Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as iPhone Laser, YouTube Thumbnails, Jumping Stairs, Apple Facial Recognition, BSNL 100 Gigabit Service and Jio Phone Specs etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • BSNL 100G – Ultra Fast Broadband


The first update is from BSNL and BSNL upgraded its Optical Transport Network to 100 Gbps means now its services will reach to more villages and it gives you broadband at a better speeds because till now you know that speeds are 512 Mbps or 1 Gbps only but after this upgrade, it will give you fast enough speeds to some cities or villages.

Then see What amazing the BSNL do with its 100 Gbps OTN Network ?

  • YouTube Thumbnails


This update is from YouTube and you know that there is a big problem of Thumbnails in YouTube that Thumbnail attracts a large number of users to see that video but in actual the video inside it is a different video and due to this your time is wasted a lot. But now if you use YouTube in your Chrome or Firefox Browser, then in that if you hover your mouse over some video, then you saw a small preview of video that what is the inside content and it is useful for you or not.

So it is a good thing that your time is saved and from the most click bates you may be saved from seeing them.

  • Leaker Locker


This update is for a dangerous thing and this is for a new type of malware that can come in your Android phones. See Ransom Ware is understandable that your data is locked and if you give money, then you can recover it but if you don’t give money, the you will be not able to recover it hence we understand it but here a new type of Ransom Ware Leaker Locker creates a backup copy of your data and wants money from you and in case if you don’t give money, then it will make your data public with your contacts.

So now in your phone, if some data is saved and What you do if it will become public. In Android, some apps are infected so be saved from them and please install only useful apps that you really want.

  • Jio Feature Phone Specs


This update is from Jio Feature Phone and here some leaked images comes out which clearly shows the specs of the upcoming Jio phone. This phone may comes out with specs including a 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor, screen of size 2.4 Inches, a memory card support, a 2 Mega Pixel Camera, 512 MB RAM and a battery of 2000 Mah.

This phone seems to be very interesting and it may be launched on 21st July at a price between Rs 1000 to 2000 and not for Rs 500 only because manufacturing process cost is also included in it and hence its a 4G handset.

  • Government Blocked 3500 Child Porn Websites


This update is from Child Pornography and here in India, nearly 3500 websites are blocked, said by Government Supreme Court which is a very good thing because child porn websites should be banned worldwide. In some countries, it is too much spread and popular but in India, a large number of websites are blocked.

A talk is also running to install Jammers in CBSE Schools  so that such type of content will be prohibited, then it is also a good thing for schools and you are in a school, then Why such thing comes in front of you especially when you are studying.

  • Apple with 3D Laser


This update is from Apple we all are waiting for a long time when iPhone 8 comes and what are the features inside it. Here an update comes from a feature in iPhone 8 that is a 3D Laser System which is useful in AR where it can easily scan the products that What is how much deep ?

See when it comes and at What price ?. So this is an interesting update from Apple.

  • Jumping Stairs


This update is for an amazing stairs technology. Today, you know that ascending ( walking ) on Stairs is too much difficult for a old person but here a technique is developed which makes it easy for you to walk on stairs where a person put their legs into it, then the material of stairs captures the mechanical energy of your leg force and then it uses that energy to push you upward and you noticed that a spring is attached and you can cover the stairs very fast.

So if a lift is not available and you have to go upwards and use these stairs, then energy taken from you and it works to push you upwards and stairs becomes jumping stairs and it is very very interesting to see such stairs.

  • Apple Thought of Facial Recognition


This update is from Apple and now we talk about Apple’s planning to implement that How they can recognize our face in 3D. This planning is not of today but it was running from previous 10 years by Apple and they plans to put something like this and also filed a patent for it.

So this feature can be seen in upcoming iPhone version and too much hard work is included in it and its not like Micromax that just copy and paste it from somewhere else.




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