10 Biggest Tech Myths Busted!!!

Hello Friends, In this biggest World of Technology you have think and learned about different types of things, understand and know about it. In these things, a large number of Tech Myths comes in front of you and you don’t completely understand it properly and assume that this is the World’s truth.

So Today in this post stay with me, I tell you about those Tech Myths and also tell you what is the truth behind it.

Let’s Start

First of All

  • More Size = Better Video Quality


The first myth is for the Video Quality Resolution means if you have some 4K video, then it is more clear compared to Full HD and if you have to download some movie if its size is 2 GB, definitely it is of better quality than the movie of size 1 GB. But this is not the truth and here it depends on How the encoding is done ? What is the source file and What is the size of source file ? etc. but only from the resolution and size, you can’t judge the video quality.

It depends case to case and may be it is good or may be bad. So keep it in mind and may be your data is saved next time you download some video from Internet.

  • No Phones at Petrol Pump!!!


This myth is for your Mobile Phone and Petrol Pump Hostility ( Dushmani ) where if you go, you know that the use of mobile phones are restricted and you have to switch off it otherwise there may be some blast if some spark comes from your mobile and enters into petrol. But this is not the truth hence you can understand it as a precaution!!! and this is because of some old laws which are running today in the whole world and the truth is that, in your phone, the sparkling does not fire that petrol pump.

You have to keep in mind if your phone is On or Off or if you talk or not, its OK if it is restricted otherwise if you are talking on phone and it is illegal there and then you have some problem. But simple understanding is that if your phone is On, then there is no danger very very far way.

  • Gorilla Glass = No Scratches


This myth is for the Gorilla Glass and we all understand that if we have Gorilla Glass in our phone, then anything can be done with our phone and we don’t have to worry about our phone that it not breaks or no scratches can come on it. This is not the truth hence Gorilla Glass is a very strong glass and scratches comes less than any other glass but it will surely comes.

Also if you don’t believe it, then you can try it by simply rubbing it with sand, then you see that Gorilla Glass is completely filled with Scratches. It depends on case to case and it is not that if Gorilla Glass comes in your phone, than your phone becomes a Super Man.

  • Phones in Aeroplanes


This myth is again for your mobile phones and you all followed it which is In Aeroplanes, if you don’t put your phone on Airplane Mode or if you not switched it off, then your Aeroplane radio is disturbed and it do some problem in your phone also and after that your plane will be crashed!!!. So here friends, this is not the truth and it is just a waste old law which we are carrying and till today, there is no such seen of plane crash happens due to phones.

You have to understand that if your phone is On or Off, it does not matters and by no way, it harms and interferes with the Aeroplane radios. These both technologies are different and they are not linked in any way.

  • Dolby Sound is Best


This myth is for the Dolby Sound and In your phone, if Dolby sound is present, then you thinks that your phone sound quality is amazing. But this is not the truth and it depends on source means What is the source of your Audio, What you are hearing and How is the speakers and Headphones you are using. Its not that if your phone is having Dolby sound, then your phone sound is best.

You have to understand that it depends on case to case. Similar to Dolby, there are other technologies available such as DTS etc. and you have to see other criteria also and not that the Dolby is the best.

  • More Mah = More Battery Backup


This myth is for your phone’s battery capacity and you all think that, the more Mah, means the more battery capacity and more battery backup. See battery backup is a different thing and definitely more Mah = more battery capacity and you have to understand that battery backup is a different thing and it depends on your phone’s power, operating system, hardware components and how your phone is tuned.

Sometimes low Mah battery runs longer than high Mah battery. This is the fact and it is not a standard, that you can measure it.

  • More Cores = Faster Processor


This myth comes from your mobile phones, computers, laptops and any other device where processor is attached and you can’t count that How much cores are present in it ? But you can say that my phone is a dual core, quad core, hexa core, octa core and deca core. You think that, more the cores, the more is the power, more is the frequency power. This is not the truth and it depends from case to case means frequency from counting cores, you can’t judge the processor.

In your phone, a deca core is attached and Apple comes with its A9, A10 fusion processor which is a dual core and quad core  but it pushes your phone back. You have to keep it in mind that real power is not on cores, the more power is of the quality. In all mobile phones, laptops, computers and any other device, this is applicable only.

  • Incognito Mode Makes You Invisible


This myth comes from your browsing and you all know that there is an incognito mode option available in all browsers and you may think that if you browse something when you gone incognito, then you are completely invisible from outside world. But this is not the truth and you have to understand that this mode increases your privacy and security and browser history is not saved in this mode. Also the cookies developed in this mode are automatically deleted when you close it.

It does not means that you can’t be tracked, you can be tracked by some websites and your Internet Service Provider in this mode. One more thing that this mode protects you from outside malicious online attacks and it not that it completely hides you from outside world.

Now I talk about some more tech myths for fun!!!

  • Micromax = All Innovation


The myth is that Micromax is making all original phones. Shhhhhhhh!!!! don’t say anybody, that they are not making mobile phones originally, a re branding is done and it comes from China and Stickers and Stamps of Micromax are applied on them. You have to understand the truth.

  • Best Selfies = Oppo, Vivo and Gionee


The biggest misconception in the world is If you want the best Selfie’s in the world, then you have to purchase a Oppo, Vivo or a Gionee phone which comes with an amazing Selfie Camera.

But this is not the truth and a large number of phones are available where you get an amazing Selfie Cameras and it is not that it comes from Oppo, Vivo and Gionee only.


So Friends, these are all Tech Myths and I hope that you understand it. If you have any suggestions, then put in the comment box below!!!

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12 thoughts on “10 Biggest Tech Myths Busted!!!”

    1. First of all I am glad that you find this post useful ☺ and I don’t say that Oppo and Gionee are not best!!! 🤔 I said that these are not the only phones whose selfie cam is best. I just say that other phones are also available such as Samsung S8, LG G6, OnePlus 5, Google Pixel XL and HTC U11 which also comes with a good selfie camera!!!!🙁


      1. Yeah!!! You can buy it if your mom loves it and these phones are good for Selfies only but overall hardware is not good it is just a simple!!! and all peoples are blindly trust on it because of Selfies and don’t think about its hardware. It’s not just a case with you it’s for all. That’s why it becomes a myth in the minds of people that oppo, vivo and gioone are the best!!!


      2. Yeah you are right!!! they are promoting it and shoppers selling it at a large amount because they get 16-18% percent commission from it hence this commission is only 6 % for all other phones. Its OK for your Mom because your mom will not use it the whole day and don’t play games on it I think.


  1. This is really a great post. Even I had wondered about why mobiles need to be turned off while in an airplane. I had done some research and I read somewhere that it’s only needed during takeoff or landing, and it would diaturb the plane’s radio signals only if all the passengers use mobiles simultaneously. And there was just one such case noted which was way back in old times.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’d faced dolby myth. One of my friend once just flaunting about dolby.
    N yay incognito can’t hide us from outer world but it help to save us from our parents😅.

    Liked by 2 people

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