Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as 999 Rs Laptop, Amazon Pre GST Sale, Apple In India, 3D Printed Bridge, Efficient Electric Motor and Facebook Original Video etc. I hope that you would like it.

  • Facebook Harry Potter


The first update is from Facebook and a celebration is going on Facebook for the completion of 20 years of Harry Potter. Here different types of effects can be seen if you post Harry Potter’s different colors, twinkling stars and magic bands etc.

Tell me in comments that How much you like Harry Potter or have you read its books and saw their movies or not.

  • Whatsapp New Features


This update is from Whatsapp and now a large number of updates will come soon where you can share any type of files or here some call screen is also changed. But in Whatsapp, updates not reaches parallel at same time because firstly it comes in beta mode and there are some region specific updates.

Tell me in comments, that you get this update is not.

  • 999 Rs Laptop


This update is from Flipkart and this is and amazing news. If you want a new laptop and your budget is low, then now Flipkart is launching an offer with ICICI bank or Citi bank and after that you can get a new laptop by paying Rs 999 per month and this is a basic i3 laptop and its price is 36,000 Rs means Rs 1000 per month for 3 years.

It seems that price is somewhat high but it is a budget option, so you can purchase it if you are thinking to buy a new laptop.

  • Amazon Pre GST Sale


This update is from Amazon. Laptops are going cool on Flipkart and here Amazon is starting a Pre GST Sale in India means prices are changed after GST but here in advance, On TVs, Home Appliances and Cellphones are given to you on discounts. Hence chances are very low but you can make a four or six.

If you want genuinely any product, then you can purchase it.

  • Apple In India


This update is from Apple and Apple’s CEO Tim Cook makes Mr Modi happy. They said that manufacturing of Apple will start soon in India and here 100% of the renewable energy is used. This project will be completed in the next 6 months and yet iPhone SE and the next versions can be seen. But if iPhone 8  manufactured in India, then its amazing. Hence Apple is planning to do manufacturing on a large scale in Indian Market.

  • Vodafone RED Netflix Free


This update is from Vodafone RED and if you are having a Vodafone Red Postpaid Plan, then here if your plan price is more than Rs 1200 then you get a 1 year free Netflix Subscription. I think that Why anybody takes this plan of Rs 1200-1300 Rs where Jio is giving daily 1 GB data for 3 months with unlimited calls at Rs 300 only but some corporates are suing these postpaid plans can get this free subscription.

Tell me in comments if you are using a prepaid or postpaid plan and how much monthly expenditure you are paying for it.

  • Facebook Original Video


This update is from Facebook. Here Facebook is planning to produce original series means video content comes on Facebook exclusively means now Ads can be seen on Videos of Facebook and now Facebook earns more money. Ads you see on YouTube that same seen you will see on Facebook. Here Facebook is talking with Hollywood Directors that How they comes with Original Series of Facebook that should be exclusively on Facebook.

So now you saw a video and see an Ad and click on it then Facebook earns more money and video creators can also get a good amount of shares.

  • Efficient Electric Motor


This update is from a motor which is amazing and it can be seen in future in electric cars where motor is lighter and it can easily change the speed of a car because it changes the magnitude of magnetic field. This motor is highly efficient by which the speed of electric cars increases and their battery life also increases. Hence it is limited and its not available at a big scale which can run a car.

But in future definitely we slowly increase its development because petrol, diesel will end some day so we wanted electric cars with an amazing efficiency.

  • 3D Printed Bridge


This update is for an amazing thing and this is a 3D Printed Bridge because we heard of 3D Printed Toys and 3D Printed Buildings but here 3D Printed Bridge can be seen in Netherlands and it is in development. Here material used is concrete for printing, so its an amazing technique. Hence this bridge is not for trucks, it is only for cyclists.

In future, if we want a building, then we just give a command and then made some blocks and stack it in that building.





10 thoughts on “TECHNOLOGY NEWS 25,26-JUNE-2017”

  1. Hey,Are you a Potter’s fan .As to keep my promise I wrote a poem but its not on “Chota Bhim” ,I think you like Harry Potter very much .So as promised I try something different .Glad to read your feedback.

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      1. Aw!Thanks a lot for your kind words.I will wait for the feedback ,want to hear from Potter’s fan .If you have any suggestions related to it to correct it,please let me know.

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  2. I haven’t read or watched Harry Potter. But I know a little about the author, JK Rowling.
    An addition to Apple, the iPhone SE are in production, few have already hit the market. There is a significant drop in the price from 30K to around 20K.

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  3. disse:Olá ArelidoReanmlnte, ter uma frequência de atualizações é importante para o desenvolvimento de um blog. Eu, por exemplo, vinha atualizando 3 vezes por semana mas agora passei a fazer esse processo diariamente e meu blog está crescendo cada vez mais e com isso consegui melhorar o número de visitas, depois de uma punição do Google.Abraço

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