Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as iPhone Ban, Nokia 3310 Edition, Copycat Malware, World’s Largest Battery, Power bank Explosion and Google Blocks etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • Copy Cat Malware


The first update is from a malware in Android phones where reports said that nearly 14 Million devices are affected. The name of this malware is Copycat and it installs some infected apps in your phone after that, some Ads and Popups started coming in your phone in a very large volume. The motive behind this malware is to earn revenue generated by displaying these Ads.

In this condition, you get some disgusting Ads or different strange type of apps which will be automatically installed in your phone and they can root your phone and install more apps and after that they earn money by this Copycat malware. So be saved from such a malware and please don’t install fake third party apps which are not from genuine developer.

  • iPhone 8 Storage Shortage


This update is from iPhone 8 and here Apple needs Samsung because Apple is developing its storage for iPhone 8 from Toshiba and Hynix which is too low and demand for iPhone 8 is more, that’s why they takes help from Samsung to get NAND Storage for iPhone 8 units.

  • Samsung Galaxy ON Max In India


This update is for a Samsung phone whose name is Galaxy ON Max and it is launched in India at a price of 16,900 Rs. This phone comes with Helio P25 Processor, Full HD Screen, front camera of 13 Mega Pixel and F 1.9 Aperture, Rear Camera of 13 Mega Pixel and F 1.7 Aperture, 4 GB RAM or 32 GB Storage. In 16,900 Rs, if you are a die hard fan of Samsung, then you can purchase it.

  • Google Blocks App for AR and VR


This update is from Google and Google launched an app named Blocks which helps a normal person who is a developer and wanted to develop a content for AR and VR. So here content creation becomes very easy and now they can develop the interesting 3D models. We all know that, future is completely based on AR and VR, then this app seems very useful.

  • Moto Event on July 25th


This update is from Motorola and here an event is going to be happen in New York City on 25th of July 2017. An invite saying ‘Hello Moto World’ comes from Motorola and it seems that something will be launched on this event.

So see what Motorola launch in this event and it may be Moto X4  or may be Moto Z2 phone and we all see this live session on 25th of July.

  • Power Bank Explosion in Istanbul


This update is from a complete seen happen on the Airport of Istanbul. Here a power bank is there with a passenger and when permission is not given to travel with this power bank and a checking is going on of all products of a passenger, then we don’t know by mistake power bank slips from hand or it may be strike with land but this power bank started fire in it and all Airport is filled with smoke.

You all know that How much dangerous are the batteries and In US Flights, electronics are banned and you are not allowed to carry it. In some airlines, this is exempted, but in Istanbul, this incident happens of a power bank blast!!!!!

  • Nokia 3310 Special Edition


This update is from Nokia 3310 and this phone you think that the price is too low and it is a cheap phone but a luxury edition of this phone comes out which is Putin-Trump Summit Edition because here in G20 Summit, they both will meet that’s why at back of the phone, you can see the photos of both.

The price of this edition is 2,500 Dollars means if you are a die hard fan of Trump or a die hard fan of Putin and if you want Russia and US friendship, then you can buy it.

  • Instagram Stories with Photo and Video Reply


This update is from Instagram and in Instagram, now replies can be in the form of videos and photos. So if you are using Instagram, then you now can get response in the form of photos and videos from your friends and from normal public.

  • World’s Largest Battery


This update is from Tesla and here Tesla is developing the World’s Largest Battery in Australia. This work will be completed in 100 days by Tesla and the battery total capacity is of 100 Mega Watts and it can give power to 30,000 houses means a small town can get power from this battery. Hence the World’s Largest Battery till now in California and now Elon Musk is thinking of changing the world.

In future, if we think of solar power where if we talk about electric and flying cars and more, then What more amazing can be done by Tesla ?

  • Qualcomm Vs Apple


This update is from Qualcomm and they get angered with Apple because some issue is going on between them for some patents and Which and Whose patent they get or not? Here Apple upsets the Qualcomm by asking some questions and Qualcomm said that Apple is using their 6 patents in their iPhone but not giving any money for those patents. So now Qualcomm demand that iPhone should be banned and its sale must be immediately stopped. See what order comes from court for this issue ?

You Just Imagine, that for 5 or 10 Days, all sale of iPhone if stopped, then what happens and what  is the scenario ?, tell me in comments.

  • Hydrogen One Phone


This update is from an interesting phone and this comes from RED and you all know about RED, a company which makes cameras and they are too much popular and is also expensive. So now they comes with a phone named Hydrogen One and in this phone, you get a 3D screen and you can switch between 2D or 3D and some holographic effects can be seen in this phone.

More details are not available from this phone but this phone is available for pre order now and it will reach to you on the first quarter of year 2018. Here design is amazing and build quality is interesting. The price is too high for both the models which is 1200 and 1600 Dollars means nearly 78,000 Rs and 1,03,000 Rs.






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