Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as 20 Million Jio Phones, Micromax Warranty, Pokemon Go, Google Earth Live, Copy Pod 3D and 3D Chips etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • Pokemon Go Anniversary Box


The first update is from Pokemon and this is the Anniversary update of Pokemon Go Game and here you get an anniversary box. This box is not free of cost, you have to give some money to buy it but after that you get some advanced tools. Hence the craze of this game is for some time but its fame is too much left as Pokemon Go.

I personally never played it but tell me in comments, that if you are interested in playing it ? If Yes, then you buy this box or not ?

  • Snapchat Features


This update is from Snapchat and some new features comes in it where you can link the websites you want and you can now add some voice filters and edit background of pictures etc. These updates comes on this Wednesday so you can enjoy it.

Tell me in comments, that you are using Snapchat ? If Yes then How much ?

  • Micromax 100 Days Replacement Offer


This update comes in the form of a Solid news and this is the Micromax 100 Days Replacement Warranty Offer and here Micromax said that their service is not good, it is cheap, that’s why they comes with this replacement offer which applies to 10 feature phones. Here if some problem comes in phone hardware in the next 100 days from purchase, then you don’t need to repair it, they will give you instant  brand new phone of similar model.

Hence this offer is now on paper and will soon convert into reality. So it is a good thing and this offer will surely increase the sale of Micromax phones in India. It is a unique concept and yet for feature phones only not for smartphones.

  • 3D Chips With Processing & Memory


This update is for an amazing engineering design and you know that the processor is processing the data and the data comes from memory and in this process, some bottle necks are developed on it. But now comes  a 3D chip design and this chip includes both memory and processor and now the bottle necks made are too low and by this processor speed is increased.

See when in future, we convert this technology in reality.

  • Google Earth Live Video


This update is from Google Earth and this is an interesting update because I used Google Earth in my childhood and I saw my house by zooming it and show it to my friends. But now a new update comes where you get the support of live videos. It means that you don’t see what is going on the corner at road but you see it in Alaska National Park and in future, this feature is seen on major spots where you saw it using live video feature.

So it is an interesting concept and Tell me in comments, that if this feature is for all locations, then where you wanted to see live, outside your home or outside your friends home.

  • Honor 8 Pro In India


This update is from Huawei Honor 8 Pro and it is launched in India. Its price is 29,999 Rs which is a balanced price as the specifications are really amazing. This phone comes with a Snapdragon 835 Processor,  up to 8 GB RAM or 256 GB Storage, 4000 Mah Battery, 12 Mega Pixel Double Rear Camera and 8 Mega Pixel Front Camera and Android Nougat 7.0.

So I think Huawei done a right work by launching at this price and this phone will surely boost in market.

  • Honor Band 3 In India


This update is again from Huawei and its Honor Band 3 is launched in India. This is a basic fitness band and you get a step counter and heart rate monitor in it. Device screen is completely OLED. Its price is not sure yet but it may be between 2,000-3,000 Rs.

  • Nokia 8 With Carl Zeiss


This update is from Nokia 8 and here reports said that the first flagship phone of Nokia is not Nokia 9 but it is Nokia 8. Also in upcoming Nokia phones, once again Carl Zeiss Optics in Cameras are seen and you know that Nokia and Carl Zeiss are very old friends.

In Nokia N & E series and in Lumia phones you saw that Camera quality is amazing, that’s why now it may be seen in Nokia 8 or some another phones again.

  • Jio Feature Phone is Real


This update is for the feature phone of Jio and now it is confirmed that On 21st July, there is some announcement where as the phone may comes in market on 15th August. One more report said that Jio ordered 18-20 Million phones means Jio shows that we have to sell 2 Crore phones in India and made a record.

So see when this phone comes with some amazing offer.

  • Self Driving Cars With Moral Abilities


This update is from Self Driving Cars and In future, some more features would come in it and they are must required in it. Suppose, you are driving on Road with this Self Driving Car and suddenly you have to take a decision, that you have to save a life of a Dog or of two boys. So definitely you save those 2 boys but just think how a machine can take such a difficult decisions.

In future, they comes with Moral calls and it helps a car in giving a good decision which is on priority. So these cars becomes safe and you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Copy Pod 3D


This update is for an interesting concept and you understand that if you have to replicate yourself or you have to put your picture safely for ever, then what would you do. You take a best Selfie of you with a DSLR Camera. But now with this new concept named Copy Pod 3D in which various types of cameras are attached in all your surrounding. You just have to go in this net and sit there and this copy pod gives you an amazing highly lensed 3D Model from all angles.

After that, you go and take a 3D printout of it or just save it as a 3D photo in your memory. So In Future, you can see in past, How you look from all sides. So it is an interesting concept.

  • Extra Thumb


The last update is for a weird thing means if you want an extra thumb in your hand means for sometime you think that your 4 fingers and 1 Thumb are not enough for some work and you want 1 more thumb. So a new prototype device comes out where you get an extra thumb after that you can pick some extra cards, or count notes faster or something etc.

This thumb is controlled by Bluetooth where the pressure of your foot is used to pick something from that thumb. So it is a weird thing for fun.





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