Friends, you all know that What is Antivirus and you use it also to protect your computer from virus attacks but you know how an Antivirus works ? or which is the best Antivirus for your computer ? Today stay with me in this post, I will tell you about Antivirus.


So Let’s Start

First of all, I will tell you if you are confused that what is a Virus, what is a Trojan or you might have heard from plenty of peoples, that in my computer there is a Trojan virus. But the Trojan is not a virus, its a different thing, worms are different, viruses are different but all the three comes under malware and in this post, I will not tell you the difference between them. I tell you about How the Antivirus work ? How it knows by scanning in your computer that some virus is present or not ? You all know that if you install a software which is an Antivirus Software which comes with a large amount of virus library list or it constantly updates the list. In that list, all information of viruses are stored which are seen till today or made till today.

If you scan your computer, then it matches your data with that list and it not matches it completely but take some pieces of data and then match it. If some match is found, then it tells you that in this file there is a virus and it is infected, you can repair it or not or you have to remove it and all other options you will get on the screen.


Because of that if you want your Antivirus work properly, then you have to update it regularly. If you don’t update it, then assume that some virus is developed now and information about that virus is not available in your computer and if you have Antivirus and scan it, then it does not capture that virus and you think that your computer is clean but there is some virus present in it. So you have to update your Antivirus in a scheduled update cycle.

After that, I talk about that which Antivirus is good for you ? See, free or paid, I recommend a paid Antivirus because in paid Antivirus, all options are open such as Quick Heal, Norton, Kaspersky or Mcafee etc. or any Antivirus you want you can get it and there is nothing that some is good or some is bad. As long as if you are using an Original Genuine Version of Antivirus and it is a paid and you give some money for it, then there is no tension and you can use it and it works first class.


One more thing comes when viruses get encrypt themselves and in that case, we will not know them and in scanning process, it was not captured. Beyond that one more software is available such as anti-malware where it not only scans for viruses, it saws Trojans and worms also. It captures the malware by their behaviour that what they are doing such as what the Trojan is doing and it comes from which software and if it comes in your computer, then for sure it shows its real face and by this way, if viruses wanted to spread itself and binding some files for it, then it is encrypted or not, no matter your anti-malware software checks his behaviour, that some problem is there that’s why you see that in original software, a warning is given to you for viruses because they wanted to get access to your computer’s ¬†presence and antivirus thinks it a virus but in actual it is not. Also if there is some cracked software present, then for sure it says that there is some virus.


So Friends, you have to use a Paid Antivirus with regular updates to update the virus library list, after that if you scan, then it easily tell you about the presence of virus and one more thing Trojan is a not a virus.

Before you ask that which Antivirus I would use in my Android. So please don’t use any type of Antivirus in your phone because there is no requirement of it.


A Big thanks to you all for staying with me in this post.

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