Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Windows 10 feature, Xiaomi Toothbrush, Nokia Vodafone Data, Vivo Fingerprint Scanner, Facebook 2 Billion Users and Delhi Airport In Top 10 etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • Windows 10 AI for Malware


The first update is from Windows 10 and now an artificial mind comes in Windows 10 means Artificial Intelligence. With the help of machine learning, this mind can check the possibility of any malware entrance in windows in advance. Basically it checks what is going on in the world, What is your computer history and your system is protected or not. Then in advance, it gives a warning to you that save your data and make a backup of it because a malware is coming.

So its a good thing because you know that different types of malware, adware and ransom ware can come and destroy your whole system.

  • Xiaomi Projector, Toothbrush and Ninebot


This update is from Xiaomi and they launched 3 new products out of which, one is a Laser Projector, second is a Ninebot Plus and third one is Mi Toothbrush. Here Projector is a short through type projector means yo have to put  it away from wall and put it near the screen. The size of the screen created can be up to 150 inches. Here Ninebot is basically a self balancing scooter and you can control it through your phone. So its a good thing.

Here Xioami toothbrush is priced at Rs 1800 and it automatically vibrates in your mouth and clean it and you don’t have to move your mouth and neck. These are launched in China and hence there is no plan to launch it in India.

  • Samsung Dual Camera


This update is from Samsung and now it is confirmed that In Note 8, dual camera comes because here Samsung launched a new brand in Camera Division whose name is ISO Cell and they demonstrated dual camera.

So you just take it  confirmed that you get a dual camera in Note 8 and may be it comes in upcoming Samsung C10 before Note 8.

  • LeEco Still In trouble

Jia Yueting, co-founder and head of Le Holdings Co Ltd, poses for a photo in front of a logo of his company in Beijing

This update is from LeEco and here a trouble is still going on LeEco because the company grows very fast and they done different types of campaigns to make their fame in the world but now there is no money left. The company’s Chairman said that We think that We can do more, but this Cash Crunch is dangerous means here 2 Billion funding is provided to them and they give their land to get this funding but price of land in china goes down.

So that’s why they are in trouble, so see what update comes from LeEco.

  • Nokia with Vodafone Data


This update is from Nokia and now Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 comes with an update that now a free Vodafone data is given on the purchase of these Nokia phones. So if you get Nokia 3 and 5, then you get 4 GB of additional data and if you get Nokia 6, then you get 9 GB of additional data.

But here Nokia is not doing right by not doing friendship with Jio. If they comes Jio, then there is some boost in its sale but here with Vodafone, I don’t think that there will be some boost.

  • Vivo Fingerprint Scanner


This update is from Vivo and they done an amazing thing which we all are thinking, that they developed an amazing technique of fingerprint and make it bezel less but nothing is done by Vivo itself. Actually this technology of fingerprint scanner in display is of Qualcomm and Vivo is just only demonstrating it in a prototype, that in the next year of second half, these techniques will be seen in their mobile phones.

Actually I am also thinking that How Vivo can do such an amazing thing and I am right. I think that from Apple and Samsung, one may come with this tech. So the base is of Qualcomm and Vivo only demonstrating it.

  • Uber Eats In Delhi NCR


This update is from Uber Eats and now it comes in Delhi NCR and if you have to eat some spicy food in this monsoon, then you can order something from a restaurant and it will come at your home by Uber Eats Delivery vehicle which is basically may be a two wheeler or a scooter.

So Uber Eats extended in Delhi NCR which was previously only available in Mumbai and now they tied up with nearly 300 restaurants. So now you order food and Uber deliver it at your home.

  • Facebook 2 Billion Users


This update is from Facebook and here Facebook crossed 2 Billion monthly users means it becomes the world’s largest place where all people are enjoying it from different parts of world and it is the Facebook because there is no such with such a large amount of population but Facebook is a big country with a 2 Billion people.

Here a video is also released for all the users, so if they wanted to share it then they can post it. Tell me in comments, How many of you posted this video on your timeline.

  • BSNL 666 Plan


This update is from BSNL and they launched a new plan which is BSNL 666 Sixer Plan. If you recharge it, then you get daily 2 GB of data with unlimited calls for 60 days. So BSNL is making fours and sixes.

You tell me in comments if you are a regular customer of BSNL because I heard that BSNL customers are very loyal because they are using BSNL actually.

  • Delhi Airport – Top 10 in Connectivity


This update is for an amazing news for Indians because here a Speed test Report of ASIA Airports comes from OOKLA and here data is collected that Which One is the Faster in Internet Speeds in wifi or Mobile Internet. So in Wifi, Indian Airport comes at 4th position with a download speed of 16 Mbps and upload speed of 15 Mbps because In Indian Airport, TATA Wifi is used and here Dubai Airport is at the Top.

But in terms of mobile data, Indian Airport comes at the 10th position with download speed of 5 Mbps and upload speed of 3 Mbps.





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