Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Jio 500 Rs Phone, Volvo Flying Car, Skype Aadhaar, Reliance in Trouble and Ola International etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • Skype Lite With Aadhaar


The first update is from Skype Lite. In India, a special feature comes in Skype Lite which is Aadhaar Integration means now if you talk to someone whether it is a video call or audio call, then you can confirm that the person whom you are talking is real or not and the person is that as the name appears on the screen. Now if you want can link your Aadhaar Card and just put your Name, Date of Birth and Aadhaar Card Number and after verifying all data, Skype Lite will confirm your account.

In normal scenario, if you are talking to your friend, then it is a different view and you know that the person is real but if you are talking to a stranger , then chances are very low that the person is a real person. If this feature comes in Facebook, then it will be really amazing.

  • UN Cyber Security Index


This update is from United Nations and this is for Global Cyber Security Index and here India is on the 25th Rank which is a somewhat lower rank but it is better than German and China. On Number 2 is United States and this is basically an index of a Country which shows that Cyber Security of that Country is how much tight  and government is taking how much actions for it.

India gets 25th Rank and we have to go at the upper rank and become more strong. So see in next ranking, at which rank India comes out.

  • Indus OS with UPI


This update is from Indus OS and Indus, if you don’t know, then it is a OS of India which is based on Android and it is a regional OS with all localized languages included. So now it adds UPI feature with it. In some phones of Karbonn and Micromax, you get this OS. So UPI now becomes a part of this OS where you can do any type of payments very easily.

So it is a good thing that  if we get an option in Android specifically for Indian Builds of integrated UPI where we can directly transact through UPI without downloading any extra app for it.

  • Jio 500 Rs Phone on July 21st


This update is from Jio Upcoming Dhamaka and here Jio phone may be launched at Rs 500 and date may be 21st July. You know that In the Annual General Meeting of September, 2016, Jio comes with its first free offer of 3 months.

So now the meeting of 2017 will be held on 21st July and something really amazing would come out and it may be a Jio Rs 500 phone or some double data plan than Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer.

  • Ola Going International


This update is from Ola and they are planning to go outside India and it does not means that you are able to go outside India by cabs but Ola is planning to start its services in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan.

In India, they started it and become very popular and if they spread in Asian Countries, then it is a good thing that Indian company spreads worldwide and increases the popularity of Indians.

  • Microsoft Zo Chatbot Issue


This update is from Microsoft AI Chatbot. Here in Kick messenger, a Chatbot named Zo which is a Microsoft powered AI Chatbot and it done a very wrong work by saying Quran, a violent book in some chat. Here AI is no too much mature and it is in learning state so Microsoft accepted it and said that it is our mistake and we will correct it. But till now, the systems don’t know that what they are talking about someone, so its a bad thing.

In future, when computer mind reaches to human mind, then they can understood that answers are right or not otherwise in automatic items, some mistakes can be seen.

  • Snapdeal & Flipkart 


This update is from  ‘Dilo Ki Deal’ Snapdeal. Here Flipkart is planning to buy Snapdeal and offered a value of  700-800 Million Dollars means nearly 4,500-5,000 Crores but Snapdeal denied this offer by saying that our value is 1 Billion Dollar which is nearly 6,000-6,300 Crores.

Snapdeal done a mistake by doing this and I think that they should accept this offer but they wanted to go more down and wanted to sell it at very low cost.

  • Reliance Com In Trouble


This update is from Reliance Communications. Here they finally give a statement that after Jio free offers, their telecom industry get a huge amount of loss. This loss is due to the operations that are not going right.

So just see now what Reliance do with its industry.

  • Geely Acquires Terrafugia


This update is from Volvo and here a parent company of Volvo, Geely which is a Chinese company acquired a flying Car Startup named Terrafugia. Now you can see Volvo Flying Cars and the range of Terrafugia prototype is 400 miles means nearly 650 Kms. The Top speed is 100 Miles per hour which is amazing.

In future, you see all around you, that cars are flying and a net created in sky and let’s see when you and we fly on that cars.





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