Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Ransomware Attack, Vivo New Phone, Gionee Free Data, Google India, iOS 11 Update, DOT IMEI Law and MIT Flying Cars etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • Ukraine Ransomware Attack


The first update is from a new type of Ransomware Attack and here it is spreading in Europe especially in Ukraine at a big scale. This attack is similar to Wannacry Ransomware that was seen some days ago. I think that In future, fighting is done by hacking that says stop unless I will hack your computer and block it because all work is done online and complete digital in today’s generation.

This can come in your computer so keep a distance and be saved from such a Ransomware otherwise a virus  from somewhere else comes and enter in your computer system and destroy it.

  • Vivo New Phone


This update is from Vivo and they will  launch their new phone named Vivo X9s and Vivo X9s+ on July 6. This is the smartphone where you may get a finger print scanner on screen, One more phone is coming on 28th June and we don’t know about that.

I like this phone because here nothing is mentioned about Selfie in its picture.

  • Gionee Free Data


This update is from Gionee. If you wanted to live in Selfiestaan and if you wanted a visa passport for Selfiestaan, then it is a good news for you because if you use this Gionee phone, then you get 60 GB of free data from Jio. Here you get some monthly data of 2 GB, 5 GB or 10 GB, if you recharge every month.

I think for this free data if you buy this phone, then its wrong thing.

  • iOS 11 Beta Public Update


This update is from iOS 11 Beta update. So if you are currently using an iPhone, then you can get iOS 11 public beta update version and install it very easily. You have to go to and login with your Apple ID and if your device is eligible, then you can install it.

You can also install mac OS high sierra beta version if you are having a mac with Sierra OS. These updates are somewhat unstable but you can try it.

  • Google India


This update is from Google India and now Google in upcoming 3 years, will conduct nearly 5000 workshops in nearly 50 cities in India where it tells something beneficial and useful with small and medium businesses. So now India becomes more digital and small cities will grow after coming on Online Platform.

We just hope that Google will do something useful for us.

  • Apple Acquired German Firm


This update is from Apple and here Apple acquired a German Firm whose name is Senso Motoric which is special for Eye Tracking means In upcoming and next versions of iPhone, there may be some feature that your eyes can be tracked and with some Virtual Reality means if you are reading on Laptop and the phone is in your hand, then phone by tracking your eyes functions automatically.

  • Amazon India


This update is from Amazon and Mr Modi is doing something amazing after going in US and for surely comes with a good deal for Indians. In their meeting with famous Tech Giants, they meet with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and they said that they are investing more in India.

So its a good thing because all companies wanted to come in India which means our India has such a power that we don’t understand it. Only we are doing estimates that  Who comes in India but the truth is that India is powerful.

  • DOT India


This update is from DOT ( Department of Telecommunications ) in India and here they are planning for some strict rules for IMEI  changing by some peoples. Some law will come soon for some tampering done in IMEI numbers because they flashed different IMEI numbers in phones after that they are  not easily tracked.

If it comes, then your phone becomes more secure because illegal works of 50 types will be stopped and the law breakers will also be jailed if they are doing these illegal works.

  • MIT Flying Cars


The last update is from MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) and they already started testing Flying Cars in Miniature form means some small flying cars which you can control through a remote which can land and fly is in testing now. If these tests are done in big form, then its amazing.

Just think that after 25 years in India, all cars blue, red and black are flying here and there.






15 thoughts on “TECHNOLOGY NEWS 27-JUNE-2017”

      1. I installed both the developer beta and the public beta. I installed it on my 5S not he 7 models. There’s a lag while opening the apps, the smart invert(dark mode) has received small tweaks compared to to the forest developer beta. Have to wait for the public release of the 2nd or the 2rd public beta.

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      2. No problem! I’ve mailed you a couple of weeks ago about a topic you might be interested in. But I guess you didn’t see it!

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      3. It’s okay! And the number you’ve put is also available on whatsapp when I checked! I’ll send via whatsapp the next time

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  1. stefany de azevedo alves 18/02/2008 Re>a<ndero/psEu ,acho que o segredo do CCAA e o metodo de enssino e os professores que por sinal sao bem qualificado traduçao: sao os MELHORES!!!!

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  2. Hawkeye: One thing that does not change from first half to second half – the awful song picturization. Particularly the one &#t&10;i8em2#8222; song. Yes, second half was marginally better. As for your wife, she has good taste. I can’t imagine how/why people cannot like Rajini.

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