Punjab, TATA Bio Methane Bus, Internet in India, PayTM Movie Refunds, Nokia 105 or 130 phones and Whatsapp YouTube Videos etc. I hope that you would like it.

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So First of All

  • UBER Bike Taxis in Punjab


The first update is from Uber Bike Taxis and here this service will be launched in Punjab where they think to remove unemployment in Punjab but it will be amazing if we get Bullet Uber Bikes in Punjab means this will be done otherwise you know that you don’t ride on Splendor Bikes.

  • Micromax Canvas 1


This update is from Micromax and this is for Micromax Canvas 1 and it was launched in India at a price of Rs 6,999. Special feature of this phone is that you can use Jio sim in it and the other specifications are average such as 1.3 GHz MediaTek 6737 Processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB Storage and 2500 Mah Battery. They think that they make a rocket missile phone and it will sell very fast and they will go on moon but you know that How is the phone and its a strange phone and screen is a 3 Inch HD Screen.

Why someone takes this phone and not other phones and the design is cool. See this phone is a copy of Which phone ?

  • PayTM Movie Bookings


This update is from PayTM and if you are fond of movies and book tickets through PayTM. If your plan is cancelled, then you get full refund for the ticket cancellation before 3 hours of movie start.

Hence this feature is available in Book My Show App but now it comes in PayTM. So it is a good thing and a guarantee is given that you get full refund, if we cancel our plan.

  • Internet in India


This update is from Internet and a big figure comes out where it shows the complete GDP of India in 2020 and there will be 16% contribution from Internet and the exact amount comes out is 36 Lakh Crore Rupees and the 50% of it comes from Internet apps.

You know that how much big apps are there in the world of Internet and Internet is growing very fast and in 2020, 5G comes and a large number of people can do all types of work with their mobile phones.

  • Whatsapp YouTube Video



This update is from Whatsapp and a report comes from iOS devices that if anybody send a link of YouTube video and if you click on it, then it goes on YouTube Player but now there will be a feature that within Whatsapp, you can play those videos and it becomes easy for you by not changing apps again and again.

So now you do it in Whatsapp only and it is an interesting concept. Basically Whatsapp Chat Pinning option and Sending any type of file option comes in Whatsapp and a good thing is that Whatsapp is regularly upgrading its app with new features.

  • Clean Escalator Rails


This update is for the future escalators and basically you know that if is a travelator or an escalator in side rails that how much people travel in it and touch those rails. In rails you see different types of bacteria hands are touched with it and it can become a serious problem for your health.

So here a new device of LG comes which in Ultra violet Light sterlise it by which bacteria not spreads and you will travel in a safe way.

  • Nokia 105 & Nokia 130


This update is from Nokia and two new phones of Nokia, Nokia 105 or Nokia 130 are the two budget phones with no special feature revealed out. Nokia thinks that a demand is there for Nokia 3310 phone and it will sell new low range phones so that it can sell very fast and this new phones comes at a price of 15 $ or 20 $ means nearly 1200 Rs or 1500 Rs phones.

In India, when it comes we don’t know but Nokia is repeating its old fame and something good should be launched by Nokia such as Nokia 5 or 6 stocks should be made available and Nokia 8 should comes in market with a sufficient stock, then Nokia can reach to a major height in the Mobile phones Industry once again.

  • TATA’s Bio Methane Running Bus


The last update is from TATA Motors and here in India, first Indian bus unveiled by TATA which runs on Bio Methane Fuel. So it is a good thing and smoke not comes out and there will be no pollution.

In future, we want these things which are either Electric Buses or Bio Diesel Tech Buses etc. but TATA is doing a right thing an may be they play a big game when electric cars comes in India.





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