Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Facebook GIF, Vodafone Sakhi, Rail Saarthi App, World’s Fastest Drone and 3D Printed Heart etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • Facebook GIF Camera


The first update is from Facebook and it comes with a new feature in its camera where you can create and share GIF Image which is a popular format of an image. So now you can see it in Facebook camera and can use it very easily.

  • Vodafone Sakhi Offer


This update is for Vodafone Sakhi and this is a different type of sim card issued by Vodafone especially for Women’s. For this sim card you have to take different types of plans which are strange but after that you can recharge your number without revealing it to the retailer and an OTP comes on your mobile and you have to tell it to the retailer to get your recharge done.

It means now Vodafone is tighten up the security  of a women but Why they coming with a different plan hence they can put it into Vodafone sim card also. This feature is launched in West UP and Uttarakhand only.

  • Google Maps With Traffic Graph


This update is from Google Maps and now if we talk about US and Canada and if you do navigation in Google Maps from one place to another place, then it shows you the live traffic in graphical form that if you go now, then how much time is taken to reach at the desired location and if you go after 1 hour, then how much time is consumed.

So now you can judge that when traffic is on peak or when it is low, it tells you about it so that you can plan your trips. In India, I think this feature will soon comes in Google Maps.

  • Xiaomi Redmi 5


This update is from Xiaomi and this is for Xiaomi Redmi 5 phone which comes out in a leak and it shows that the phone comes with a Snapdragon 625 or 630 Processor and two variants of this phone can be seen or may be this phone comes with dual rear cameras but it not seems by looking at its design that there will be a dual camera because it looks generic.

This phone is firstly launched in China and after a long time launched in India and I don’t think that Why Xiaomi launch later in India ?

  • Rail Saarthi App


This update is from Indian Railways and here a new app is launched whose name is Rail Saarthi where you can do different types of work such as booking flight tickets, Retiring Room or Check the Status of Train etc. or a large number of works you can do with this app.

Infact, you can plan your complete tour with this app which is a good thing.

  • iPhone 8 Putting Apple in Trouble


This update is from Apple and there is a problem running in iPhone Quarters due to some technical issues coming in iPhone 8 and Apple is not able to resolve it. They knows that launch event is on September and they have to compete with upcoming Samsung Note 8. So see What Apple do with its iPhone 8.

  • 7 Star Digital Top Broadband


This update is from Broadband Speeds in India  and here Netflix results comes out which shows that the 7 Star Digital Broadband is on Top, and after that  Spectra Net, then Airtel etc. in terms of Internet Speeds but BSNL and MTNL are on the lower position with rank of 12 and 13 respectively.

Tell me in comments that if you are using Broadband or Not, If yes, then Which Broadband you are using ?

  • World’s Fastest Drone


This update is from Drones Racing and this is an amazing news because a Guinness World Record is made where drones maximum speed is 179.6 Miles per hour and if any car is running at this speed and it  seems to very very fast. Hence Guinness World Record is of average speed only and this drone is having an average speed of 163.9 miles per hour and the weight of this drone is 800 gm means it becomes a rocket and how they control it at this speed, that’s the matter of thinking.

  • 3D Printed Silicon Heart


The last update is from Silicon Heart which is a 3D Printed Heart and blows like a real heart and can be used for implants in human beings but the problem is that it blows for only 3000 times and after that it starts break down. 3000 times means nearly 30-45 minutes and after that patient goes in unstable state.

So if this heart will be made stronger then it can be used for implants without any issues.




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