Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Facebook Messenger Ads, Apple PayPal Support, Indian Railways App, SPAM Calls, Most Viewed Video on YouTube and Movie in Bacteria etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • Samsung Bixby in Mid Range Phones


The first update is from Samsung Bixby and now this comes in Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Korean Version means Samsung now comes with Bixby on Mid Range Phones such as Samsung J or A series in future. Think that we have some food and it is tasty or not, we don’t know, but we have to eat it forcefully that similar condition is happening with Samsung.

Why Samsung is doing all this hence Google Assistant is working properly but Bixby is not working correctly in Samsung Galaxy S8 yet and the truth is that they are putting it in their complete lineup of Mid Range phones.

  • Google Gets Halli Labs


This update is from Google and they acquired a Bangalore based Startup Company named Halli Labs. This company was started 4 months ago and working in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Google is hunting the worldwide companies with something unique platforms which are attached with AI and Machine Learning.

Google wanted to acquire all these companies because it want all supreme power in their hands and to maintain it easily in future. What is the plan, we don’t know but they are doing something really amazing in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Moto E4 Plus in India for 9,999 INR


This update is from Motorola Moto E4 Plus which is launched in India at a price of Rs 9,999. We don’t know Why Motorola is doing all this because something in this phone is good and something is strange.  This phone comes with 5000 Mah Battery, a 5.5 Inches Full HD Screen, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB Storage, 13 Mega Pixel Rear Camera and 5 Mega Pixel Front Camera with Flashlight.

But the processor is MediaTek 6737 and Why Motorola is spreading such phones on the name of Lenovo but they have to make good phones such as Moto G5+ or other good phones. Tell me in comments that What you think about this phone.

  • Apple Gets PayPal Support



This update is from Apple and In Apple devices, you get the support of a new option, if you purchase a new app from App Store, Music from iTunes and Movies from Movie Store, then you can do payments through PayPal. Hence this feature is not yet available worldwide and available only in Canada or some more countries but in future, it will comes at global scale.

So its a good thing that you have a different payment option other than debit card. Tell me in comments, that you purchase any app from Store. If Yes, then How much you pay for it and Why ?

  • Indian Railways App


This update is from Indian Railways and now you will see a new app of Indian Railways where you not only book tickets, you not only book lounge in stations etc. and now you can book Taxis and Airport Tickets also in a complete package. This is basically a complete experience of travel between point A to B. Suppose you have to take Taxi or flight and now you can book this through a complete package including all train tickets, taxi tickets or flight tickets etc.

So it is an interesting concept and its an open service where you can book flight tickets, taxis or train tickets easily from a single app.

  • Ads in Facebook Messenger


This update is from Ads in Facebook Messenger and now the complete service will be started soon and you see Ads in Facebook Messenger. So you are thinking that you are using Facebook for free free but in actual they will show you Ads and earning a lot of money. Now they comes in Facebook Messenger.

  • Nawaz Sharif in Problem


This update is from Nawaz Sharif and here a problem comes which is somewhat related to technology. Here Nawaz Sharif had to show some property documents that What are their assets or not ? The documents are submitted which are of year 2006 but in these documents the font used is Calibri which comes in year 2007 and how they use it in 2006. This font first comes in Microsoft Office 2007 means that by mistake they made papers in hurry and put the date of 2006.

Hence this font variants are available in advance but  Why a person use it when it was not gone public. This is a big question mark and something serious is there and may be Pakistan’s Govt. will now zig zag.

  • SPAM Calls in India


This update is from Indian Smartphone users and a study said that if you compare it worldwide, then Indian Smartphone users get a large amount of Spam Calls hence its for a cheap mobile phones or calls from banks which are fraud that you win some lottery, come and take it etc.

Now the India is on Top because population is high in India. Tell me in comments that you get any Spam call recently or if you won a lottery and What you do after that ?

  • Microsoft Seeing AI


This update is from Microsoft and this is for an interesting thing and here an app is launched by Microsoft named Seeing AI means about the looking AI. This app is yet available for iOS where the blind persons, if use this app in their phones, then in front of a camera, if a bill, object or anything else will come then it tells the person by Speaking that What your Camera is looking at.

So its a good thing where you can point for different types of things in your surroundings and the phone tells you what is it. Hence either it may be a person or an object, it can easily track the person age group, male or female etc. An Interesting concept and a step forward for blind peoples.

  • Most Viewed Video on YouTube


This update is for the most viewed video on YouTube. You all know that GangNam Style Video is on the Number One but it is now changed to Wiz Khalifa See You Soon Video from Fast and Furious 7 where total viewers are  more than 2.9 Billion.

The song  Despacito is much popular  with 2.5 Billion Views is also on the list and may be the next this video is on the Top.

  • Movie In Bacteria


The last update is for a DNA Data Storage and it is an interesting concept which comes out where researchers stored the movie clips in Bacteria DNA, its not Full HD but its a basic clip with low frames but it is stored ad successfully retrieved.

So its an amazing concept and just imagine that your data such as a movie or a song is in your body and you can hear it any time. What are the other tech we see in future, Just imagine it.




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